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Indian News Update
Oct 02 2004: Hostage crisis, Money power and Islamic Terrorism.
With the regular incidents of 'Hostage taking' in Iraq; US and the allies should rethink on the policy. That does not mean that the ransom should be paid, like the allegations that Italians paid it. The policy should be to infiltrate the Terrorist organisations, take them into custody, without the world knowing; and just execute them. This can be done, either covertly or overtly. If it has to be openly done, then US Military can not do the task, in which case they need to raise a private army. This is just one of the suggestions.
The Hostage crisis will deepen, day by day. Either the Islamic terrorist will behead the hostages or they will take ransom. In both cases the Terrorists will win. If they take ransom in millions, they can have better weapons to fight the western allies and if not, then they will anyway kill the hostages. Either way it is a win-win situation for the Terrorists. And hence the methods to tackle the terrorists in Iraq needs to be changed. Secret armies, supported by Intelligence agencies can crush the terrorists. And this has to be done swiftly and immediately. Remember that terrorists can use the same startegy outside Iraq, like in Saudi Arabia or other Gulf states.
Sep 09 2004: Was Jemaah Islamiyah trying to target the Australians or Russians ?
A powerful car bomb has hit central Jakarta near the Australian Embassy, killing at least eight people and wounding about 150 others. Reports say that the attempt was to kill the Australians, but in the process the Indonesians were killed. Russain embassy is also near the place where the bomb blast took place. So who was the target? Previously Jemaah Islamiyah had bombed Bali in which about 88 Australians were killed in the October 2002. Bali is a Hindu dominated island frequently flocked by Australian tourists. Targetting Bali at that time had achieved two things, first to kill as many Australians and second to strike the business interests of Hindus; in both cases it were the non-muslims who had suffered.
Sep 09 2004: Pakistan targets Islamic Terrorist, Result of Russian Hard Talk ?
Pakistani jet fighters and helicopter gunships pounded alleged terrorist training camp near the Afghan border, killing at least 60 people. A government statement said security forces launched a "precise strike on a foreign terrorist training camp" in South Waziristan Agency following reports that "foreign elements, including Uzbeks, Chechens and a few Arabs" were operating in the area. Did the Russian "Hard Talk" result in the bombing of the Islamic Terrorist camp in the Mahsood tribal territory?
Lakhs of foreign Islamic Terrorists linked to Al Qaida, including Arabs, Chechens and Uzbeks and their tribal allies, are hiding there and have used the remote region to train terrorists and to co-ordinate attacks all over the world including India, Russia, Iraq.
This has happened just one day after six terrorists were killed in clashes with the Pakistani army in a bazaar in Wana. Does this not prove that the Islmaic Terrorists are existing in Pakistan and that too in larger numbers, ready to strike anywhere?
The non-muslim world should realise this fast and ACT FAST. TIME IS RUNNING OUT.

Sep 08 2004: Is Russia prepared to launch pre-emptive strikes?
In the non-western and non-muslim world, there is a belief that because of the double standards followed by the US and other Western countries, Russia is not able to tackle the issue of Islamic Terrorism on its own soil. So what should Russia do?
It has now become evident from interviews and reactions, that most of the Russians, suspect that the US and other Western powers do not want Russia to emerge as a strong power and wants Russia to remain instable. They do not view the terrorism directed against Russia, the same as the terrorism directed against them.
This suspicion may be valid. US is forcing Pakistan to act against the Islamic Terrorist on the Pakistani soil, and Musharaff is doing so, but only when US puts a pressure on him. But why is Pakistan not acting against the Islamic terrorists from Caucaus region ?
As suggested by HinduWorld, Pakistan is the "Mecca of Terrorism" for all jihadis and is not taking any action against the Chechen and Ingush terrorists operating from the Pakistani territory. It is compelled to take action against the terrorist who pose a threat to US. But non-muslim world should become aware that Islamic Terrorists have no boundaries, because Muslims want to destroy the "Dar-ul-harb" and form the "Dar-ul-islam". Many terrorists who were in Afghanistan are now in Pakistan and keep travelling all the way from East to West, from Indonesia to US.
It is very clear from the various operations carried out in Pakistan that the focus of counter-terrorism operations in Pakistan is totally directed at terrorists posing a threat to US nationals and interests, which is good. But it does not carry out such operations against the terrorist operating against India or Russia. Whenever Pakistani security forces arrest Chechen, Uzbek and Indian Islamic terrorists, respective countries are not informed and the terrorists are not handed over to their agencies for interrogation and trial. They are kept in house arrests or jails for a few weeks and then quietly released. But world knows that whenever terrorists posing a threat to the US are arrested, the US is immediately informed and extradition happens in no time.
