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Need for 'appropriate' action after the attack on Indian Parliament. 

Date Written    :  Dec 15, 2001
Date Modified :   Dec 15, 2001

The US today said it expected India to take "appropriate action" following the terrorist attack on the Parliament and promised all help to India on the issue. US Ambassador to India Robert Blackwill on Dec 14  visited Parliament House to express Washington's solidarity with India in its fight against terrorism. He also met top government leadership offering FBI assistance to probe the attack. The European Union has also condemned the attack on Indian Parliament and pledged its support to India's fight against terrorism which threatens democracy and human rights.

Worldwide condemnation of the attacks makes Indian position very strong.  EU has said that the "attack was directed against the very institution that represents democracy and the rule of law" and now that US is saying that India needs to take 'appropriate' action,  makes the Indian position more stronger.  After giving a free hand to US by saying, "Israel is a sovereign power... Israel has a right to defend itself" US has started  giving similar signals to India  But like Israel,  should India act aggressively NOW?

External Affairs Minister Jaswant Singh says the evolving security scenario in the country required an “extraordinary’’ response.  The Home Ministry is talking of “hot pursuit’’.

Prime Minister Vajpayee focussed on terrorism during his convocation address at Vishwa Bharati University on Dec 15. He indicated that the counter-offensive against terrorism would be much wider after the December 13 attack on Indian Parliament.

Indian PM made a important statement, saying "It is shocking that the promoters of terrorism in our neighbourhood have turned even some schools meant for religious education into factories of terror", apparently hinting towards the madarsas in Pakistan.  But he missed the point that madarsas throughout the world are for the same purpose. This includes countries like India, Bangladesh , Indonesia, Malaysia and of course Pakistan.

The shocking fact came out when not only Islamic religious schools, but even Arabic departments of Universities in India are having Lecturers and Professors who are part of the Al-Qaida Network.  The Delhi police has detained Delhi University lecturer Abdul Rehman Geelani, nephew of London-based separatist leader Syed Nazir Geelani, for questioning over his alleged links with the terrorists involved in attacks on the Indian Parliament. He is doing his research under the head of department of Arabic in Delhi University, Dr M.N. Khan.  Is he doing the research in how to carry out 'Jihad' in India?    He was teaching at Zakir Hussain (evening) College. What was he doing in the rest of the time?  Was he teaching 'Jihad' to the students coming to learn Arabic?  According to few reports, Mr Geelani had been under surveillance of the Intelligence Bureau for the past few months. Mr Geelani had been in touch with Afghan and Pakistani nationals and organisations.

Mr Geelani heads the Indian chapter of the Jammu and Kashmir Human Rights Council, an NGO recognised by the United Nations. 

Few leaders and political parties in India are looking for going to United Nations with respect to the terrorism sponsored by Pakistan. They refer to the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1373 dated 28 September 2001 which calls  for suppressing financing and  improving International co-operation in its   anti-terrorism resolution, without defining what is terrorism.

Although the US, EU and the rest of the non-islamic world may support strong action including bombing of PoK, but bombing of PoK is equivalent to bombing PaK.  

Indian authorities needs to first flush-out the terrorists within India. Most of the religious minority run Educational institutions have a suspicious record in India.  Now even Universities seem to get filled with Jihadis. There are Jihadi camps in Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh),  Kashmir,  Indian side of Borders with Nepal and Bangladesh etc.  In other parts of the country lot of terrorists are taking shelter in the Muslim dominated areas. These need to be smashed.  All terrorists inside the country need to be on the top of the   priority list to be nabbed either dead or alive. 

The incidences occurring in India, Israel  and many more incidences at an International level, gives us a clear story of how Islamic terrorists are spreading Jihad at a very rapid pace. World  needs to know that the common threat to human survival is to deal with the International Terrorism, Islamic Terrorism being the worst of all.  

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