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Unequal response of the Israelis -- Part II  (Also read: Part I)

Date Written    :  Mar 31, 2002
Date Modified :   Mar 31, 2002

An open letter to Mr. Ariel Sharon (Also read: Open Letter written earlier)

Mr PM, we had written an open letter to you to take action in the month of December. You did not take enough action. We urge you to take immediate note of this open letter to save human civilization.

Mr. PM, we heard your harsh words, but what about the action ....Every action should have equal and opposite reaction......  but what about yours.....

Mr. PM, You have harsh words, Palestinians have harsh actions, with the increasing suicide bombings. As many as five suicide bombings in five days, with Arafat still defiant. The Osama of Palestine,  Yasser Arafat has struck and called for his followers to keep striking Israel repeatedly. Arafat is calling for "Ceasefire" in English and dropping the word "Cease" while speaking in Arabic.

Hamas announced over mosque loudspeakers in the West Bank refugee camp of Jenin that they " will continue the martyrdom attacks on Israel until the full withdrawal from Palestinian territory" 

Mr. PM, The address to the Nation was after the the recent suicide bombing in which 15 Israelis were killed in a packed restaurant "Matza" in the northern Israeli port city of Haifa. This restaurant was owned by Israeli Arab from the Galilee and very few amongst the unguarded ones, which needs to be investigated.

Earlier the Jihadis had bombed a Bus killing the Passengers in Haifa.  At  that  time Mr. PM you had bombed the (grounded) Yassir Arafat's helicopters without the passengers, when Arafat was safe in Ramallah.

Mr PM, You had earlier declared Yasser Arafat as "Enemy of Israel", which has been now extended to "Enemy of Israel and the whole world". That seems to be the only change which is already accepted by us long back.

Mr PM,  How can you still talk PEACE when  the Palestinians are talking about taking Israel to  PIECES. You drew a parallel between the Sep 11 attacks on US, but your reaction does match the reaction which US gave to its terror attacks. US had started war on terrorism with rigorous bombing of Afghanistan and not by moving tanks and troops from the Afghan borders. Israel needs to use the strategy of air-raiding the PA controlled area and not just making (deep) incursions as and when they get struck by terrorists. The armed "in and out" policy of IDF needs to be reviewed. Palestinians want PIECE and NOT PEACE with the biggest terrorist Arafat calling for Martyrdom.

Pres. Bush has said that,  "Israel has a right to defend itself". Is it not a signal to go ahead and ACT?

Mr PM,  Do not just move the troops, tanks and bulldozers  into "Terrorist Compound" of Ramallah. Because that is not the solution. We remember the last time you seemed to act was when you moved troops and bulldozers  in  Gaza airport  and rip up the runway,  when the terrorists had already run away to safe places to attack again -- with more counter-attacks. And you see the results...  that they have attacked and attacked five times in five days.


You did not act when several Jews were killed and is still continuing.....,  You did not act when Rehavaam Zeevi popularly called  "Gandhi" was killed  Israel needs to go for a REAL WAR against Arab Terrorism. The non-muslim world needs to support them fully....

The incidences occurring in Israel  and many more incidences at an International level, gives us a clear story of how Islamic terrorists are spreading Jihad at a very rapid pace. World  needs to know that the common threat to human survival is to deal with the International Terrorism, Islamic Terrorism being the worst of all.  

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