The latest rally in Moscow shows the support of Russians to Putinís hard line approach. The western world should realize this as soon as possible and should not hesitate to co-operate with Russia. The non-muslim world had supported US after 11 September, then why can not the western countries support Russia now? To start with, US should extradite Akhmed Zakayev and Ilias Akhmadov who is the "foreign minister" of the Chechen terrorists; and UK needs to extradite Aslan Maskhadov; if they are still in the respective countries.
But Russia should go ahead with its own plan, irrespective of whether it gets the support or not. Russia should get prepared to launch pre-emptive strikes on bases used for training Islamic terrorists anywhere in the world. If recent statement is true then Russia seems to be prepared for this. "As for launching pre-emptive strikes on terrorist bases, we will carry out all measures to liquidate terrorist bases in any region of the world," General Yuri Baluevsky said, according to Russian news agencies. "However, this does not mean that we will launch nuclear strikes."

Sep 07 2004: Is "European Union" afraid of speaking out against Islamic Terrorism?
"Why don't you meet Osama bin Laden, invite him to Brussels or to the White House and engage in talks, ask him what he wants and give it to him so he leaves you in peace?" Putin was quoted on Tuesday by Britain's Guardian newspaper as saying. WELL SAID
"You find it possible to set some limitations in your dealings with these bastards, so why should we talk to people who are child-killers?" Putin told foreign journalists and academics late on Monday, as he ruled out a public inquiry.
The European Union has long advocated a political solution to the 10-year separatist war in Chechnya in which the Islamic terrorists have killed so many innocent Russians. The Dutch EU presidency went to an extent asking for an explanation for the carnage at Beslan. Was it because it had happened in Russia? What would have been the reaction if it could have been in some European country?
After Moscow reacted angrily, the European Union is now trying to express solidarity with Russia. But as Putin had said it rightly, "Correct me if Iím wrong, but ex-Prime Minister of Great Britain Margaret Thatcher told me once that a man who comes out into the street to kill other people must himself be killed. No one has a moral right to tell us to talk to child killers.Ē
Anti-terrorism rallies, which started on Monday to accompany the two days of official mourning for the victims of the Beslan siege, will climax in a massive event outside the Kremlin. At least 100,000 people are expected at a Moscow rally later on Tuesday to denounce terrorism.
Sep 05 2004: : The "Mecca of Terrorism" -- Pakistan.
Russia and its people have been the victims of Islamic Terrorism since August 24, 2004, resulting in the deaths of aleast 400 civilians, many of them young children. There seems to be a race going on in the Islamic Terrorists, to kill as many non-muslims, world over, this time striking Russia.
The explosions in two airplanes killed 89 persons, including all the passengers and the members of the crew. Both the planes had taken off from a Moscow airport.
The next incident was outside the entrance to a metro station on August 31, resulting in the death of 10 persons. And after that the Beslan school was targeted, in which most number of casualities, happened.
The responsibility for the explosions inside the two planes and outside the metro station has been claimed by the Islambouli Brigades, headed by Mohammad Islambouli, younger brother of Khaled Islambouli, both of whom were involved in the assassination of President Anwar Sadat of Egypt in Cairo in 1981. Khaled Islambouli was arrested by the Egyptian authorities, tried and executed in 1982, but Mohammad escaped.
Mohammad Islambouli, along with Ayman al-Zawahiri, the No. 2 of Al Qaeda, and Mohammad Atef, the former operational chief of Al Qaida, escaped to Afghanistan and trained in Pakistan by the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI). Since US bombing of Afghanistan, it has been operating from the Federally-Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) of Pakistan. It had also claimed responsibility for the unsuccessful attempt to kill Shaukat Aziz, the new Pakistani Prime Minister, in the last week of July, 2004, at Fateh Jung in Pakistani Punjab. Also, Chechen terrorist leaders like Zelimkhan Yanderbeyev and Salman Raduyev had travelled to Pakistan to mobilise Human Resource and funds for their activities. That proves the presence of Islamic terrorists taking shelter in Pakistan quiet often.
Unconfirmed reports say that, the latest act of Islamic terrorism in Beslan was carried out by a recently-formed organization called the North Caucassus Islamic Front (NCIF). NCIF is a front of the islamic terrorist organizations of Chechnya, Dagestan and Ingushetia wants to establish an Islamic Caliphate in the region.
The NCIF has been closely collaborating with the IIF, which is the umbrella body for all Ismaic Terrorists, which again has a solid base in Pakistan.
