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Pervez Musharraf may become another Saddam Hussein

Feb 01 2003: Islamabad challenges allegations against Pakistanis held in Italy
Pakistan on Friday said the allegations against 28 Pakistanis arrested in Italy for a terrorist plot appeared to be "ill-founded". "The allegations appear to be ill-founded and we have sought consular access to the detainees," foreign office spokesman Aziz Ahmed Khan told AFP.

Jan 31 2003: Pakistanis were planning to target US and NATO southern European command bases in Italy?
NO Not in Afghanistan but in ITALY!!!! Twenty-eight Pakistani terrorists with links to Al Qaida were charged with terrorist offences after Italian police discovered enough explosives in their apartment to blow up a three-story building. The arrests were made during an anti-drugs sweep which turned out be vital since the arrested people were part of a terrorist "sleeper cell" that was planning an attack. Islamic religious texts, photos of "jihad" martyrs, piles of false documents, maps of the Naples area, addresses of contacts around the world and more than one hundred mobile telephones were also found in the apartment, police said.
Italy's ANSA news agency said the maps had various targets identified, including a NATO base in Naples, the US consulate in Naples and a US naval base at a nearby airport. The police said they believed the men, aged between 20 and 48, were members of Osama bin Laden's Al Qaida network. The religious texts found at the site were written in Pakistan's main language Urdu. The cuttings of Pakistani newspapers and manuscripts repeating the phrase "God is great" were also found.
Comment: German media said last week that German intelligence had warned of 20 Afghan "terror commandos" traveling on false Pakistani passports to Germany, Britain, France and the Czech Republic. Also last week, Spain arrested 16 suspected Islamic terrorist linked to Al Qaida who were preparing to launch chemical attacks. With so many Islamic terrorists being active in European countries, the dangers of they attacking any city are much more than expected. European countries, especially France and Germany need to co-operate with US for the "war on terror" starting with Iraq as one of the country in the "axis of evil", Pakistan being the fulcrum of this axis.

Jan 31 2003: YET AGAIN !!! Pak v/s US
Islamabad lashed out yesterday at the latest in a raft of statements by US officials that Pakistan-based Islamic terrorists were infiltrating into Indian Kashmir. "We have already made it clear that no such infiltration is taking place," foreign ministry spokesman Aziz Ahmed Khan retorted in response to a US official's remark that Islamic terrorists were flowing over the Line of Control (LoC) dividing the Indian and Pakistani zones of the Himalayan state.
"The claim by an official who is not ready to disclose his identity cannot be accurate," Khan said. A State Department official, requesting anonymity in Washington said on Wednesday that Islamic terrorists were still crossing the LoC, six months after President Pervez Musharraf vowed to Washington's top diplomats to permanently halt the incursions. "It is happening and it is not being stopped, and this is the main concern," the official said after Pakistani Foreign Minister Khurshid Mahmud Kasuri met US Secretary of State Colin Powell. The official said the incursions "went way down" last year following US pressure and Musharraf's pledges, suggesting incursions had crept back up following a lack of counter-concessions by India.
Meanwhile in Kashmir, two Indian army officers were killed and another was injured while removing land mines from fields near the Pakistan border, the Indian army said.

Jan 28 2003: On the borders of Pakistan
At least 18 Islamic terrorists were killed when US warplanes bombed enemy positions in the fiercest battle in Afghanistan in nearly a year. The US military believes the fighters are loyal to Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, who has vowed to link his forces with remnants of Al-Qaida and the ousted Taliban regime. "It's the largest concentration of enemy forces since Operation Anaconda," military spokesman Col. Roger King said.
Comment: What is missed out by the western media is that more number of other nationalities were also involved in the battle. Many Taliban and Al-Qaida terrorists fled into Pakistan following US attacks in Afghanistan. These islamic terrorists are now getting training in southeastern Afghan mountains and in Pakistan. There have been a series of attacks along the border in recent months, including one in December that killed a US army sergeant. Rockets are frequently fired at US bases in that region. Although Pakistan has said US troops won't be permitted to pursue the enemy into its territory, US troops need to pursue these terrorists into Pakistani territory.

Jan 27 2003: Pak v/s US
Pakistani authorities plan to crack down on Pakis spying for U.S. intelligence agencies, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). According to Online news agency, the government has directed local intelligence agencies to detect people on the payroll of foreign agencies allowed to operate in Pakistan. "Pakistan has also decided to take up with the U.S. authorities (the) unnecessary role of FBI and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) agents and their increasing interference in the internal affairs of Pakistan," Online said.

