The Burning Train : (Posted 27 Feb 2002) The Burning Train was a old Hindi hit film, but we have seen a barbaric act of Islamic terrorism in the Indian state of Gujarat in which about 60 Hindus were killed by a mob of 2000 Muslims.  Hindus have no guts to act against Muslims, even if 60000 Hindus were killed by Muslims in India for past 50 years in Kashmir and even if more will be killed in future. Some angry Hindus have started burning properties of Muslims in Gujarat, as a retaliatory action.  But remember Oh angry Hindus!! Muslims burnt the train with the passengers, but you are just burning houses and shops. 

The only Hindu Nation is in danger : (Posted 17 Feb 2002) The Maoists have once again killed 128 people in the only Hindu Nation of Nepal. The Maoists have been demanding the abrogation of all treaties and agreements with India which, in their view, are detrimental to Nepal's interests.  And since they have a common interest of anti-India views, the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) of Pakistan is helping the Maoists by giving financial and material assistance to Maoists.  ISI has trained  some of the Mao cadres, by taking advantage of the inadequacies in the Nepal Governments' intelligence and security apparatus. ISI has also motivated the Maoists by projecting the Indian Army as their next enemy after they defeat the Nepalese Army. The ISI wants to make its root stronger in the countries like Bangladesh and Nepal so that they can penetrate neighbouring Indian states of Bihar, W. Bengal and North-East India. Recently it has been revealed that the Maoists also have a strong presence in Indian states of Bihar and Jharkhand, having  contacts  with the Maoists of Nepal. 

Islamic uprising in Philippines : (Posted 17 Feb 2002) Muslim terrorists bombed a market and threw a grenade into a cinema in the southern Philippines on Feb 16 2002, killing four civilians. Cinema multiplex was located near an air base which is less than 4 miles away, where US special troops were landing at the start of their deployment. This is Washington's biggest expansion of the war against terror after the campaign in Afghanistan. The Abu Sayyaf, MILF and MNLF are fighting Balikatan,  "shoulder to shoulder" in a tie-up with Al-Qaida and regrouping against the Balikatan of US and Filipino troops which may prove dangerous. Recently Nur Musuari and his terrorists had tried an unsuccessful Islamic uprising in the Roman Catholic country of Philippines.

Construction of the mosque opposite the Basilica of the Annunciation in Nazareth needs to be opposed not only by Christians but also the Jews. The past history tells us that the major uprising by Muslims have started from the Mosques. The mosque was approved by both the Netanyahu and Barak governments, but the current Israeli government agreed to reconsider the issue in response to heavy pressure from the Christian world. The building of mosque could create a deep rift between the Jewish people and the Christian world, which is the least needed obstacle in the current global scenario in the war on terrorism. (Posted 16 Feb 2002)

Struck at State-of-the-(he)art : (Posted 16 Feb 2002) Palestinians have struck at Israel's state-of-the-art Merkava 3 in which three soldiers have been killed on 14 Feb 2002 when a large bomb was detonated under their tank.. The  army needs to be now concerned and act fast on it. The image of Palestinians destroying a main battle tank is a blow to deterrence. The tank's reputation of invincibility has now been shattered and makes the conflict appear even more like Lebanon. more

"The Financier" of Terrorism : (Posted 14 Feb 2002) Pakistani Police have accused  Omar Sheikh of supplying the photographs and masterminding the kidnapping of Daniel Pearl, after he was arrested under US pressure. "The (other) three arrested people of his group told us that he had financed the kidnapping of the U.S. journalist," a police officer told the court. "Investigation also pointed out that he was the financier."  Earlier Bush government had freezed the UTN assets as part of Operation Green Quest to serve a broader mission against the war on terrorism. What about the assets of individuals who fund the terrorists all over the Islamic world? Also the role of  previously unknown National Movement for the Restoration of Pakistani Sovereignty needs to be investigated. This organisation  had  threatened to keep Pearl in "inhumane" conditions to protest at the US treatment of prisoners from the Afghan war. 

Arrest under US pressure : (Posted 13 Feb 2002) Omar Sheikh was arrested in Lahore, after a long time.  Since so many days he was coolly resting with his family and recently born child in Lahore, till the pressure was built on Pakistan by US.  India has now asked for his extradition, like was done is Aftab Ansari's case from UAE, which was again done because of US pressure. The question now is that whether Omar Sheikh should be handed over to Indian police for the terrorist attacks or handed over to US for being involved in WTC / Pentagon attacks and more recently WSJ correspondent Daniel Pearl. The simple answer is,  if he is handed over to India, another plane will get hijacked and the drama of releasing few more terrorists will repeat.  Omar should be handed over to FBI  immediately for further interrogation which involves all the terrorist attacks and economic support to other terrorists within the Al-Qaida network of Islamic terrorists.

Series of Jail Break(down)s : (Posted 12 Feb 2002)  In the West Bank city of Hebron, 500 Palestinians stormed a jail and released 10 Islamic terrorists in the third such incident in a week, raising the doubts that Palestanian Authority are on one hand arresting terrorists and releasing them using other hand(s).  Palestanian Police fired into the air to disperse about 200 people who thronged the gates of the compound and threw stones, shouting "Set them free". Israel now has to face more  attacks, since more Islamic terrorists are set free. Recently the use of  home-made "Qassam" rockets on Israeli targets have increased. Israel should not be surprised if the terrorists use "Katyusha" rockets in future. Carrying out one Operation Noah's Ark and capturing one "Karine-A" does not mean that terrorist will not import them from other routes. Be warned Israel!!!  Palestanians want PIECE and NOT PEACE.

Balikatan v/s Balikatan  : (Posted 12 Feb 2002)  One would say what is this?  Balikatan (meaning shoulder to shoulder) are the joint anti-terror action in the Philippines. US Special Forces troops are set for deployment in Basilan towards the end of a six-month joint military training exercise aimed to help the Filipino forces crush the Abu Sayyaf rebel group. Abu Sayyaf, is holding two American Christian missionaries and a Filipino hostage in Basilan. But the Abu Sayyaf 's and Nur Musuari's are not the only ones. The MILF and MNLF are fighting "shoulder to shoulder" in a tie-up with Al-Qaida.  This may prove dangerous to Philippines and the US troops.  Read earlier article : International connection of Islamic terrorists in Philippines with the Al-Qaida network.