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The landing of "Dirty Bomber" from Pakistan to U.S.

Date Written    :  Jun 12, 2002

Abdullah al Muhajir, was arrested at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport on May 8 as he returned to the United States from Pakistan in a very strange route, going twice to Zurich, Switzerland, and once to Egypt. He had received bomb-making training from Al-Qaida and was part of a conspiracy to plant a radioactive bomb somewhere in the United States. MIND US!! HE WAS TRAINED FOR MAKING THE "DIRTY BOMBS" IN PAKISTAN AND NOT AFGHANISTAN.


Jose Padilla, his name before conversion to Islam, was detained in Pakistan in early April 2002. But like the other terrorists, he was also released soon after. NOW HERE LIES THE REAL NEWS !!! 

Pakistani security sources said U.S. officials were told of his detention and he was let go at their behest and then followed. BUT THAT MIGHT NOT BE TRUE. U.S. seeing that Pakistan was releasing the Islamic terrorists, saw that Pakistan is not keeping its promise of handing over the terrorists required by U.S.... and then directing Pakistan to track Muhajir's whereabouts.

U.S. officials till Jun 11, 2002 had not confirmed that they requested Muhajir's release, but did say he was closely monitored by U.S. and local authorities as he traveled from Pakistan to Zurich, to Egypt, back to Zurich and then to Chicago.

The Dirty (Suicide) bomber who was trained in Pakistan by the Al-Qaida was arrested on May 8, but it was revealed by Ashcroft a month after that. It might be a strange coincidence that the announcement of his arrest was done just when the Indian Government announced measures of de-escalating tensions with Pakistan? 

On Jun 11, 2002 Pakistani sources have told United Press International that as many as a half-dozen men "of U.S. origin" have been captured in the tribal areas of Pakistan near Afghanistan. These men are handed over to U.S. authorities in an ongoing operation to root out Al-Qaida terrorists. 

Also it has to be noticed that on very same day, in a meeting attended by the Jihadis, which includes the ex-ISI members and religious parties of Pakistan have opposed Musharraf's move of (?)stopping(?) the Islamic terrorists to cross-over into Indian territory.

U.S. has to think on the threat of Islamic terrorism equipped with "Dirty bombs" and destroy the Jihadi infrastructure inside Pakistan.

Who else can give the nuclear technology to Al-Qaida and Taliban, other than its Al-Qaida network operating from the Pakistani soil, with active support of ISI?

The Musharraf government needs urgent help!!! ... and the world needs to support US for every step it takes in its war on terrorism, the next phase of which needs to be on Pakistani soil.

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