Jan 20 2003: Osama bin Laden has issued a new statement urging Muslims to bury their differences and unite to fight the "external enemy", according to a report published in a leading London-based Arabic newspaper on Sunday.
The Saudi-owned paper, Asharq Al-Awsat, said bin Laden had issued the statement in a letter via the Centre for Islamic Research and Studies in Pakistan. It said the letter was obtained by its journalist Mohamed el-Shaf'aie.
"When will Muslims wake up from their long sleep and when will they distinguish between their friend and enemy," Asharq Al-Awsat quoted bin Laden as saying.
"When will they direct their own arrows that they use to fight each other to their external enemy that steals and loots its fortunes and its resources."
If the letter is genuine, it would mark the first missive of 2003 from the leader of the Al Qaida network, widely blamed for a series of atrocities across the world including the attacks of September 11, 2001, and last October's Bali nightclub bombing.
Comments: On reading the above news one gets a clear picture who are involved in terrorism. The two countries are Pakistan, the centre of Islamic terrorism and Saudi Arabia, the financier of Islamic terrorism. General Musharraf has made a extraordinary observation of his own country saying that there is an "impending danger" of Pakistan becoming a target of war for "Western forces" after the Iraq crisis and all-out efforts should be made to avoid such a situation.What is said further is more significant. On the Taliban and Al Qaida regrouping, he said, "Some foreigners in Pakistan are harming US interests here though we take them as brothers." Is the world getting the signals what Pakistan is upto?

Jan 09 2003: Pakistani Nuclear scientist are on sale
If one man sits at the nuclear fulcrum of the three countries President Bush calls the "axis of evil", it might well be Abdul Qadeer Khan. But Pakistan is dismissing it as false report that a top Pakistani scientist has links to the nuclear efforts of North Korea, Iraq and Iran - countries President Bush has called an "axis of evil." The Los Angeles Times reported Sunday there is evidence suggesting Doctor Abdul Qadeer Khan spread nuclear knowledge to North Korea. The Times also says after North Korea admitted to resuming its nuclear program a few months ago evidence surfaced on the doctor's ties to the alleged nuclear weapons programs of Iran and Iraq. He is revered not only in Pakistan, but in much of the Muslim world, he is lionised as the man who built the 'Islamic bomb'.

Jan 04 2003: Pak.-U.S. tensions over 'hot pursuit'.
A U.S. military spokesman, Maj. Stephen Clutter, said on Jan 03 that American forces "reserve the right to go after them (Islamic terrorists) and pursue them." He said that notion was "something that Pakistan is aware of". Whereas Pakistan has insisted on the very next day that it never gave the United States permission to chase Taliban and Al Qaida terrorists from Afghanistan into Pakistan. "Absolutely not. The Americans cannot cross the Pakistani border from Afghanistan to chase what they say are vestiges of Taliban and al Qaeda," Information Minister Rashid Ahmed said. Few days back three Pakistani soldiers were killed in skirmishes with the US soldiers. The cross-border exchanges between US and Pakistan’s border security forces still continue and several incidents of firing were reported in Wana sector. According to a recent report Pakistani and US-Afghan forces on the Pak-Afghan border near Angoor Adda of South Waziristan Agency exchanged heavy machinegun fire. Local sources and government officials said that a rocket fired from across the border fell into the Pakistani territory near a post of Pakistan’s border security force – Frontier Corps (FC). The fire was reutrned, which resulted in the exchange of heavy machinegun fire from both sides for more than one hour. Although regular troops of Pakistan Army have been deployed in the area to “tackle” the situation, their role became controversial after the arrests of FC troops. They are trying to control the FC troops who hail from the same area and were enraged after the US troops’ irresponsible and aggressive attitude. It was learnt that Pakistani tribesmen also joined the Frontier Corps to retaliate against the firing from across the border. Meanwhile the Pakistanis have started demonstrations against US in the issue of war on Iraq.
Comment: Although we are clear about this, but the recent events give us the clearer picture about who allows the Islamic terrorist to "roam free" from Afghanistan to Pakistan and Pakistan to various other countries like Chechnya in Russia and Kashmir in India.

Dec 2002: Musharraf says that he would have used nuclear weapons if India would have attacked LoC, just after the attack on Indian Parliament.

After getting voted for five more years Musharraf continues his strategic advantage of remaining an ally of United State in its "war on terror". He is successfull in getting lot of economic aid from US. But US and world leaders!! Be warned that the Pakistanis are never to be trusted.

Addendum : Apr 25, 2002 Pakistan's military ruler Pervez Musharraf vowed to promote "Islamic democracy" if people vote for him to stay in power for five more years in a controversial referendum next week.

Addendum : Apr 16, 2002 "I will continue to be the army chief," Musharraf, dressed in military fatigues, told a nationally televised news conference. He announced on Tuesday that he will remain in his position as head of the army whether or not Pakistanis vote this month to extend his presidency for five years.

