Pakistan has lost the war in Konduz.

Date Written   : Nov 23, 2001
Date Modified : Nov 23, 2001

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Pakistan has pulled out its troops from Konduz

Two Pakistan Air Force helicopters pulled out two of their top military commanders trapped in besieged town of Konduz. Konduz is the  last Taliban stronghold in northern Afghanistan. As the talks on a Taliban surrender in Konduz started failing, Pakistan started worrying about its commanders helping Taliban fighters. 

Before Sep 11,  about 3000 of regular Pakistani army personnel were helping and were directing Taliban fighters in its terrorist activities under the banner of Al-Qaida.  As Pakistani Military Intelligence got the information that Konduz is going out of hands and Northern Alliance is all set to launch an assault to take  Konduz by force; they have started pulling out the troops from Konduz. The rescue operations were mounted by Pakistan's elite Special Services Group. 

As of Nov 23,  about 1000 army personnel are in Gandhar ( Kandahar ) assisting Taliban. Before the incidence in Konduz,  Pakistani Air Force plane was seen landing in the Taliban's southern Afghanistan stronghold of Gandhar as reported earlier by American television network CNN. In Mazar-e-Sharif lots of Pakistani got killed, out of which few were Pakistani army personnel.

Pakistani helicopters or aircraft must be regularly undertaking such mysterious missions in Afghanistan without US being knowing.  But how did Pakistani choppers entered Afghan air space and landed in Konduz with the US Air Force having tight control over the Afghan skies?  The operation could not have been carried out without consulting the US. But if it is not the case then Americans need to secretly investigate about this  incidence. 

If not all, large number of Pakistani Military is Pro-Taliban and the supporter of international terrorist blaster-mind Osama bin Laden. It has been proved in the past that the Pakistan military intelligence is working hand-in-hand with the Al-Qaida network.  In fact the latest report of IISS quiet clearly reveals the nexus between Al-Qaida and Pakistani Military Intelligence

US needs to be extra cautious at each and every step they take, from using Airbases in Pakistan to landing special troops in South  Afghanistan.  Pakistani ISI and MI  might be passing down crucial information to the Taliban about the special operations inside Afghanistan.  The US needs to realise  the enemy and the supporters of these enemies; because US-led forces are using the friends of enemies to finish-off the enemies.  

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