After the September 11 attacks, US targeted Afghanistan, so will Russia target Chechen terrorists for will take the war on terrorism outside Russia? Remains to be seen. But the world should realize that the real "Mecca of Islamic Terrorism" is Pakistan, supported by the "Financial capital of Terrorism" which is Saudi Arabia.
Sep 01 2004: Islamic terrorist storm Russian school. Yet another 'Nord-Ost'
More than 200 pupils and some parents and teachers are being held hostage in North Ossetia, southern Russia after a school was seized by Islamic terrorists. North Ossetia is predominantly Christian but has a small Muslim community. A representative of the operative headquarters made up of North Ossetian officials and law enforcement officers has said 15-17 terrorists are holding 200 schoolchildren.
The incident comes just after a suicide bomb attack in Moscow on Tuesday night killing atleast 10 people and earlier bombing of two passenger planes last week killing 89.
In last few days the figure has reached 99. An Islamist group, calling itself the Islambouli Brigades, claimed responsibility for the Tuesday's attack and described it as as "part of the wave of support and assistance to the Muslim Chechens".
The current crisis reminds us of the hostage siege by Islamic terrorists on Oct. 23 last year, during a performance of the play "Nord-Ost." Police ended a 58-hour standoff by storming the theater and killing the Islamic terrorists, but unfortunately few Russians were also killed.
Islamic terrorism can not be stopped by holding elections and having peace talks. This terrorism has to be dealt with ruthlessly.
Sep 01 2004: Our condolonces to all the family members of those killed in the twin bombings by Islamic Terrorists in Beersheba. Unconfirmed reports say that Syria, where the Hamas headquarters are located, is connected to the attack. ISRAEL SHOULD NEVER PARDON SYRIA. IDF SHOULD GO AHEAD AND ATTACK THE TERRORIST CAMPS IN SYRIA !!!
Mar 27 2004: According to confirmed reports, Al Qaida terrorists have executed eight Pakistani soldiers taken hostage in fighting near the Afghan border. The soldiers, their hands tied behind their backs and shot in the head at point-blank range, were found in a ditch on Friday near Wana, the capital of the South Waziristan area in Pakistan's semi-autonomous tribal territories.
Hamas super-terrorist Sheikh Ahmed Yassin was killed in an Israeli missile attack shortly before dawn as he left the mosque he prayed in. Hamas officials confirmed that he had been killed. The Israel Defense Forces confirmed that Yassin had been killed in the IAF strike, saying he was directly responsible for dozens of "terrorist attacks."
Mar 22 2004: Al-Zawahri had said that Al-Qaida Has Nuke Bombs
Al Qaida's second-in-command Ayman al-Zawahri claims the terrorist Islamic organization has bought briefcase nuclear bombs on the central Asian market, according to Osama bin Laden's biographer, Hamid Mir who is a Pakistani.
Mar 18 2004: After Spain, it is now Kosova which is burning. At least 25 people are now known to have died and 250 injured in violent clashes that erupted across Kosovo between Muslim Albanians and Christian Serbs. The Serbian news agency Beta quoted local police as saying Albanian mobs in Lipljan were burning Serb houses. The violence triggered angry protests in Serbia's three main cities, where demonstrators stoned and burned mosques and Islamic buildings. But what is happening in Kosovo is much worse.
The UN idea of having a multi-ethnic Kosovo has now failed which has been even agreed by one of the Kosova officials, Rasim Ljajic. He said the violence "clearly showed that the Albanians want Kosovo to be not only independent but also ethnically pure." Albanian muslims have started the "ethnic cleansing" and it will not take much time to wipe-off the Christians from Kosovo. Aleast now the world has to realise what the Islamic Extremists-cum-Terrorists are upto. From East to West. From Indonesia to US, what they want is Al-Umma, a Muslim nation without boundaries. If Europe does not pay attention to recent violence and deal with the Islamic terrorism now, it will be too late.
The MOORS have entered SPAIN again.
"If you don't stop your injustices, more blood will flow and these attacks are very little compared with what may happen with what you call terrorism."
- Abu Dujan al-Afghani, spokes-terrorist for Al-Qaida in Europe, claiming responsibility on video for the Madrid bombings. It is not a coincidence that all al-Qaida tapes have been routed through Islamabad, Pakistan, the Human Resource and Training centre for Al-Qaida and supported financially by Saudi Arabia's Wahabi Terrorism.
According to intelligence estimates in Brussels, there may be an invisible army of up to 30,000 Islamic terrorists spread around the world. How are the Europeans and rest of the world going to face this new phase of Islamic Terrorism? Why are Jean Marie le Pen's National Front in France and Umberto Bossi's Northern League in Italy, silent about the Islamic Terrorism? Are they waiting to react till the attacks are carried out in the respective countries?
