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Pres. Bush "Peace move" in a "interim state" of shock (Posted Jun 20, 2002)Second Suicide bombing in two days. 7 more killed in the French Hill neighborhood in northern Jerusalem.. Palestinian Islamic terrorists have done it once again and themselves stopped Pres. Bush from declaring a "interim" state of Palestine. Why so?  Because the Al-Aqsa and other terrorist organisations are not for a "interim"  Palestine state. Israel has announced that they will indefinitely stay in areas where terrorists are operative. Soldiers are already spread out to cities all-over.  But not only the civilians, even soldiers are getting killed. Two IDF soldiers were killed and several more injured in a gunbattle with Palestinians in Kalkilya late night on Jun 19. Occupying regions and carrying out "temporary" operations to flush-out terrorist will not work. The only solution is do a carpet bombing of all areas controlled by Palestinian Authority, and then  occupy Gaza, West Bank, East Bank and further .......

Line of Control (Posted Jun 19, 2002) Just when US President George W. Bush is about to give a major speech on the Middle East, Jerusalem was once again struck on Jun 18, by a suicide bomber, this time killing 19 people including children. We do not know what will Pres. Bush have to say and what will Colin Powell will say next week in his upcoming visit to resolve the Middle-East conflict. Probably they will ask for "restrain", which they had asked India to do, despite Pakistani ISI carrying out terrorist activities in India. India has a Line of Control shared with Pakistan in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. India also have "fence" built on some parts of its borders. But that has not stopped the Islamic terrorist attacking  in Indian territories. Each time there is a major attack the IDF occupies the West bank and/or Gaza, but this time it should be a carpet bombing of these areas. If US can bomb Afghanistan and is gearing up to oust Saddam Hussein, then Israel has a right has to defend itself. Building fences and  barricades is not the solution to stop Islamic terrorism. Israel needs to cross the "fences" and "borders" to wipe-off Islamic terrorism. Not just Gaza and West Bank, but the East Bank  and further....

Safe haven for the terrorists in a Home-country to Islam's ?holiest? sites  (Posted Jun 18, 2002) After Pakistan, it is another ally of U.S. -- the Saudi Arabia, which has  admitted its first arrest of Al-Qaida members since Sept. 11 and said  it was holding 11 Saudis, an Iraqi and a Sudanese man behind a plot to shoot down a U.S. military plane taking off from a Saudi air base. The arrests might have been  made public because of the pressure from the U.S., since they had got enough information from the Islamic terrorists detained at the Guantanamo Bay during the war on terrorism in Afghanistan, in which at least 50 were Saudi nationals. The  arrests of Al-Qaida members from all-over, and the recent arrests in Morocco and Saudi Arabia makes the picture even more clear that the two major allies of U.S. in the Asian region, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia are sheltering the Al-Qaida members; out of which few get caught,  few get "declared" as caught and the rest of them are free to operate  inside these countries until they are pressurised to be caught.

Warning to US-Army by MMA (Posted Jun 17, 2002) While addressing a Kashmir Conference at Minar-e-Pakistan, organised by Muttahida Majlis Amal (MMA),  religious and political leaders warned of a tough resistance against the Musharraf government if it took an Afghanistan-like U-turn on Kashmir. The leaders said "Kashmir Jihad will continue till the liberation of Kashmir". Amir Abdul Rasheed Turabi said the struggle of Kashmiris had entered a final phase and the time was not far when the Kashmir would be a part of Pakistan. Most importantly they have demanded immediate expulsion of the US army, FBI and CIA officials from Pakistan. Recent attacks on US consulate by al-Qanoon and earlier attacks like the 11 French nationals killed in suicide bombings, killing of Daniel Pearl, bombing of church where foreign nationals were killed etc. is a hard evidence that the Islamic terrorists who came as guests from Afghanistan are now spread across each and every city of Pakistan.  The recent warnings of the religio-political parties show that the support for these terrorists is also increasing.  Now that Rumsfeld is back in U.S., being a Military dictator Musharraf may yet again go for a U-turn, succumbing to pressure from  MMA because  he can keep away the Alliance for Restoration of Democracy (ARD) and at the same time keep the Jihadis of MMA happy.

Saudis are pulling the trigger (Posted Jun 16, 2002) Three Islamic terrorists detained in Morocco were natives of Saudi Arabia according to Moroccan officials. It is also reported that Saudi diplomat has confirmed the nationality and that they are asking for extradition of these terrorists. But Morocco has said it has no intention to extradite the suspects to Saudi Arabia. These three are accused of planning attacks on U.S. and British warships in the Straits of Gibraltar between Morocco and Spain. In fact they must have planned something bigger than the USS Cole attack in October 2000 in which two suicide bombers rammed a small boat packed with explosives into the destroyer when it was anchored in a Yemeni port. That had killed 17 U.S. sailors and Al-Qaida had been linked to that attack Until Sep 10, last year it was known that the Saudis financially support the Islamic terrorists. But increasing number of Islamic terrorists,  starting with 15 out of 19 hijackers of Sep 11 being Saudis, arrest of Abu Huzifa in Sudan and recent arrests of Saudis in Morocco makes the picture clear(er) that Al-Qaida network is spread from Indonesia in the East to U.S. in the West. Sep 11 and events after that have proved that the Saudis are also pulling the trigger.

