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Indian News Update
Nov 28 2002: An explosion went off Thursday in the lobby of a hotel in Mombasa, Kenya, where many Israelis were staying, the Israeli Foreign Ministry said. Israeli hotel guests said there were casualties, including wounded children. Atleast eight poeple are reported to have been killed. At about the same time, two missiles were fired towards an Israeli aircraft that had just taken off from Mombasa airport, said Ron Prosor, an Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman. The aircraft was not hit and continued toward Israel. Ground crews confirmed that it appeared to have been a missile. More than 270 passengers and 10 crew members were aboard. Comments: These attacks have happened in Africa, when World is busy concentrating on a new round of terror alerts threatening attacks "within days" in Asian region. The new warnings has led to the closure of embassies in the Philippines and to 24-hour patrols of Australian landmarks. When world was concentrating on terrorist attacks in Gulf, Islamic terrorist attacked Australians and Balinese in Bali. In a similar way, terrorists might try and divert attention to Asia and try to attack American, Israeli and western targets elsewhere, like they have done in Africa.

Nov 21 2002: Pakistan's National Assembly has elected Mir Zafarullah Khan Jamali of the pro-military Pakistan Muslim League party as the country's first civilian prime minister today. A politician from the southwestern province of Baluchistan, won 172 votes, defeating other candidates. The MMA, which had earlier tried for support from other parties were not successfull to garner support for its candidate. The current PM election would have been a result of the pressure from US to have a ?moderate? leader as PM of Pakistan. A MMA candidate would have been disastarous for US since MMA was opposed to any US bases in Pakistan and was an alliance sponsored by Islamic terrorists.
Nov 21 2002: A suicide bomber blew himself up on a crowded Jerusalem city bus during morning rush hours at around 7:15 AM, killing himself and 10 passengers and wounding dozens. Many school children were on the bus, officials said. The bus was near a bus stop on Mexico Street, that cuts through Kiryat Menachem, a lower middle-class area of the city. Earlier, dozens of Israeli tanks had entered three villages in southern Gaza early Thursday. Israelis destroyed the house of a suspected terrorist. The villages, in southern Gaza near Israel, are known as strongholds of the terrorist organisations like Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine and the local Popular Resistance Front, a offshoot of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat's Fatah movement.
Nov 21 2002: Mir Zafarullah Khan Jamali of pro-Musharraf Pakistan Muslim League(PML)-Q is likely to be elected by Parliament today as the country's first Prime Minister after the 1999 coup.
Nov 21 2002: U.S. President George W. Bush warned Iraqi President Saddam Hussein yesterday that his days would be numbered if he carried on denying having weapons of mass destruction (WMD). Chief U.N. weapons inspector Hans Blix left Baghdad yesterday, saying Iraqi officials had promised him full co-operation. Meanwhile, Bush has also asked NATO allies to help him disarm Saddam Hussein.
But what does the UN expect to find? If Saddam had earlier arranged himself and his family for staying in Libya; then he could also arranged for transferring his WMDs to various Islamic terrorist organisations or states like Syria?
Nov 20 2002: India reacted to reports of release in Pakistan of Lashkar-e-Toiba chief Hafeez Mohammad Saeed as "this is nothing new", Hafeez Saeed is the prime suspect in last year's attack on Indian Parliament. The U S has also voiced disappointment over the release and asked Pakistan to ensure that terror suspects face justice. State Department deputy spokesman Philip Reeker said in Washington "Pakistani law enforcement agencies, just like law enforcement agencies around the world, must ensure that those responsible for terrorist crimes are brought to justice."
Nov 11 2002: We do not need UN permission to take action against Iraq: US
Iraq will be held to a "zero tolerance" standard in meeting a new U.N. disarmament resolution, and any breach could be met with overwhelming military force with or without Security Council approval, Bush administration officials said on Nov 10. "The U.N. can meet and discuss, but we don't need their permission," White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card said on NBC television's "Meet the Press." Meanwhile American and British warplanes bombed anti-aircraft missile sites in the southern Iraqi "no-fly" zone on Sunday, the first such action since the UN passed a resolution on disarming Iraq.
