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Date Written  :  Mar 15, 2002
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Amnesty to Islamic terrorists may prove dangerous to US and rest of the world.

US indicts Omar in Pearl murder.
A US grand jury on Mar. 14 indicted Ahmed Saeed Omar Sheikh, the terrorist under arrest in Pakistan for the kidnapping and murder of American reporter Daniel Pearl, lodging charges that could bring death penalty.  Omar Sheikh was arrested in Lahore, after a long time.  Before his arrest  he was coolly resting with his family and recently born child in Lahore, till the pressure was built on Pakistan by US.  India has also asked for his extradition, like was done in Aftab Ansari's case from UAE, which was again done because of US pressure. Omar Sheikh is wanted in India for the USIS attack in Kolkata and for his role in the IC 814 hijacking.

The question now is that whether Omar Sheikh should be handed over to Indian police for the terrorist attacks or handed over to US for being involved in WTC / Pentagon attacks and more recently WSJ correspondent Daniel Pearl. The simple answer is,  if he is handed over to India, another plane will get hijacked and the drama of releasing few more terrorists will repeat.  Omar should be handed over to FBI  immediately for further interrogation which involves all the terrorist attacks and economic support to other terrorists within the Al-Qaida network of Islamic terrorists including the participation in the Bosnian region.

Pakistani Police have accused  Omar Sheikh of supplying the photographs and masterminding the kidnapping of Daniel Pearl, after he was arrested under US pressure. "The (other) three arrested people of his group told us that he had financed the kidnapping of the U.S. journalist," a police officer told the court. "Investigation also pointed out that he was the financier."  Earlier Bush government had freezed the UTN assets as part of Operation Green Quest to serve a broader mission against the war on terrorism. What about the assets of individuals who fund the terrorists all over the Islamic world? Also the role of  previously unknown National Movement for the Restoration of Pakistani Sovereignty needs to be investigated. This organisation  had  threatened to keep Pearl in "inhumane" conditions to protest at the US treatment of prisoners from the Afghan war. 

Amnesty to Islamic terrorists may prove dangerous to US and rest of the world.

US needs to put enough pressure on Pervez Musharraf to bring him and others to justice in United States. Attorney-General John  Ashcroft seems to have hinted at this, but US has to speedup  the process  because the Musharraf government has already directed the country's provinces to release the detained activists of various terrorists groups like JeM and LeT.  The government in its decision to give a amnesty to terrorists had also unsuccessfully tried to drop charges against Omar Sheikh at least once under pressure from the ISI. A Pakistani arrested on the day just before US announced the indictment, named Adnan Khan was forced to give  a statement that he had killed Daniel Pearl. Hours later he retracted his confession, again under the US pressure. 

World needs to take note of strategy of Musharraf government acting under ISI pressure. On one hand Musharraf government is arresting the terrorist groups linked to Al-Qaida and on the other hand releasing them by giving them amnesty under ISI pressure.  These terrorist may strike in future. At a court hearing in Pakistan few days back, Omar Sheikh had threatened to make the US pay dearly if he was extradited from Pakistan to face charges. It remains to be now seen how is this situation handled.  Will US pressurize only for Omar OR also raise the voice against the amnesty given to terrorists linked to Al-Qaida. It has been proved that the terrorists which are set free from Pakistan cross the border to join their brothers in the Afghan region to fight against the US-lead troops who have currently launched Operation Anaconda in Eastern Afghanistan. Few of these terrorists are also pushed into the Indian territory to launch terrorist attacks in various parts of India.

Islamic terrorists are spreading Jihad at a very rapid pace. World  needs to know that the common threat to human survival is to deal with the International Terrorism, Islamic Terrorism being the worst of all.  

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