Unequal response of the Israelis (Posted 31 Mar 2002) Mr. PM Ariel Sharon, We heard your address to Nation. You have harsh words, Palestinians have harsh actions, with the increasing suicide bombings. As many as five suicide bombings in five days, with Arafat still defiant. The Osama of Palestine,  Yasser Arafat has struck and called for his followers to keep striking Israel repeatedly. Arafat is calling for "Ceasefire" in English and dropping the word "Cease" while speaking in Arabic. Hamas announced over mosque loudspeakers in the West Bank refugee camp of Jenin that they " will continue the martyrdom attacks on Israel until the full withdrawal from Palestinian territory" ACT MR. SHARON,  ACT and ACT NOW....more

The UN Security Council passed a resolution on Mar 30 (Posted 31 Mar 2002), calling for Israel to withdraw from Palestinian cities, including Ramallah, and asked Israel and PA to move towards ceasefire. On one hand UN is calling for ceasefire, on the other hand Al Aqsa Brigade is continuing its suicide attacks on Israel. It seems that UN is still failing to consider the key issue of the "Islamic Terrorism". Days after the Sep 11 attacks on US, UN SC had passed Anti-Terrorism resolution without  defining "Terrorism". India and Israel have been constantly facing the problem of Terrorism. What the world calls Terrorism, is in fact "Islamic Terrorism"  and which is called by the Islamic World as "Jihad" carried out by the "Freedom Fighters". As said by one of the UN council diplomat earlier "There is a huge grey area of what is a terrorist".   We hope that  the UN, US and rest of the world realizes the menace of Islamic Terrorism as soon as possible and finish it once and for all.

Massacre of Hindus in a Hindu Majority country (Posted 30 Mar 2002) Islamic terrorist stormed the famous Raghunath Temple in which at least 11 people were killed on Mar 30, 2002. At the time of attack the temple was packed with some 250 worshippers and the cross-firing sparked off a stampede. Raghunath temple has the most beautiful and splendid temple complex consisting of 17 temples and is mainly dedicated to King-God Ram. The work on the temple was started by Maharaja Gulab Singh, founder of the kingdom of Jammu and Kashmir in 1835 A.D. and was completed by his son, Maharaja Ranbir Singh in 1860 A.D. The very same day also saw attacks on Shiv and Laleshwar temples in Bahraich district in the Indian State of Uttar Pradesh. Another Islamic barbaric act had happened in Belgaum on the Mar 29, Holi day when 3 Hindus were killed of which 2 Hindus were beheaded by Muslims. This barbaric Islamic act has happened in a country where majority of the population is Hindu. Arise Oh Hindus... We do not have Kings and Gods to save us... and the Indian PM is also running away from Hindus.

The Osama of Palestine (Posted 29 Mar 2002) Yasser Arafat has struck and called for his followers to keep striking Israel repeatedly. US had started war on terrorism with rigorous bombing of Afghanistan and not by moving tanks and troops from the Afghan borders. Israel needs to use the strategy of air-raiding the PA controlled area and not just making (deep) incursions as and when they get struck by terrorists. The armed "in and out" policy of IDF needs to be reviewed. Palestinians want PIECE and NOT PEACE with the biggest terrorist Arafat calling for Martyrdom. more

Jihad against the United States (Posted 27 Mar 2002) A Pakistani man Imran Mandhai was arrested by the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service about a month ago as reported by The New York Times.  The law enforcement officials said Mandhai conspired last March and April to acquire guns and explosives for a "jihad" (holy war) against the United States. Officials also said an FBI informant reported in 2001 that Mandhai was trying to organize a plot to bomb electrical power stations and other sites. In April 2001, he tried to buy an AK-47 assault rifle at a gun show in Fort Lauderdale but his credit card was rejected, the Times said. One of his targets was a Florida Power & Light plant near Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. Mandhai is currently held in Miami jail.  Not only Pakistani terrorist, but Pakistan itself has about 25,000 ready-to-die Islamic terrorists in its country which can strike anywhere-anytime. Musharraf government under the ISI pressure is also giving amnesty to the Islamic terrorists. US and the rest of the world needs to realize the danger to human civilization from these Islamic terrorists, before it is too late.