Nov 10 2002: Hundreds of thousands of people marched through Florence in Italy on Saturday in a protest against globalization and U.S. policy in Iraq. The demonstration came a day after the UN Security Council unanimously approved a resolution which gives Iraq a last chance to disarm or face US-led war.
Nov 10 2002: Arab foreign ministers held talks on Sunday expected to respond to a new UN Security Council resolution on disarming Iraq, as the pressure mounts on Baghdad to accept the UN's terms or face the threat of war. Despite official Iraqi silence, Arab ministers indicated Sunday Saddam Hussein was ready to accept a UN resolution to disarm. Syria which voted for the resolution, assured Arab governments that the Security Council document does not authorize the use of American military force on Iraq.
Nov 10 2002: The security supervisor, Deepak Prasad Pokharel, for the US embassy in Nepal was shot dead at his house by three gunmen, officials said. It was the second killing of a security official at a US institution in Nepal in the past 11 months. On December 15 last year a guard at the mission of the US Agency for International Development (USAID) in Kathmandu, Ramesh Manandhar, was shot dead while on duty in another attack attributed to the Maoists. No one has been apprehended in Mandahar's killing and the US embassy in Kathmandu just last week offered a 500,000-rupee (about 6,750-dollar) reward for information leading to the arrest of the assailants. Police have not caught any suspects in recent killing, but local radio said the attack was likely carried out by Maoist rebels who are fighting to topple the monarchy and are staunchly anti-American and anti-India. The Maoists have been demanding the abrogation of all treaties and agreements with India which, in their view, are detrimental to Nepal's interests. And since they have a common interest of anti-India views, the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) of Pakistan is helping the Maoists by giving financial and material assistance to Maoists. ISI has trained some of the Mao cadres, by taking advantage of the inadequacies in the Nepal Governments' intelligence and security apparatus. ISI has also motivated the Maoists by projecting the Indian Army as their next enemy after they defeat the Nepalese Army. The ISI wants to make its root stronger in the countries like Bangladesh and Nepal so that they can penetrate neighbouring Indian states of Bihar, W. Bengal and North-East India. Recently it has been revealed that the Maoists also have a strong presence in Indian states of Bihar and Jharkhand, having contacts with the Maoists of Nepal.
Nov 10 2002: Baghdad said that it is studying UN disarmament call and will respond accordingly, while US President George W. Bush approved war plans for an initial assault on Iraq if it fails to comply. Meanwhile one report says that, should the new UN arms inspection effort fail, Pentagon's plan for invading Iraq is ready which calls for a land, sea and air force of 200000 to 250000 troops.
Nov 09 2002: UN has passed the resolution for disarmament of Iraq, to which Iraq has to respond within a week. The UN Security Council unanimously approved a tough new Iraq resolution Nov 08, forcing Saddam Hussein to disarm or face "serious consequences" that would almost certainly mean war. All the 15 members of UN SC raised the hands for a "yes" including Syria. Syria, a "Terrorist State" had made inroads in United Nations on Oct 08, 2001. Read more ... Appeasement of Muslims - A United Nuisance
Nov 07 2002: How do we deal with Saddam Hussein
The U.S.-British draft resolution to ensure Iraqi disarmament is likely to be adopted by an overwhelming majority in the 15-nation UN Security Council provided Russia, China or France do not veto it. In Baghdad, Saddam urged the world to take a "just" position to stop the United States and Britain from achieving their "evil" schemes in the resolution on arms inspections. On the other side, Bush said "The debate about whether we're going to deal with Saddam Hussein is over" further adding that "... now the question is how do we deal with him."
Nov 06 2002: A new U.S. draft resolution on Iraq for tough new weapons inspections is on the way to UN. It is also backed by threats of force if Saddam Hussein continues to skirt his disarmament obligations. For a resolution to be adopted, it needs at least nine yes votes and no veto by permanent members Russia, France, China, Britain and the United States. Syria, Iraq's Arab neighbor and one of the SC member, remains opposed to any new resolution. On the other side Saudi Arabia has said it will not allow bases on its soil to be used for an attack on Iraq even if the United Nations authorizes military action. Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal said this in an interview broadcasted on a TV channel on Sunday. More Arab nations have also spoken out against US military intervention to oust Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.