Addendum : Apr 09, 2002 "In this city I am starting a new political era," Musharraf told the crowd at the Minar-e-Pakistan, where the Muslim League passed a resolution demanding an independent Pakistan for the Muslims of the British Raj in 1940 after which India was partitioned in 1947.  Musharraf kicked off his campaign for another five years in power on Tuesday with an election-style rally as the countdown to an April 30 referendum began.

Date Written   : Apr 07, 2001

Pakistan President Gen. Pervez Musharraf may become another Saddam Hussein. He declared on April 5 that he will hold a referendum seeking to extend his tenure in office for next five years and probably form his own party and rule forever. He has also warned that he is ready to use nuclear weapons if war breaks out in the subcontinent. The Arab countries also feel that the nukes with Pakistan belong to the Islamic world. This thought was also shared by Bashir-ud-Din Mahmood who had discussed the infrastructure required for a nuclear weapons programme and its effects, with Osama Bin Laden  and Mullah Omar before Sep 11 Islamic terrorist attacks on WTC and Pentagon. Mahmood was formerly the director for nuclear power at the Pakistani Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC) and was the founder of UTN, whose assets were frozen by US as part of Operation Green Quest

US troops are now in the Philippines and the Republic of Georgia for training missions. Donald Rumsfeld  has added Syria in the "axis of evil", but the next phase of the war against terrorism needs to be fought in Pakistan with and/or without support of Musharraf. When the "war on terrorism" started, thousands of Taliban and Al Qaida terrorists fled Afghanistan to seek refuge in Pakistan's rugged northwest frontier province, Baluchistan and other small towns of Pakistan. These terrorist kept on crossing "in and out" of  the porous Afghan border and are still doing it with the active support of ISI. These terrorists also include top military commanders from Pakistan, which was proved beyond doubt when Pakistan had pulled out its troops when US-led forces started bombarding Konduz. Before Sep 11,  about 3000 of regular Pakistani army personnel were helping and directing Taliban fighters in its terrorist activities under the banner of Al-Qaida. This number has been reduced since the recent bombing of Afghanistan, but the ISI keeps on looking for an opportunity to either push these terrorists into Afghanistan or Indian state of Jammu and  Kashmir. The latest reports suggest that about 4000 of these terrorists are ready to enter J&K.

If not all, large number of Pakistani Military is Pro-Taliban and the supporter of international terrorist blaster-mind Osama bin Laden. It has been proved in the past that the Pakistan military intelligence is working hand-in-hand with the Al-Qaida network.  Even the IISS has quiet clearly revealed the nexus between Al-Qaida and Pakistani Military Intelligence

The reality is that Al Qaida will never be destroyed completely because it enjoys a de facto sanctuary in Pakistan. US had made Pakistan a frontline state for its  military operation in Afghanistan. But this decision to trust the Musharraf  government needs to be reviewed urgently.  Pakistan was never serious to trap the Taliban and Al-Qaida terrorists and hence it will be foolish to say that Pakistan failed to fulfill the task of cracking down on terrorist. Recent amnesty  to the Islamic terrorists prove the point that even if Musharraf tries to do what US wants, Pakistan can not go beyond an extent. 

US supported Musharraf in his so-far unsuccessful attempts of curbing the Jihadis in the ISI and the hardliners in Pakistani military.  Washington should now inform Musharraf that they intend to wipe out the Al Qaida camps in the NWFP, Baluchistan and Pakistan occupied Kashmir, with or without Islamabad's permission. It would be wise for Musharraf to give permission to US for taking military action inside Pakistan or else face action. US has already established air bases in Pakistan with a "key U.S. facility" in the region which can be used to strike the terrorists inside Pakistan. 

If Musharraf declines to do so, the US should make it clear that from now on they will regard Pakistan as "part of the problem" in the struggle against terrorism and not "part of the solution". Now since US has control over Afghanistan,  it should announce Afghanistan as "Frontline" state. If Afghanistan refuses; instead of going to Alaska for the Military exercises, India can actually become the frontline state and strike the terrorist camps in Pakistan. US should also seriously think of asking Pakistan to vacate unarmed civilian population and then raid Pakistan occupied Kashmir

The Musharraf government seems to be doing a lot on paper, but that is not the reality. Even if Musharraf tries to act against Islamic terrorists, he cannot go beyond an extent. It will be hard to get a overwhelming support in the referendum on April 30 if he does not gain enough support of Islamic fundamentalists. To keep his position intact he will again have to go in the Islamic way, which he has been hinting from January onwards calling "Pakistan is the fort of Islam".  This way he can very easily avoid the coup in the Military and remain in the good books of ISI and Arabic countries like Saudi Arabia who fund the terrorists. He will take a hardliner stance and become another Saddam Hussein.  

The world needs to realize this and support US for every step it takes in its war on terrorism, the next phase of which needs to be on Pakistani soil, irrespective of whether Musharraf allows it or not. 

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