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Yet another Lashkar in India : (Posted 27 Apr 2002) A new Islamic terrorists organisation has been formed in the relief camps of Gujarat. With the formation of Lashkar-e-Khaladeen the muslims have decided to launch an attack much bigger than Godhara in which 62 Hindus were burnt alive by Muslims. One of the Intelligence reports says "There is a planned guerilla agenda because they believe they can fight the majority Hindu community only by a sustained guerrilla system"  The goal of LeK is to ensure that the Muslims fight the Hindus by spreading terror. After the Lashkar-e-Toiba,  Lashkar-e-Jabbar and many more Islamic Lashkars and Jaishs it seems that the Islamic Jihadis are spreading the tentacles very rapidly. The recent report by a five-member study team of the Delhi-based Council for International Affairs and Human Rights suggests that the Godhra carnage was an act of terrorism sponsored by Pakistan and was executed in connivance with "Jihadi forces" based in the town. India already has so many pockets in another neighbouring Western state of Maharashtra like Mumbra, Malegaon, Bhiwandi where the Islamic terrorist are taking shelter. Gujarat Government should start a stern action against the relief camps in its state, otherwise like in Israel, these camps will turn into Jenin, Rafah and other relief camps from where the suicide bombers will start the terror campaign. India already has the Islamic terrorism in Kashmir, addition of one more state will prove disastrous. 

Modi is not Milosovic, Hindus are not Serbian Christians : (Posted 21 Apr 2002) Britain-based Gujaratis are working alongside the British government to bring three cases in three separate courts across Europe against Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi. The cases are to be filed separately in the British High Court, the Belgian courts and, possibly, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague. (TNN News)
Narendra Modi is not Slodedan Milosovic. India is not Yugoslovia. Hindus are not like Serbian Christians who hand over their own citizen to some International courts for getting economic aids. If Modi was Milosovic, Gujarat would have become a Hindu state.  Analysts say that the charges, ranging from complicity with murder to genocide, could, theoretically, lead to a formal request for Modi's extradition, as seemed likely when Belgian court officials recently held preliminary hearings in a genocide case against Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. May it be  Ariel Sharon or Narendra Modi. They did what is right at the given point of time. Court hearings and registering cases against them is not the solution because this way the root cause of Islamic Terrorism will get by-passed.

The language which resulted in 1947 : (Posted 20 Apr 2002) "What has happened in Gujarat over the last 51 days is nothing but genocide...stop it now," said Imam Bukhari during the Friday Namaz. "There will be a civil war in this country. We will also show our strength. India will be broken into pieces."
When Shiv Sena supremo Balasaheb Thakre had said "If the voting rights of Muslims is taken back, the Politicians will stop appeasing them" And the media started criticizing him Left, (?)Right(?) and Center. 
Bukhari seems to be repeating the same statements that Jinnah and other Muslims spoke before 1947. Unfortunately for Hindus, in 1947 Pakistan they did not take all Muslims to Pakistan OR it might be that they kept them in India, so that they can ask for more, after changing the demography.  Jinnah talked of piece called Pakistan and Bukhari has talked about PIECES. Oh!!! The media has said nothing. No Objections, No Talk shows, No Big Fight, No Editorials. NOT STRANGE...   After all We are PEACE LOVING Hindus. 

Godse Rules Gandhi's State : (Posted 18 Apr 2002) "Godse rules Gandhi's state" was one of the placard displayed during the demonstrations of "peace activists" to oust Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi. What message are these "peace activists" giving to India and the World?  Godse had killed Mohandas K Gandhi because Godse was fed up of the "peace" talks with Islamic Jihadi  mindset.  Does "peace" means that after the Massacre of Hindus in Godhara, the Hindus need to stick to "peace" and the Muslims should not ? It is a coincidence that so many G's are coming into picture.  Godhara, Gujarat, Guwahati, Goa and now Godse.  Will the new 'G' bring an end to the Islamic Terrorism?