Nov 05 2002: International double standards concerning Islamic Terrorism
'In assessing such phenomena as terrorism, there cannot be double standards or double approaches' Russian Justice Minister Yuri Chaika told a group of top judicial and law enforcement officials from the European Union, adding that 'terrorism cannot be justified by any political motives.' Meanwhile, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov announced Sunday that Moscow had suspended its plan to gradually reduce the number of troops fighting in Chechnya, and said the armed forces instead were launching new special operations there indicating that the Chechen war will intensify.
Nov 05 2002: France Arrests 8 Islamic terrorists in Tunisia Synagogue Attack
French intelligence agents have arrested eight suspects in connection with a Islamic terrorist attack on a synagogue on April 11 this year in Tunisia that killed 19 people, French police said. Fourteen of the victims were German tourists and authorities there have said they have evidence linking the attack to Osama bin Laden's terrorist organization. French authorities have said they believe the attack was carried out by a Tunisian, Nizar Naouar, who believed to have been driving the gas truck that exploded outside the synagogue on Tunisia's resort island of Djerba, killing himself. One of the arrested Walid Naouar is the brother of Nizar Naouar. Naouar's parents and three people close to the family were also among the others detained. The 2000 year old Ghriba synagogue is the oldest in Africa, about 375 miles south of Tunis.
Nov 05 2002: Associated Press reports that Islamic Jihad movement now says it favors car bombs that are far more powerful than the small explosive charges strapped to suicide bombers. The tactic is a response to the tough security measures Israel has taken against suicide bombers who strike on foot.
Nov 05 2002: Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon dissolved parliament Tuesday after failing to rebuild his crumbling government, and new national elections were set for Jan. 28. Meanwhile Netanyahu agreed on Tuesday to serve as foreign minister in the interim government.
Nov 05 2002: Police in western Indonesia have arrested a man resembling one of the Bali bombing suspects. Earlier in last week the Australian Federal Police stated the attacks were an expert operation, not the work of a suicide bomber. Islamic Terrorist blastermind Osama bin Laden has also been linked to Bali nightclub bombing, which killed 200 people. Apart from terrorizing the foreign tourists, what the Islamic terrorist want is that Hindus be either converted to Islam or terrorized so that they leave the island. According to a confession made by Omar Faruq, described as Bin Laden's envoy in Southeast Asia, who was arrested in Indonesia in June and handed over to the CIA in Afghanistan, a series of plots were hatched to kill westerners, Indonesians and Israelis. Faruq also told to American interrogators that Abu Bakar Bashir, the leader of Jamia Islamiya, received 74,000 dollars from the Bin Laden account. Bashir sent his assistant to buy explosives - illegally sold by the Indonesian army - which were then distributed to Islamist groups there. The plot of random shooting of Israelis and Americans at hotels across Indonesia was abandoned because it would only have 'minimal impact'. Other plans included hijacking a civilian aircraft and flying it into an Israeli target like was done on Sep 11. and also (in May 2002) to blow up American naval vessels during US-Indonesian military naval exercises. The same Faruq was trained in planting underwater explosives and a chemical attack using cyanide to be sprayed from perfume.
Indonesian police had arrested Abu Bakar Bashir on Oct 19 for questioning in a string of bombings not connected to the Bali attack. Mr. Bashir is a Muslim cleric-cum-terrorist leader linked to a regional group of Islamic terrorists in Southeast Asia that has ties to Al-Qaida. Authorities say they want to ask Abu Bakar Bashir about a series of church bombings that took place two years ago that killed 19 people. We fear that Bashir and the terrorist arrested now may be let loose, once the time passes.
Nov 05 2002: Elections in Israel
President Katsav told reporters of the decision to disperse the Knesset at an unexpected news conference at his office on Tuesday. He said elections will be held in early February. Sharon told reporters elections will be held within 90 days. As part of political protocol, Sharon had to inform the president of intentions to call early elections before making the announcement.
Nov 05 2002: Two people were killed and nearly 40 wounded in Israel when a suicide bomber blew himself up outside an electrical appliance store on the edge of the open Arim shopping mall in Kfar Saba Monday evening. More casualities would have been there if 51-year-old security guard would not have spotted the terrorist and stopped him. The guard immigrated to Israel from Argentina less than one year ago, Israel Radio reported. The other victim was also a new 15-year-old immigrant from Argentina.