Missiles loaded with "Dirty Bombs" (Posted Jun 14, 2002) Sudan this week captured  Abu Huzifa, suspected member of the Al-Qaida terrorist network who had last month attempted to  fire a SA-7 missile at a U.S. plane as it was taking off at a U.S. air-base in Saudi Arabia. Huzifa had earlier slipped into Saudi Arabia to survey U.S. bases. The question  remains how did he managed to avoid the Saudi security and then penetrated the outer perimeter of the Prince Sultan Air Base which is the main air operations center for the U.S. war against Afghanistan. He was carrying two shoulder-fired SA-7 surface-to-air missiles. The remnants of a fired SA-7 missile launcher which were discovered on the Saudi air base, prompted the manhunt that resulted in Huzifa's arrest. This should make the U.S. give a hard look at the arsenal that the terrorist groups have been setting up in the Gulf countries and North Africa. With a "Dirty Bomber" arrested a few days back, U.S. needs to think of what disaster it would have done if these missiles would have struck the target with the dirty bombs loaded?

The "hard evidence" of terrorists in Pakistan (Posted Jun 14, 2002) A car bomb exploded outside the U.S. consulate in the port city of Karachi on Friday. At least five Pakistanis were killed, but who was the target?  Or was it just a hint to U.S. by the Jihadis.  If this and the earlier attack in which 11 French nationals were killed, was not done by terrorists, then who are they, the freedom fighters?  A day back Rumsfeld had said that U.S. does not have evidence of Al-Qaida in Kashmir. But it seems that the Jihadis  yet again wanted to prove that they have presence not only in Kashmir but also in Pakistan. Is the recent U.S. consulate bombing not an "hard evidence"? 

Vanishing indications with no evidences (Posted Jun 14, 2002) Rumsfeld seems to have changed his words after crossing the border. When in India he said that he has seen some "indications" about Al-Qaida presence near LoC, but when in Pakistan, he told reporters on Jun 13 "I do not have evidence and the United States does not have evidence of Al-Qaida in Kashmir." But the geography tells us that LoC divides the Kashmir region.  The two statements in two days, made in two different countries, seem to contradict each other. Rumsfeld further said "There are scraps of intelligence from people saying they believe Al-Qaida are in Kashmir or in various locations" Probably he was referring to Indian intelligence reports presented to U.S. about the terrorist training camps in Pakistan and occupied Kashmir. He also said  "It tends to be speculative. It is not actionable. It is not verifiable." U.S. is already "speculative" in saying that  their will be more terrorist attacks on U.S. and for that they are revamping the "Homeland Security".  They had earlier said that the activities of the Taliban regime in Afghanistan was "actionable" and proceeded with bombing Afghanistan. And verified that OBL and his terrorist network was responsible for WTC and Pentagon attacks.  If these things could be "speculative",  "actionable" and "verifiable",  then why are the claims of India, that the terrorists camps are in Pakistan, not have the same logic? On the very same day i.e. on Jun 13, Pakistan's Interior Minister Moinuddin Haider told reporters that they have arrested an Arab national named Benjamin Ahmed Mahmud, believed to be an accomplice of Abdullah al Muhajir, an Al Qaeda militant arrested in the United States recently for allegedly planning to build and explode a radioactive "Dirty Bomb" in the US. The man was detained following a tip-off from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).  Is FBI not a U.S. investigation agency or was it that Rumsfeld was not informed?

Al-Qaida near the LoC (Posted Jun 13, 2002) "I have seen indications that there, in fact, are Al-Qaida in the areas we're talking about, near the Line of Control" that separates the Pakistani and Indian sectors of Kashmir, Rumsfeld told a news conference in New Delhi, India, before flying to Pakistan. The media highlighted this, but not the words before this sentence which talked about "evidence", which was later corrected by Rumsfeld as "indications".  But the next sentence he said was "I do not have evidence of precisely how many, or who, or where". But the worry of Rumsfeld and U.S. is the prospect of Al-Qaida gaining more and more foothold in Kashmir, because another terrorist attack could trigger a sudden military response from India, which might start a full-fledged war and hamper the US-led war on terrorism.  

The landing of "Dirty Bomber" (Posted Jun 12, 2002) Abdullah al Muhajir, was arrested at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport on May 8 as he returned to the United States from Pakistan in a very strange route, going twice to Zurich, Switzerland, and once to Egypt. He had received bomb-making training from Al-Qaida and was part of a conspiracy to plant a radioactive bomb somewhere in the United States. Mind US!! He was trained for making the "Dirty Bombs" in Pakistan and not Afghanistan.
And all this when U.S. Intelligence officials were probably following him? Jihadis, which includes the ex-ISI members and religious parties of Pakistan have opposed Musharraf's move of (?)stopping(?) the Islamic terrorists to cross-over into Indian territory. U.S. has to think on the threat of Islamic terrorism equipped with "Dirty bombs" and destroy the Jihadi infrastructure inside Pakistan. more

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