Appeasement of Muslims - A United Nuisance 

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Date Written   : Oct 08, 2001
Date Modified : Oct 12, 2001

A "Terrorist State" Syria has made inroads in United Nations

The appeasement of Muslim countries continues, with a country on the US list of states sponsoring terrorism, SYRIA, elected on Oct 08, 2001 to a seat on the prestigious 15-nation UN Security Council.  Syria, along with Iraq and Iran are the countries which have publicly criticised the US-led strikes on Afghanistan. The United States has Syria on its list of "state sponsors of terrorism" because it hosts Lebanese and Palestinian organizations that attack US ally Israel. The United States hinted on Oct 11, that it could take military action against countries like Syria later in its campaign against terrorism if they do not comply with the demands of Washington and its allies. But it seems very difficult and is hard to digest.

The Security Council has five permanent members with veto power -- the United States, Russia, China, Britain and France. Another 10 nonpermanent members rotate for two-year terms, five of them each year, according to geographical regions. 

Syria, Cameroon, Guinea, Bulgaria and Mexico in January replace Bangladesh, Jamaica, Mali, Tunisia and Ukraine. The other five nonpermanent members, who serve until January 2003, are Colombia, Singapore, Mauritius, Ireland and Norway. 

Syria received 160 votes out of the 177 valid secret ballots cast by the U.N. General Assembly members. Washington did not campaign against Syria, an action it probably would have lost. No non-permanent member by itself, such as Syria, can block any action. But Syria's presence gives it access to all council deliberations, including a new British-led committee to enforce counter-terrorism measures. How can Syria have presence in such deliberations when they themselves are active supporters of Islamic Terrorism?

Appeasement of Arabs at the cost of Jews

Israel was the only UN member to openly oppose Syria's bid to join the powerful Security Council, as they are facing Islamic Terrorism since so long,  which is supported by Syria and other Islamic countries.  Even India is facing the same.  The decisions made in the council are mandatory for all UN members. Several Jewish groups have protested the election of Syria. On 08 Oct 2001, Syria blamed Israel for the escalation of world terrorism. The official daily newspaper Tishreen said last month's attacks on the United States were a result of what it called Israeli terrorist actions against Arabs.

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Syria, last served on the Security Council in 1970-1971. No Middle East nation opposed Syria, which will replace Tunisia. Under U.N. practice, an Arab nation gets a council seat each year, alternating between the African and the Asian group. But it is a surprise that a country like SYRIA which actively supports Islamic Terrorism has been admitted to United Nations Security Council. 

Syria still continues to provide safe haven, refuge and support to several terrorist groups, some of which maintain terrorist training camps or other facilities on Syrian territory. Syria has base of terrorist groups including HAMAS, Hizbollah, the PFLP, and the Palestanian Islamic Jihad in its country and areas of Lebanon under Syrian control. 

A United Nuisance under Islamic pressure

It seems that United Nations is getting converted to United Nuisance under Islamic pressure. A fortnight back, sanctions were removed on Sudan, which was ( and is still ) supporting Islamic Terrorism. Osama bin Laden before shifting to Afghanistan was earlier running his Terrorist Training camps from Sudan. A year back the United States had led a successful campaign for Mauritius to keep Sudan from winning a seat on the council, saying the North African nation sponsored terrorism. That action of US drew support from most of the African countries, as  Khartoum (Sudan's Capital)  was supporting  the civil war and tolerance of slavery against the non-Islamic populations of the south Sudan. 

In a period of one year,  has the support from Sudan suddenly stopped? The answer is a BIG NO.   Sudanese armed forces have recently resumed bombing in the south, where the majority of the population is Christians. 

Will Syria suddenly stop giving support to Islamic Terrorists, after coming into United Nations Security Council ?  How can Syria contribute to global peace and security (according to UN Charter - UNSC) when in their own country and in Lebanon they are actively supporting the Jihadis?

We being Hindus, are worried because the appeasement of Muslims is at the cost of Jews as of now.   Eyes may turn on India later.  Israel and India are sailing in the same boat.  

If United Nations can not deliver what it is supposed to, then why to rely on UN ?   When will the Nations really get United against Terrorism ? Terrorism is the  enemy of Human civilization, Islamic Terrorism being the worst form of it.  

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