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Flush-out the terrorists within India.

Date Written    :  Dec 14, 2001
Date Modified :   Dec 14, 2001

Demand for "strong action"

A day after the dastardly attack on Parliament,  ruling party Members of Parliament (MPs) pressed Vajpayee to launch punitive strikes against terrorist-training camps across the Line of Control (LoC). Prime Minister Vajpayee and leading Cabinet colleagues seem to have started creating a war hysteria.  

Vajpayee and others have  demanded that Islamabad take action against the Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT) and Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM), the terrorist outfits suspected to be behind Dec 13 attack on Indian Parliament. But it is foolish to expect from Pakistan to take action against the terrorists residing and operating from its country. It will be a futile exercise.

BJP leaders feel that the Vajpayee government should take a "strong action" to salvage the situation, who are already taking  a beating over the deteriorating security environment. Few leaders are demanding a Kargil-type limited war with Pakistan.  But the situation during the Kargil war was different than what it is now.  This attack was on Parliament, which happens to be in Delhi and not on LoC or near the International border.  

Should India go for the kill ?

Should India go for the Kill?  As of now the answer needs to be NO....  But Why?  Not because India is afraid of not getting support from the International community or because Pakistan is also a nuclear power 

Few analysts say that there is a need for hot pursuit against the terrorists and destruction of terrorist training camps in Pakistan occupied Kasmir (PoK).  True....  But did the incidence occur in Pakistan occupied Kashmir?  It happened in Indian capital.  Large number of terrorists are still in India.  India needs to flush-out the terrorists in its own country.  

India has many illegally settled citizens from Bangladesh and Pakistan.  Political leaders take advantage of these illegal citizens, make them permanent citizens of India and use them as the vote bank for every election that comes.  An estimated four crore Bangladeshis in India are spread over cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Mumbai and several other villages and towns.  Mumbai alone has about two lakh Bangladeshi citizens.  In the past these Bangladeshis with the support of ISI have created troubles in various parts of the country. ISI closely co-ordinates with the Al-Qaida network of terrorists.

Influx of these illegal citizens also contain terrorists and future terrorists .  It has been reported that about 400 Kashmiris have entered the city of Mumbai on the very same day when the terrorists attacked the Parliament on Dec 13. The recent arrest of terrorists from Mumbra  and Vashi, both near Mumbai gives us enough reasons to believe that the Islamic terrorists are building their network with the help of Al-Qaida,  inside Indian territories.  Recent operation carried out in Mumbra by Police Officers had revealed that Lashkar-e-Toiba are looking for establishing bases in Mumbra to carry out terrorist activities in Mumbai and at an International level. Mohammed Afroz, alias Afridi alias Pilot, who was arrested from Vashi, near Mumbai,  has confessed that he was learning to fly in order to crash an aircraft into the House of Commons in London, Mumbai police sources said on Nov 29.  

With so many terrorist freely moving about in the country, how can the country just go for a war against another country.  The internal security has to be dealt with first.  All terrorists and supporters of terrorists, need to be flushed-out from the Indian soil.  It has been reported that Pakistan will try and create communal tensions in several pockets in India where Muslims are in majority or are in sufficient numbers.  India needs to first take care of these pockets in several cities and deal with the terrorists hiding there.

The incidences occurring in India, Israel  and many more incidences at an International level, gives us a clear story of how Islamic terrorists are spreading Jihad at a very rapid pace. World  needs to know that the common threat to human survival is to deal with the International Terrorism, Islamic Terrorism being the worst of all.  

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