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Pakistani Military Intelligence under the Umbrella of Al-Qaida

Date Written    : Oct 18, 2001
Date Modified : Oct 18, 2001

The Islamic Terrorist Network

International terrorist blaster-mind Osama bin Laden and Pakistan's military intelligence are providing "active support" to the Lashkar-e-Toiba terrorist outfit operating in Kashmir.  This was published in the latest report of International Institute for Strategic Studies (www.iiss.org).  India has been repeatedly saying this, but it was falling on the deaf ears.  IISS, founded in 1958,  is an independent centre for research, information and debate on the problems of conflict. Now since IISS  has said it,  world should at least try to pay some attention to it.

In its latest report - The Military Balance 2001-2002 - released on Oct 18, 2001 morning, the IISS  said: "Pakistani military intelligence is reported to be giving active support to the Kashmir-based Muslim guerrilla movement, Lashkar-e-Toiba, as is international terrorist Osama bin Laden." 

The report also says President Musharraf has joined in condemning the Taliban militia for sheltering Osama bin Laden, but warns that this may prove to be "costly", as "sympathy with the Taliban runs deep among the Pushtun people of Pakistan".

Referring to the Agra summit, the report said the talks between Indian Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf  "promised much, but delivered little, at least publicly".  

Referring to the September 11 terrorist attacks in the US and the subsequent developments, the report notes that "a new strategic era has now dawned".

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Should India "act" against the Islamic Terrorism unilaterally ?

With the gruesome attack on the State Legislative Assembly in Srinagar on the 1st of October 2001,  we may say, it is time for India to go for the offensive across the LoC (Line of Control), if not the International border.  Aggressive statements from the government of India against Pakistan should stop and aggressive  action needs to start.  During Colin Powell's visit,  the Indian Army clashed with a group of terrorists and regular Pakistani army on Oct 15.  That, India said,  was a "punitive" action.  OK, fine ..... but what next ?

Some will say, these type of storming and blasting of pakistani posts need to become a regular feature of Indian Army.  But  ....  the Indian government needs to be  well advised to "Stand-Down" on Kashmir. More troubles from Indian side, along the LoC (Line of Control) is not in the interests of a US-led war on terrorism. Also, Aggressive statements from the government of India against Pakistan will not work. 

General Pervez Musharraf is not honest about fighting terrorism.  While supporting the US-led attacks,  he is saying that anti-terrorism campaign should be short.  Also the support for Islamic  terrorists in Kashmir and adjoining regions is still continuing.  Pakistan and Afghanistan are recruiting and providing Jihadis to the Al-Qaida network.  India has been trying to convince the world about this, but now the recent IISS report has revealed the nexus of  Islamic terrorists ( and the countries) in the Islamic Terrorist Network. India and the world needs to "act" and not just "think to act".  But how?

We have recently seen that Pervez is trying to convince US to keep the war to a limited period.  This is because he is facing internal disturbances which may lead to his ouster and ultimately lead to  disintegration of Pakistan.  As of now, from India's point of view, if India carries out aggressive actions would lead to national unity in Pakistan.  The frequent clashes that we see today between the military government and the violent mobs on the street will subside and all of them will find a  common enemy in India. 

Pulling out a thorn with a thorn

US is taking the help of Pakistan  for its war on terrorism.  If US is using one terrorist country to finish another terrorist country, then its fine, since it will end both together.  India should not have any objections in this strategy.  

"There is no harm in pulling out a thorn with the help of another, provided both the thorns are disposed of later"  These were the remarks when he was asked if the US dependence on Pakistan for carrying out its war against the Taliban in Afghanistan was justifiable in the light of Islamabad's support to cross-border terrorism.  

He made this remarks in widely spoken Hindi language, which makes a greater impact, saying :

"Agar kante se kanta nikala jaye to isme koi harz nahin, 
basharte ke baad mein dono kante phenk diye jayen" 

This is what India needs to think about.  Unilateral action will complicate the scenario and will be an invitation to more severe problems.

The world is slowly, but surely realising the enemy. India has faced a lot of terrorist activities on its land. In Kashmir alone more than 40,000 have died.  Terrorism has taken enough lives all-over the globe.  This menace of Terrorism needs to be ruthlessly dealt with. Terrorism is the  enemy of Human civilization, Islamic Terrorism being the worst form of it. 

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