Was it a "Blast" or an expansion of the "War on terror" ?
Nov 05 2002: A missile fired by an unmanned US aircraft has killed six members of Osama bin Laden's Al-Qaida Islamic terror network in Yemen. This includes a key suspect in an attack on a U.S. warship two years ago. Earlier it was reported that a blast had occured in the vehicle in which Islamic terrorists were travelling. Yemen's Saba news agency had quoted a Yemeni Interior Ministry official saying that arms, traces of explosives and communications equipment were found in the car in which the six suspected Al-Qaida members were travelling in eastern Marib province.
The official told Reuters in Washington that a Central Intelligence Agency drone carried out Sunday's attack on a car. The dead man, Qaed Senyan al-Harthi, also known as Abu Ali, was suspected of involvement in the Oct 12, 2000 bombing of the U.S. warship Cole in a Yemeni port that killed 17 U.S. sailors. The US had previously used remote-controlled "Predator" drones to fire missiles at Taliban fighters in Afghanistan.
Nov 04 2002: Unconfirmed reports says that three enormous military owned cargo ships have left U.S. shores in recent days. These ships are capable of carrying tanks, armoured vehicles and trucks which might be heading towards the Gulf region to build up firepower to attack Iraq.
Nov 04 2002: After radical islamists Mutahida Majlas-e-Aamal (MMA) won a large number of seats in Pakistan; it is now another ally of US, Turkey voting for the Islamist-based Justice and Development Party (AK). AK has won a convincing victory in Turkey's general elections, paving the way for the country's first single-party government for 15 years. It is unclear how the new government will take shape, as AK's leader, Recep Tayyip Erdogan is banned from holding public office in Turkey.
Nov 03 2002: Two suspected Islamic terrorists of Lashkar-e-Toiba have been killed in an encounter with police in New Delhi's Ansal Plaza shopping mall. The encounter began at about 7:30 pm (IST) after the Islamic terrorists arrived in a white Maruti van in the basement parking area of the shopping complex, which is located in south Delhi. The plaza was packed with hundreds of people doing Diwali-eve shopping when the gunbattle with the sleuths of the special cell of Delhi Police erupted. It would have been a disaster if these Islamic terrorists would not have been encountered by the police. A second Akshardham has been avoided by alert Police with its 20-25 commandos in plain clothes who were deployed to nab the Islamic terrorists.
Nov 03, 2002: US Authorities now believe that a string of sniper shootings that terrorized the US could have begun with an attack on an Indian American two weeks before the crime saga unfolded on October 2. Police say the sniper shootings, might have started with the wounding of Rupinder Oberoi in Maryland on September 14. Two Islamic terrorists John Allen Muhammad, 41, and his accomplice John Lee Malvo, 17, are now being accused of shooting 17 people -- killing 12 and wounding five. Premkumar Walekar, a cab driver, was shot dead earlier in Montgomery County, Maryland.
Oct 27, 2002: "We have not been able to save all. Forgive us," Vladimir Putin said, calling terrorism a "strong and dangerous, inhuman and cruel enemy". Russian officials insisted they had no choice but to launch Saturday's assault after Islamic terrorists started killing hostages. Most of the terrorists were killed, but about 90 civilians were also killed. "We saved more than 750 people," Vasilyev said outside the theatre. BUT WHAT NEXT?  DOES THIS NOT MEAN, THAT ISLAM IS NOT FOR PEACE BUT FOR DESTRUCTION OF NON-MUSLIMS AND FORMATION  OF UMMAH (ISLAMIC NATION)?  SHOULD RUSSIA NOT ATTACK THE CHECHEN AREAS BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE AND WIPE OFF ISLAMIC TERRORISM LIKE THE U.S. TRIED TO DO IN AFGHANISTAN?