Persecution of Christians in Pakistan (Posted 18 Mar 2002 ) President Bush has strongly condemned acts of murder that cannot be tolerated by any person of conscience nor justified by any cause. Bush called it "acts of murder" and not "acts of terrorism".  Was it just a murderous act? On October 28, 2001 five masked terrorists had rushed into Saint Dominic's Church in the city of Bahawalpur and opened fire on worshipping Christians, killing 16 people and screaming "Graveyard of Christians - Pakistan and Afghanistan," "This is just a start," and "Allah-u-Akbar." The recent attack points out  the continuing persecution of Christians in Pakistan. Earlier the Islamic terrorists killed Daniel Pearl on the directions of  ISI because he was almost going to expose them.  More and more terrorists are now getting free. In one of its decision,  Musharraf government under the ISI pressure is giving amnesty to the Islamic terrorists.  Most recently the official APP news agency has said that the NWFP withdrew an order under which Jamiat Ulema-i-Islam leader Maulana Fazlur Rehman was held in October for opposing Pakistani support for the US-led war in Afghanistan. Pres. Bush will you still call these as "acts of murder"?

Revolution is the urgent need of the Hour (Posted 14 Mar 2002 ) Quote from Mahant Ramchandra Paramhans, the chief trustee of the Ram Janambhoomi Nyas and president of the Mandir Nirman Samiti. "Now no one can stop us from performing puja and shila daan. We will maintain peace, but if anyone tries to create obstructions we will bring about a revolution and teach a lesson to those who burn us"
We need to have REVOLUTION (Kranti) instead of REVOLUTION (actually called as circumambulation during Puja) to finish-off Islamic Terrorism once and for all.

Cross-border Islamic Terrorism : (Posted 08 Mar 2002 ) President Bush and key US officials have asked Pakistan's military ruler Pervez Musharraf to lay off cross-border terrorism against India. This was disclosed by  a senior administration official on March 07, 2002 adding that "President Bush has personally told Musharraf and the US Ambassador in Pakistan also keeps telling him to stop cross-border terrorism before there can be any meaningful dialogue". The official used the expression "cross-border terrorism," which is what the Indian Government was saying for so long and was often not acknowledged in public by US. Asked what would happen if Musharraf rejected US advice and continued with Pakistan's policies, the official remarked, "We take him at his word. We will be with him if he acts. If he plays games, then there will be a problem." This should satisfy the Indian Government, but should not expect that ISI will stop the proxy war against India. Even US government says that they have "full confidence in Musharraf" which indirectly means that they do not have it in ISI, which has been reflected in the recent statements by top US officials.

Brakes on Terror : (Posted 04 Mar 2002) Pledging to "put the brakes on terror", Israel said it would exert constant military pressure on the Palestinian Authority and militant groups after a rash of deadly attacks that stunned the country. Putting brakes is not enough, just blow them off.  Despite the international outcry, Israel needs to carry out Operations  in Balata, Jenin and Rafah refugee camps. Do not smoke them out, but just flush the Islamic terrorists by whatever means. A devastated and bereft nation buried its dead yesterday, after 21 people were killed in four terrorist attacks in less than 24 hours in Jerusalem, the Judean Desert, near Ofra in Samaria, and at the Kissufim crossing in the Gaza Strip. The Hindus have retaliated in Indian state of Gujarat after "The Burning Train" incident. When are Jews going to do it, despite being more capable of doing so. 

The Burning Train : (Posted 03 Mar 2002) The Burning Train was a old Hindi hit film, but we have seen a barbaric act of Islamic terrorism in the Indian state of Gujarat in which about 60 Hindus were killed by a mob of 2000 Muslims.  We initially had a view that Hindus have no guts to act against Muslims, even if 60000 Hindus were killed by Muslims in India for past 50 years in Kashmir and even if more will be killed in future. Some angry Hindus started burning properties of Muslims in Gujarat, as a retaliatory action. But it seems that they are really retaliating in the same way as the Muslims did. May this continue till Islamic terrorism is wiped-off for ever.

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