Mar 16 2004: The U.S. military announced a new operation on Saturday called Mountain Storm. This operation is launched in sync with the operation by Pakistani military to crush the tribal pashtu population.
Comment: Although to the world it seems to be a co-operation between US and Pakistan, but Pakistan is forced to start the operation for its own reason, i.e. to suppress the future demand of a separate state for Pashtus and formation of Pashtunistan
The Pakthuns ( or Pashtuns ) are descendants of the Paktha tribe mentioned in Vedic literature. Till the year 980 C.E., this area was a Hindu majority area, till Sabuktagin from Ghazni invaded it and displaced the ruling Hindu king - Jay Pal Shahi. Lots of Hindus were either killed or forcibly converted to Islam for years to come after that. And since then the battles and wars have started, which have not ended till now.
In the 1970s some Pashtun leaders from Afghanistan were pushing to create a new state, Pashtunistan, by joining with Pashtuns in Pakistan. The demand of Pashtunistan is an older one, but now needs to be revived, followed by other demands of Shia rebels in Herat and Sunni Uzbeks - Tajiks in the Northern Afghanistan. UN needs to think seriously on these lines.
If Yugoslavia can break-up on ethno-religious grounds and Slobedan Milosovic can face the tribunal in The Hague; why cannot Afghanistan and Pakistan break-up on the same grounds and Mullah Omar and Osama Bin Laden face the same treatment, if found alive!!!
Mar 15 2004: Libya paid at least $100 million to the nuclear arms network run by the Al-Qaida and technically supported by Abdul Qadeer Khan, the so-called father of Pakistan's atom bomb. The equipments were used by Libya to to build a bomb, U.S. officials said on Monday. U.S. Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham said Libya's program included a "formidable" 4,000 centrifuges and that its "ultimate objective" was to have as many as 10,000 operating. He estimated that Tripoli could have produced enough nuclear material for several nuclear bombs each year.
Meanwhile, Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf on Monday said a Libyan Al-Qaida terrorist was behind two attempts on his life last year and issued an ultimatum to foreign terrorists, except for the terrorists working against India.
Mar 15 2004: Ten Israelis were killed and 16 wounded, one critically, in the Ashdod attack late Sunday afternoon at Ashdod Port, a site considered to be one of the most sensitive, strategic, and supposedly heavily guarded locations in the country. IAF gunships carried out missile strikes against Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip early Monday morning in retaliation for the double suicide bombing.
Islamic Terrorism continues, and Israeli policy continues to be under International pressure for "restrain". If this "restrain" continues, we will find bombings day-in and day-out. The policy of striking the terrorists after they strike will take the situation from bad to worst. IDF and IAF need to attack and attack and attack till all the Islamic Terrorists get killed. FULL STOP.
Mar 11 2004: Who could have been responsible for the co-ordinated terrorist attack in three Madrid railway stations which killed atleast 180 civilians?>
Who: ETA -- No ETA is not capable. THEN WHO ?? -- The Islamic Terrorist, the International Islamic Front (IIF).
Why: Why Spain? Not because it supported US in the Iraq war. It is just because it was a easy target. It can be Italy, France, UK and other Eureopean countries in the future.
Comment: Madrid has a large number of Moroccan Muslims who are supporters of Osama bin Laden's Al-Qaida. These Islamic terrorists need to be hunted down as soon as possible and also that the Europe needs to unite against the war on ISLAMIC terrorism, before the Islamic Terrorism spreads to other countries.
Mar 02 2004: At least 30 Shia Muslims were killed in an attack on a Muharram procession in Pakistan's southwestern province of Baluchistan. Elsewhere in Iraq the attack on Shias continued, this time killing atleast 150, most of them being Shia.....
So the Sunni Islamic terrorists are continuing the attacks on the minority Shias and others who do not help them spreading Islamic Terrorism. The sponsors are still continuing the sponsorship, Pakistan being the Human Resource, including training and Saudi Arabia the Financial Resource for spreading Wahhabi style, Sunni Islamic Terrorism.
Eventhough the Shias are a majority in Iraq, they are getting killed by Sunnis. But why are Sunni terrorists killing Shias, who are also Muslims.
REASON: To destablise the entire region and form Al-Umma (Islamic Nation without boundaries).
LOGIC: To provoke Shias to attack Sunnis, which will provoke the Sunnis to retaliate and to trigger a vicious cycle of terrorism also engulfing the neighouring countries, not only the Islamic countries, but semi-Islamic country like France and other European countries. This may look like a silly comment, but beware it will happen so, if the Islamic Terrorism is not crushed as soon as possible.
