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"Do not try to appease Arabs at our expense" - Ariel Sharon

Date Written    :  Oct 06, 2001
Date Modified :   Oct 06, 2001

Disagreement between Israel and United States

"Do not try to appease Arabs at our expense," the Israeli Prime Minister said at a news conference on Oct 04, 2001.  He said "All our efforts to reach a ceasefire have been torpedoed by the Palestinians. The fire did not cease, not even for one day. The (security) Cabinet has therefore instructed our security forces to take all necessary measures to bring full security to the citizens of Israel," he said, referring to orders issued on the previous day.

"Do not repeat the dreadful mistake of 1938, when enlightened European democracies decided to sacrifice Czechoslovakia (to the Nazis) for a convenient, temporary solution"

"Israel will not be another Czechoslovakia; Israel will fight terrorism. We have only ourselves to rely on, and as of today, we will only rely on ourselves."

"The Prime Minister's comments are unacceptable. Israel has no stronger friend and ally in the world than the United States, and President Bush is especially a close friend of Israel."  said Ari Fleischer, spokesman  of President Bush.  

The statements from US should calm things down.  Although it seems to be a rare public disagreement between two strong allies,  this is not the first time.  The US and Israel also had differences on the Mitchell report that was supposed to serve a basis for Israel - Palestinian security talks. US has similar differences with few more countries, like India, where Hindus are targeted in the state of Jammu and Kashmir by Islamic Terrorists.

Appeasement of Muslims all-over, because the blood of Jews and Hindus is Cheap?  

The appeasement of Muslims has been done all over the world by a group of powerful countries,  not within their own countries,  but in other countries especially Israel, India and more recently Macedonia.  The powerful countries still think that the Muslims can be won over by appeasing, but make no mistake,  the appeasement is a temporary solution ,which will not last longer. 

It is very interesting and disturbing  that Hamas and Hezbollah, operating in Arab countries  were not in the list of terrorist organizations whose financial assets were frozen by the Bush administration. Jaish-e-Mohammed and Lashkar-e-Toiba, which operate from Pakistan and Afghanistan,  are also out of the list.  Jaish-e-Mohammed was responsible for recent attack on Kashmir Legislative Assembly in which 42 people were killed.  British PM Tony Blair and US President had condemned it, but not very strongly.  Perhaps these countries are concentrating on Afghanistan and Osama bin Laden.  But we think they are taking too long to concentrate even in the case of Osama.  

Lot of Hindus in India and Jews in Israel are killed by fidayeen Is the Jewish and Hindu blood so cheap ?

What is "Terrorism " ? Is it same as "Freedom Struggle" ? 

What is "Terrorism"? Even recently, the UN Anti-Terrorism resolution  was not able to define "Terrorism". But according to the Mitchell report that serves as the basis for Israel - Palestinian security talks, "Terrorism involves the deliberate killing and injuring of randomly selected noncombatants for political ends...It seeks to promote a political outcome by spreading terror and demoralization throughout a population."

Israel and India have supported the US-led coalition against terrorism.  But the world needs to realize the difference between "Terrorism", which is called in the Islamic world as "Freedom Struggle". 

The US, after facing the worst form (till now) of Islamic terrorism -- is going ahead about making a coalition against Terrorism, Indian Decisions Makers need to take some strategic and political decision of entering  the same.  India and Israel have been constantly facing the problem of Islamic Terrorism. Sponsored by Islamic countries, the active supporters of the  Islamic terrorism in India is Pakistan.   This very same country Pakistan has been asked for support to tackle the Terrorism.  US calls it Terrorism, which is in fact "Islamic Terrorism"  and which is called by the Islamic World as "Jihad" or "Freedom Struggle".   Now that colonial powers are no more and cold war does not exist,  the "Freedom Struggles" have no meaning. From whom do the "Terrorists" want to get Freedom and why ?

Why should we be ashamed saying it "Islamic Terrorism" ?

Most of the times Terrorism gets associated with Islam and countries in the world want to dissociate Islam and Terrorism.  But is Terror and Islam different?

Assuming that the attack on WTC and most importantly Pentagon  is called as "Terror attack", it needs to be condemned and world needs to be united against Terrorism, but what about the Islamic countries?  Most of the Islamic countries including Pakistan are actively sponsoring Terrorism.  Other countries which are some way or other involved in aiding Terrorism are Libya, Sudan, Syria, Iran, Iraq and an unending list of other Islamic countries.  Now as we say in democratic world,  that the majority decision is the ultimate decision, majority of the Islamic countries are sponsoring Terrorism and hence it needs to be called as "Islamic Terrorism".  Although this seems to a simple logical statement, but the democratic countries all over pretend to be not understanding this simple viewpoint.

What should be the next step of India as a democratic and freedom loving  country

India needs to proactively start working with  all democratic countries and especially countries like US, Israel, Russia and European countries so that this menace of Terrorism is finished once and for all.  In some respect the External Affairs Ministry is trying to work out some formula for this, but the time seems to be running out.  India had actually gained some points before the "Terror attacks" on US, but now the situation seems to be changing fast.  The US  may have already understood that in the long term,  coalition with the regimes sponsoring terrorism,  will be suicidal for them. Ultimately the "Sword of Truth" will triumph over the  "Sword of Islam".  

India should push forward the Indo-US Military Alliance to President Bush.  India should take the initiative, since it was India that initiated the anti-American move in the form of the Non-aligned movement (NAM) in the 1950s.  World and especially India needs to know that the common threat to human survival is to deal with the International Terrorism, Islamic Terrorism being the worst of all.  

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