Powell-Arafat meet in Ramallah : (Posted 14 Apr 2002) About 30 Israelis were killed from 09 to 12 Apr 2002, the latest being on Apr 12 when a female suicide (homicide)  bomber blew herself up killing 6 others in Jerusalem's Mahane Yehuda open-air market. The Powell-Arafat meeting was indeed postponed, but not cancelled. Sec. Powell met Arafat in the "terrorist compound" of PA in Ramallah, after Arafat condemned  the terrorist attacks on Civilians from either side, but indirectly supported suicide bombers against the Israeli Soldiers. Earlier the Islamic terrorists had killed 13 IDF reserve soldiers in a well-planned, multi-stage ambush in the center of Jenin's refugee camp on Apr 09. They detonated a number of bombs alongside the reservists, killing a number of them outright. Palestinians located on surrounding rooftops and other high positions subsequently opened fire on the Israeli force. According to Israel Radio, a number of soldiers were also killed when Palestinians detonated an additional bomb, collapsing a building on the troops. The deaths of so many soldiers on one day was a shock to Israelis already in a somber mood as they marked Holocaust Remembrance Day, honoring the six million Jews killed by Nazi Germany during World War Two. And now the Jews are killed by the Arabs.  The recent declaration of Arafat might have changed the scenario on paper, but not on the battle ground. The carpet bombing of Jenin, Ramallah and other terrorist strongholds is the need of the hour.

The only Hindu Nation is in danger : (Posted 12 Apr 2002) The Maoists have once again killed more than 100 people in the only Hindu Nation of Nepal. The Maoists have been demanding the abrogation of all treaties and agreements with India which, in their view, are detrimental to Nepal's interests and form a communist state.  Since they have a common interest of anti-India views, the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) of Pakistan is helping the Maoists by giving financial and material assistance to Maoists.  ISI has trained  some of the Mao cadres, by taking advantage of the inadequacies in the Nepal Governments' intelligence and security apparatus. ISI has also motivated the Maoists by projecting the Indian Army as their next enemy after they defeat the Nepalese Army. The ISI wants to make its root stronger in the countries like Bangladesh and Nepal so that they can penetrate neighbouring Indian states of Bihar, W. Bengal and North-East India. Recently it has been revealed that the Maoists also have a strong presence in Indian states of Bihar and Jharkhand, having  contacts  with the Maoists of Nepal. 

Pakistan President Gen. Pervez Musharraf may become another Saddam Hussein  (Posted 07 Apr 2002) He declared on April 5 that he will hold a referendum seeking to extend his tenure in office for next five years and probably form his own party and rule forever. He has also warned that he is ready to use nuclear weapons if war breaks out in the subcontinent. The Arab countries also feel that the nukes with Pakistan belong to the Islamic world. This thought was also shared by Bashir-ud-Din Mahmood who had discussed the infrastructure required for a nuclear weapons programme and its effects, with Osama Bin Laden  and Mullah Omar before Sep 11 Islamic terrorist attacks on WTC and Pentagon. Mahmood was formerly the director for nuclear power at the Pakistani Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC) and was the founder of UTN, whose assets were frozen by US as part of Operation Green Questmore

The entire country is with you (Posted 04 Apr 2002) "You are not alone at this time of crisis, we all are with you. The entire country is with you," Indian PM  told the riot victims at the Shah Alam relief camp where nearly 8000 Muslims affected by the communal violence have taken shelter. Which country is PM talking, was he talking about, Pakistan? PM further said "becoming refugee in ones own country is something that pierces the heart".  If he is so much worried about these refugees, then they can be sent  to Pakistan or Afghanistan. He further said "With what face, I do not know, I will go abroad after what all has happen here". Then better he does not go abroad or show his real face.

Massacre of Hindus in a Hindu Majority country (Posted 30 Mar 2002) Islamic terrorist stormed the famous Raghunath Temple in which at least 11 people were killed on Mar 30, 2002. At the time of attack the temple was packed with some 250 worshippers and the cross-firing sparked off a stampede. Raghunath temple has the most beautiful and splendid temple complex in Northern India. This complex consists of 17 temples. This Temple is mainly dedicated to Lord Ram. The work on the temple was started by Maharaja Gulab Singh, founder of the kingdom of Jammu and Kashmir in 1835 A.D. and was completed by his son, Maharaja Ranbir Singh in 1860 A.D. Another Islamic barbaric act had happened in Belgaum on the Mar 29, Holi day when 3 Hindus were killed of which 2 Hindus were beheaded by Muslims. This barbaric Islamic act has happened in a country where majority of the population is Hindu. Arise Oh Hindus... We do not have Kings and Gods to save us... and the Indian PM is also running away from Hindus.

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