Aug 25 2003: ... Islamic terrorism hits the Financial capital of India
At least 40 people were killed and over 100 injured when serial blasts ripped through busy areas of Mumbai on Monday afternoon. Initial reports said there had been four explosions in a replay of the 1993 Mumbai serial blasts, on March 12, 1993 when 257 people died and 713 were injured.
Monday's blasts took place minutes after the Archaeological Survey of India claimed in a Lucknow court that it had found remains of a temple during its excavation at the disputed Babri Masjid Ram Janambhoomi site in Ayodhya.
Aug 21 2003: ... It is not enough ....
Israel killed Hamas political leader Ismail Abu Shanab in a missile strike on Thursday, two days after a Jerusalem suicide bombing, following which the Islamic terrorist groups have called off the so-called seven week cease-fire.
"He was a murderer. I hope it's a lesson for the Hamas people. But it isn't enough, we have to get to each and every Hamas leader," said Israeli Vice-Premier Ehud Olmert, a close confidant of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. That is a BRAVE statement. We hope this comes true on the on-going war against Islamic terrorism.
Aug 20 2003: ... and yet again Islamic terrorists attacking Israel.
... this time killing 18 people in Jerusalem. It is reported that the Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has decided a series of military strikes against Palestinian terrorists in response to a suicide bombing.
How many times Israel will kill few of the terrorists by bombing here and there. There has to be a permanent solution to wipe-off this Islamic terrorism once and for all.
Aug 12 2003: ... and yet again Islamic terrorists attacking Israel.
According to reuters, an explosion tore through a grocery store in central Israel on Tuesday, causing several casualties in what police said appeared to be a Palestinian attack.
Comment: One more act of International Islamic terrorism, the last one was in Indonesia at the Mariott Hotel. This terrorism needs to be dealt with immediately. Israel needs to just flush-out all Palestinians, not from jails but from Israeli land. Israel had bombed south Lebanon when terrorist attacked and killed one of the Israelis. Syria and Iran are actively supporting the activities carried out from Lebanon and they will go on. To start with, IDF needs to attack all the terrorist camps in Lebanon as soon as possible.
Aug 03 2003: How can Syria preside the UN Security Council?
A terrorist-sponsoring nation, Syria has assumed the presidency of the United Nations Security Council for the month of August. Syria was elected on Oct 08, 2001 to a seat on the prestigious 15-nation UN Security Council. Syria had received 160 votes out of the 177 valid secret ballots cast by the U.N. General Assembly members. Washington did not campaign against Syria at that time, an action it probably would have lost.
Syria still continues to provide safe haven, refuge and support to several terrorist groups, some of which maintain terrorist training camps or other facilities on Syrian territory. Syria has base of terrorist groups including HAMAS, Hizbollah, the PFLP, and the Palestanian Islamic Jihad in its country and areas of Lebanon under Syrian control.
How can Syria preside the UN Security Council when they themselves are active supporters of Islamic Terrorism?
Aug 01 2003: A third 'Nord-Ost'.
A suicide bomber rammed a KamAZ truck full of explosives through the gates of a military hospital near Chechnya, destroying the four-story brick building and leaving at least 50 people dead. Russian officials said they suspected Chechen terrorists were behind the attack at the hospital in the North Ossetian city of Mozdok.
There is no doubt that this has been done by the Islamic terrorists from Chechnya. Islamic terrorism can not be stopped by holding elections and having peace talks. This terrorism has to be dealt with ruthlessly.
Jul 06 2003: A second 'Nord-Ost'.
Double suicide bombing in Moscow by Islamic terrorists killed at least 14 people and wounded 60 others at a rock concert. According to reuters the attack, carried out by two women, shattered the bright Saturday afternoon at Moscow's Tushino airfield where thousands had gathered to hear well-known Russian bands.
This reminds us of the hostage siege by Islamic terrorists on Oct. 23 during a performance of the play "Nord-Ost." Police ended a 58-hour standoff by storming the theater and killing the terrorists, but unfortunately few Russians were also killed.
Islamic terrorism can not be stopped by holding elections and having peace talks. This terrorism has to be dealt with ruthlessly.
Jun 12 2003: .... and Islamic terrorism still continues.
A suicide bomber killed 16 people and injured more than 100 on a Jerusalem bus on Wednesday. This follows an attempt to kill Rantissi by the Israelis earlier. OR was he just given a feel by Israelis that if need arises they can even kill terrorist who show themselves as a political leader of a terrorist group like Hamas.
After the killings, Israel struck back within minutes, killing atleast nine Palestinians. That's the way. Go and kill these Islamic terrorists. Roadmaps do not work with the Islamic terrorists.

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