US Chopper crash, Covert support to Taliban by MI of Pakistan?

Date Written   : Oct 21, 2001
Date Modified : Oct 24, 2001

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The Chopper crash -- Was it an accident or Was it shot down ?

Taliban has claimed that its forces had shot down an American helicopter in which two US air crew members were killed. "I have received indications from our officials that Taliban soldiers hit the American helicopter, which later crashed in Pakistani territory," Afghan Deputy ambassador Suhail Shaheen said. This helicopter was reportedly brought down, but fell in the Pakistani province of Baluchistan.  

The incidents of firing on US choppers inside Pakistan have recently increased.  This has happened at the Panjgor airbase which was the fourth airbase to be given by the Pakistani government to the US. Panjgor follows the airbases of Jacobabad, Pasni and Dalbandin which have been handed over to the US Military. 

But is Taliban capable of doing these acts, themselves?  OR they have taken help of the old neighbouring friend with the full support of the Military regime of Pakistan. For this we will try to go into little bit of details about the geography and history of Baluchistan. 

Where is Baluchistan ?

Baluchistan, meaning "Land of Baluchs," is a province in western Pakistan, bordered by Afghanistan on the northwest, the Arabian Sea on the south, and Iran on the west.  Baluchistan shares 1160 kilometers border with Afghanistan.  The Baluchis have closer ties with Afghanis, than with the Pakistanis. It has about 400 tribes, sub-tribes and clans,  mainly Baluch and Pathans (Pashtun or Pakhtoon).  The majority of the tribes in Afghanistan are also the same and hence they have a close affinity. They speak Baluchi and  Pashtu language, a member of the Iranian branch of the Indo-European language family, but the religion they follow is Islam.

Quetta, which is the capital of Baluchistan, is derived from kwatta, meaning fort in Pashtu.  Geographically Quetta holds a vital and strategic position, and is one of the most important military stations of the country.

The Historic Background and the uniting factor of "Islam"

The province of Baluchistan, was once part of the Indian Maurya Empire (3rd century BC). Hindus and Buddhists were slaughtered in the successive barbaric muslim invasions of West and North India. On the partition of India in 1947,  the Khan of Khalat declared Baluchistan independent; the insurrection was crushed by the new Pakistani army after eight months. Three rebellions followed this. In 1972, about 55000 Baluch tribesmen had launched a revolt for independence, which was harshly suppressed.  From 1973 to 1977, 3300 Pakistani soldiers and more than 6000 Baluchis were killed.

The Russians invaded Afghanistan in 1979 and that was the turning point.  The single uniting factor of  "Islam"  in Afghanistan and especially Pakistan, was pushed down the throat of every Muslim and it worked.  Thereafter,  all rebellions in Pakistan subsided.  Baluchis started actively supporting their brothers in Afghanistan for fighting against the Soviet Russian army.  Pakistan took arms from US,  and started providing them to the Afghanis,  to fight against the Russians. Slowly the Taliban started capturing Afghanistan with the help of Pakistani army. And now the network is spreading in the form of Al-Qaida ( The Base).  Al-Qaida,  has mushroomed into dozens of cells around the globe. It comprises Egyptians, Saudis, Yemenis, Afghanis, Pakistanis, Palestanians, Sudanese, Indonesians, Algerians and other muslims from all over the world.

What has the geography and history to do with US Chopper crash ?

Even though Pakistan is giving the so-called full support to US-led attacks on Afghanistan, Pakistani army is still giving training, arms and ammunition to Taliban regime in Afghanistan. Western media is saying that  Pakistan has closed down the known terrorist camps in its country, but what about the unknown training camps. What about the terrorist camps in Afghanistan where ex-servicemen from Pakistan are giving training to Taliban.  Even now,  at least 1500 Pakistani Generals are active in the Afghanistan.

If not all, large number of Pakistani Military is Pro-Taliban and the supporter of international terrorist blaster-mind Osama bin Laden. Pakistan military intelligence is working hand-in-hand with the Al-Qaida network.  In fact the latest report of IISS quiet clearly reveals the nexus between Al-Qaida and Pakistani Military Intelligence

Taliban alone can not do the act of shooting down the helicopter.  It will need the covert intelligence gathering of Pakistani Miltary to take such tasks to conclusion. Americans need to secretly investigate about this  incidence. 

US needs to be extra cautious at each and every step they take, from using Airbases in Pakistan to landing special troops in Afghanistan.   The US needs to realise  the enemy and the supporters of these enemies; because US-led forces are using the friends of enemies to finish-off the enemies.  

Terrorism is the  enemy of Human civilization, Islamic Terrorism being the worst form of it. 

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