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UN passes Anti-Terrorism resolution without defining Terrorism

Date Written    :  Sep 29, 2001
Date Modified :   Sep 29, 2001

Definition of  "Terrorism" and "Islamic Terrorism"

The United Nations Security Council has unanimously passed a resolution designed to cut off the financing of terrorist groups.  The resolution also calls on all states to co-operate on exchanging information about the activity of terrorist groups and to prevent the movement of terrorists across international borders. The council's permanent members - France, China, Russia, the United States and Britain - agreed on the general terms of the resolution before it was introduced to the rest of the council. 

This resolution was introduced by the US after facing the worst form (till now) of Terrorism.  Diplomats say the resolution should be seen as a practical way of closing loopholes that exist in current UN anti-terrorism conventions, many of which have not been signed or ratified by member states. US with the help of UN  is going ahead about making a coalition against Terrorism.  But UN does not seem to have put down a proper definition of  the word "Terrorism" and their lies the problem, which is going to create more and more problems; further going into infinite loops and creating loopholes.  

The UN resolution has invoked the enforcement rules of Chapter Seven, which obliges all states to implement it immediately.  But are all countries going to implement it?  It seems very difficult.   On paper,  every state will agree,  but the ground reality is that the countries which actually aid the Terrorists will not be in a position to do it. 

The UN Security Council committee is going to monitor whether countries are actually abiding by the rules of the resolution, drawing on the expertise of banking and other technical experts. But the details are not given as to how they will go about doing this.

The resolution further says that those who do not abide by the resolution might find themselves subject to UN sanctions.  How many countries are worried about the sanctions?  The countries which are sponsoring terrorism have more than enough to survive.  Iraq has survived and so will other countries.  And hence the Terrorism will continue unless the roots get burnt-out.  

Islamic Terrorism in India and Israel

India and Israel have been constantly facing the problem of  Terrorism. Lot of Islamic countries are the supporters of the  Terrorism in India and Israel.   Instead of calling Terrorists as Terrorists;  Pakistanis,   Palestinians and other Islamic countries calls them "Freedom Fighters".   It has been proved several times that Pakistan is aiding, funding and giving all kind of support to the Terrorist across and inside the Borders of India. This very same country Pakistan has been asked for support to tackle the Terrorism.  US calls it Terrorism, which is in fact "Islamic Terrorism"  and which is called by the Islamic World as "Jihad".  

The attack on WTC and most importantly Pentagon  is called as "Terror attack" ( and not Mohammedi  Terror Atta),  it needs to be condemned and world needs to be united against Terrorism, but what about the Islamic countries?  Most of the Islamic countries including Pakistan are actively sponsoring Terrorism.  Other countries which are some way or other involved in aiding Terrorism are Libya, Sudan, Syria, Iran, Iraq and an unending list of other Islamic countries.  Now as we say in democratic world,  that the majority decision is the ultimate decision, majority of the Islamic countries are sponsoring Terrorism and hence it needs to be called as "Islamic Terrorism".  Although this seems to a simple logical statement, but the democratic countries all over pretend to be not understanding this simple viewpoint  and hence even the United Nations  could not define "Terrorism". 

The stumbling block of  the definition of a "Terrorist" seems to have been be still present and as said by one of the UN council diplomat "There is a huge grey area of what is a terrorist".   We hope that  the UN, US and rest of the world realizes the menace of Islamic Terrorism as soon as possible and finish it once and for all.

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