"Gandhi"  no more - Will Israel go for WAR against Arab Terrorism

Date Written    : Oct 17, 2001
Date Modified : Oct 17, 2001

Islamic Terrorism at its peak in Israel

"Gandhi",  as Rehavaam Zeevi was popularly called, was assassinated by suspected Palestinian gunmen on Wednesday.  He was popularly known as "Gandhi" in Israel  because of his supposed resemblance to the assassinated Indian leader Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. But apart from the name he had nothing in common with  the so-called Father of India, M.K. Gandhi.  

Indian Gandhi was against any action against the Muslims and often appeased Muslims, whereas Jewish Gandhi had advocated expelling all Arabs from Israel. 

Zeevi  was a far-right Israeli cabinet minister from National Union-Yisrael Beitainu bloc.  The assassination took place in Jerusalem's Hyatt Hotel.  Easing of the closure over Ramallah may have given the attackers free access to the  hotel.  Zeevi, had tendered his resignation as tourism minister from Sharon's cabinet on Oct 15, 2001 after it eased a blockade in Palestinian areas.  Palestanians may have actually targetted "Gandhi"  since he did not have bodyguard from the Shin Bet internal security service.  Actually the resignation was to go into effect on 17 Oct, before which he was assassinated.  This means that the Palestanians are well-prepared for their Terrorist activities. 

After the Islamic Terrorist attacks on US by Atta and company, Israel and India need to be on high alert.  Especially Israel needs to be on highest state of alert because their are too many enemies around and closet ally pushing them for peace.  This is the first assassination of an Israeli cabinet minister since the establishment of the Jewish state in 1948.  

The radical Palestinian Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine group claimed responsibility. The PFLP said it carried out the attack on Zeevi, a 75-year-old former general, in retaliation for the assassination of its leader, Abu Ali Mustafa, by Israeli forces in August.  As news broke of the shooting broke, dozens of Palestinians in the Ain El-Hilweh refugee camp in south Lebanon rushed into the street carrying pictures of Mustafa and dancing.

Strong words will not work - Strong action will work

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon convened an emergency meeting of top security and cabinet officials after visiting the hospital.  The inner security cabinet decided Wednesday to freeze all contacts with the Palestinian Authority until it ends violence, and to "step up" the military response to terror attacks. The inner cabinet, however, did not take a decision to carry out assassinations on Palestinian political leaders. Oh !!  interesting how many more Jews will be killed before that.....

But Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has started speaking like US President George W. Bush  after the terrorist attacks in WTC and Pentagon on Sep 11. Sharon  told an emergency meeting of senior ministers Wednesday that after the killing of cabinet minister Rehavam Ze'evi, "The situation is different today, and will not again be like it was yesterday."  What does that mean ?  Is Israel going to act and act fast?   Time is running out.

"We will carry out a war to the bitter end against the terrorists, those who help them and those who dispatch them," Sharon said.  Defense Minister Benjamin Ben-Eliezer demanded that Arafat extradite the leaders of the PFLP to Israel. "In this situation, one man is responsible, and that is Arafat because of his soft hand on terror," he said.  So what ?  Is Israel incapable to tackle the Islamic Terrorism in its country ?  Of course, NOT.   But why the delay.....

After Sep 11 Islamic terror attacks on US, they  acted in Afghanistan after taking their own time, but Israel has less time to spare.  Sharon may not be reminded, but Palestinian gunman had shot  Israeli ambassador to London Shlomo Argov in 1982, after which Israel had invaded Lebanon the very next day.  Will you be doing the same?  YES !!!   needs to be the only answer.

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Peace v/s  Piece  - The Islamic Terrorism

The appeasement of Muslims has been done all over the world by a group of powerful countries,  not within their own countries,  but in other countries especially Israel, India and more recently Macedonia.  The powerful countries still think that the Muslims can be won over by appeasing, but make no mistake,  the appeasement is a temporary solution ,which will not last longer. 

Palestanians in Israel, like the Muslim Kashmiris in India, Chechens (in Russia), Sinkiangis (in China), Albanians (in Macedonia)  want a Piece of Land and not Peace on the Land. After getting pieces they will keep on asking for more pieces and more and more, but peace cannot touch them.  

US-led forces are bombing Afghanistan, but what about the terrorism in Israel, India, Philippines, Sudan, Russia, Macedonia by the Islamic terrorists. These terrorists are given safe havens in countries like Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Sudan and funded by Arabic countries like Saudi Arabia.  

Terrorism has taken enough lives all-over the globe.  This menace of Terrorism needs to be ruthlessly dealt with. Terrorism is the  enemy of Human civilization, Islamic Terrorism being the worst form of it. 

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