Lashkar-e-Toiba bases near Mumbai?

Date Written: Aug 16, 2001
Last Modified : Sep 09, 2001

Addendum (Oct 25, 2001):
Four Hizbul militants arrested in Thane on Oct 23 2001
The Thane police arrested four hard core terrorists belonging to the Hizbul Mujahideen from Mumbra area of thane district last night. Thane, is the neighbouring district of Mumbai (earlier called Bombay). Thane police commissioner, Mr Shangari said, they hailed from Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK) and were operating on both the sides of line of control (LoC). He said that the police received information of their whereabouts four days ago and an operation was launched last night to nab them. Some arms and ammunition were also seized from them.
Earlier, Laskhar-e-Toiba terrorists, who had plans to kill important personalities in Maharashtra and target important installations, were also nabbed from Mumbra.
Mumbra has substantial Muslim population and seems to become a base of terrorists. Some locals are assisting these terrorists. Shangari on Aug 14 had said that Lashkar-e-Toiba terrorists are looking for establishing bases in Mumbra. Now it is the Hizbul

Lashkar area commander killed in encounter on August 14 2001

This was the news in the media on the Independence day of India, August 15 2001. But where from he came? Is he Indian or Pakistani?  Where was he staying earlier? What was he doing till he was shot dead? Read on..........

On August 14 2001, the  Uttar Pradesh Police shot and killed Imran in Ayodhya.  He was  the area commander of  Lashkar-e-Toiba and was a citizen of Pakistan.  Police say that he was part of the same group that was planning to explode bombs at some temples and pilgrim sites in Ayodhya.

On August 13 2001,  the evening before this incidence, two other Lashkar terrorists, Altaf Hussain and Salim Qamar, were arrested from high security cantonment area of Lucknow. Police recovered over 12 Kg of RDX, enough to blow up an entire city, a Chinese Star pistol, 140 cartridges, five detonators, three batteries and other ammunition. Both were in Saudi Arabia when they came in contact with Lashkar activists and were persuaded to join the Lashkar. Both used to work as mechanics in Saudi Arabia and were taken by Imran to Muzzafarabad in Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) via Karachi. They were trained to use AK-47 and bomb-making.  Police say the two were Imran's men and that they traced Imran after interrogating Altaf and Salim.

But this information about the Imran's men was given by the Thane Police (in the state of Maharashtra)  to Uttar Pradesh Police. When Thane police got the information that two terrorists Imran and Shaukat are hiding in Mumbra, they swiftly did a operation in which three suspects were arrested, but Imran was not one of them.  On interrogation with these three it was revealed that Imran was not there, but two other terrorists had already left from the place.  This information, along with information about the train in which they were traveling,  the bogie number and the mobile numbers was given to UP Police who then were successful in arresting them. .For readers information, Mumbra, which is thickly populated by Muslim community,  is a village in Thane district,  which is the neighbouring district of Mumbai, the commercial capital of India.

But what is this to do with the Lashkar-e-Toiba bases near Mumbai? 

A shocking statement made by the Thane Police Commissioner Surendra Shangari on Aug 14 states that "Lashkar-e-Toiba are looking for establishing bases in Mumbra to carry out terrorist activities in Mumbai and at an International level." This was revealed after the operation carried out in Mumbra by Police Officers Shangari and Datta Ghule.  But the Government of Maharashtra seems unhappy with it. The very same Police Commissioner Shangari is now charged of negligence in a local case where the  far right-wing ShivSena activists burnt down the Singhania Hospital where their leader Anand Dighe died because of a heart attack.  Anand Dighe was a strong Hindu Militant leader from ShivSena.  Every sensible person, including the ShivSena supremo has condemned the act of violence by itws own party members,  but the Maharashtra Government seems to need some reason to transfer the Thane Police Commissioner  to some other remote place.  Nobody knows the reason, but few people say that it may be because of few local Muslim leaders  pressurizing the State Government so that they can continue with their subversive activities in and around Mumbai.

In a Interview to "The Asian Age" published on Aug 19, 2001 Union Minister of state for home I.D. Swami said that Pakistan-based terrorist organisations like the Lashkar are primarily interested in destroying and subverting India. He  said that the security forces had recovered a letter from a terrorist, who was killed in an encounter after attack on to Amarnath yatris, which read "Lashkar-e-Toiba: We are fidayeen. I am a fidayee and in the name of Allah we will continue to kill and be killed till such time we destroy India and we overcome India"

In Israel,  fidayeen are carrying out frequent attacks in the Israeli cities and towns.  The Jews are the only ones who are giving a befitting reply to Jihadis, but in the Hindu majority country of India the Hindu Genocide still continues. The incidence which happened in Mumbra and Ayodhya involves people from various cities like Mumbra, Ayodhya, Lucknow, Muzzafarabad, Karachi and countries like Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan. From this incidence and many more incidences occurring in Indian sub-continent and  at an International level, gives us a clear story of how Jihadis are increasing at a very rapid pace. Many more cities and countries are already engulfed with the problem of Jihadi Terrorism. Many more will get engulfed very soon. The Jihadis are everywhere, they are in Chechnya, Kashmir, Kosovo, Macedonia, Sudan, Nigeria, Algeria, Indonesia, Philippines.........  and countries supporting them are Pakistan, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Syria and an unending list of other Islamic countries.  These Jihadis need to be crushed once and for all or ELSE ........

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