Oct 26, 2002: "Hindu means thief".  DMK leader M Karunanidhi has reportedly said. Is he not a Hindu? Has he converted overnight? Does it mean India is a country of thieves? NO not at all !!! But how do we tackle these Hindus who are (so-called secular) anti-Hindus. Few organisations have taken objections to what DMK leader said. Hindu Makkal Katchi activists were arrested when they tried to protest in front of Anna Arivalayam, the DMK headquarters. BJP president M Venkaiah Naidu today warned the minority educational institutions in the State not to get involved in the protest against the conversion ordinance and said the fallout of mixing up of education with religion would be catastrophic and dangerous to the country.
Oct 25, 2002: Libya announced on Oct 24 that it was pulling out of the 22-member Arab League, citing its "inefficiency" in dealing with the crises over Iraq and the Palestinian conflict.
In the past, Gadhafi has been sharply critical of an Arab League initiative offering peace to Israel in exchange for its withdrawal from occupied Arab territories.
Gadhafi had increasingly turned his attention towards African region in recent years. The states in Arab League had disappointed Gadhafi by continuing to observe the UN flight embargo just after 1988 bombing of a Pan Am airliner over Lockerbie, Scotland in which about 270 people were killed. On one hand where Arab League countries did not support Gadhafi, African countries decided to break the U.N. flights embargo. After this Gadhafi had concentrated on building his own nation with mixed Islamic-African pride. United Nations later suspended it in 1999.
So what are the real reasons behind the withdrawal? Obviously not the African Pride.
Oct 24, 2002: We do not know when "Hindu Suicide Squad" will tackle Islamic terrorism, or when IDF will finish-off its Arab neighbours, or when USA will get Laden and Mullah Omar. But after Bali, "smertniki", Russian local word for Fidayeens meaning suicide squads, have struck Russia!!! Chechen Islamic terrorists were holding up to 700 Moscow theatre-goers hostage today, threatening to shoot their captives or blow up the building unless Russia pulled its troops out of their Chechenya. Movsar Barayev the leader of terrorist has said "There are more than a thousand people here. No one will get out of here alive and they will die with us if there is any attempt to storm the building". More than 15 hours after the crisis erupted, there was no public comment from President Vladimir Putin or any other government officials.
Oct 22, 2002: "There will be a response but it may not be immediate," an Israeli political source said after the bombing in northern Israel on Monday in which 14 people died. "It would likely be a pinpointed response." Where all will Israel pinpoint? Leave aside the terrorist camps in Syria, Lebanon and Iran; should it not reoccupy the whole of Gaza and West Bank and wipe off the Palestinians, to start with. White House spokesman Ari Fleischer said, "It is another reminder of how it is so important for peace to be pursued and for terror to be stopped". Mind us!! Jihad has nothing to do with peace. Islamic terrorists will continue killing Jews in Israel and non-muslims worldwide. So Arise and Awake !!!
Oct 20, 2002: The International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), which used Karachi airport as a transit base for its Afghan operations, has decided to vacate it before November 11 when the contract ends. It has to be noted that Pro-Taliban parties in Pakistan had stepped up their demand for the US to leave Pakistani airbases.
Meanwhile, the United States has designated Global Relief Foundation (GRF), an NGO active in Pakistan, Jammu and Kashmir, Afghanistan and a host of other countries as a terrorist ogranisation. The US Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) on Friday listed GRF as "specially designated global terrorist". The Foundation has extensive ties with Osama bin Laden, Al-Qaida and other Islamic terrorist organisations and their supporter foster terror in Kashmir, US Undersecretary for Enforcement Jimmy Gurule said on Oct 19.
Oct 20, 2002: Fragments of a bomb used in a recent attack in Manila point to the involvement of the Jamia Islamiya Islamic terrorist group, the Philippine Star newspaper said on Sunday. Fragments recovered from the Manila blast showed the same type of explosive as used in attacks in the capital in December, 2000 which killed 22 people and wounded more than 100 and were blamed on the Jamia Islamiya which has links to Al-Qaida. The southern military commander said the Zamboanga attack earlier, bore the hallmarks of the Abu Sayyaf, a Muslim terrorist group also linked to Al-Qaida. All of these viz. Abu Sayyaf, Abu Bakar Bashir, Bin Laden, Mullah Omar have a Islamic terrorist network which is increasing and a combined effort is necessary to crush this network as soon as possible.
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