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Indian News Update
Jun 12 2003: .... and Islamic terrorism still continues.
A suicide bomber killed 16 people and injured more than 100 on a Jerusalem bus on Wednesday. This follows an attempt to kill Rantissi by the Israelis earlier. OR was he just given a feel by Israelis that if need arises they can even kill terrorist who show themselves as a political leader of a terrorist group like Hamas.
After the killings, Israel struck back within minutes, killing atleast nine Palestinians. That's the way. Go and kill these Islamic terrorists. Roadmaps do not work with the Islamic terrorists.
May 17 2003: .... and Islamic terrorism still continues with a perfect planning.
Just days after the bombings in Chechnya in Russia and Riyadh in Saudi Arabia, four explosions rocked the coastal city of Casablanca on May 16 2002, killing at least 20 people in blasts near a synagogue, nightclubs and the Belgian consulate. One explosion occured at the "Casa Espana" nightclub, frequently visited by Spaniards. The attacks suggest that the terrorists were targeting the Jews and other Westerners whom the Jihadi Islamic terrorists refer to as kafirs (infidels) according to Koran, the ?holy? book of Islam - the religion of ?peace?. Ha Ha Ha.....
These attacks will continue, sometimes at random and most of the times well planned simultaneous attacks on various sites. It has to be noted that May 16 is the anniversary of the creation of Morocco's security forces and many police officers and other law enforcement officials were on vacation. So does it not prove nexus between the security forces and the Islamic terrorists?
May 15 2003: And Islamic terrorism continues... this time killing its own people who do not support jihad.
A muslim female suicide bomber Shakhida Baymuradova blew herself up at a crowded Muslim festival east of Grozny on Wednesday 14 May 2003, killing at least 14 people and wounding scores of others. The attack was a clear attempt to assassinate pro-Moscow Chechen leader Akhmad Kadyrov, who along with his 15000 Chechen supporters were attending the festival marking the birth of the ?prophet? Mohammed.
The Islamic terrorists have a clear objective. That is to kill the kafirs (infidels) and those who do not support them. This has been proved in two incidents, one in Saudi Arabia where the terrorist took a risk of killing muslims, but killing more of infidels. And in Chechnya they did not even bothered to kill there own brothers, just because they are not supporting the jihad.
May 14 2003: Islamic terrorism continues ....
Monday's truck bombing in Chechnya, which killed at least 54 people, followed by bombings in Saudi Arabia which killed 21 people, once again proves the menace of Islamic terrorism and also highlights the safety and security in almost every part of the world.
US President Bush said Tuesday that he wouldn't be surprised if Al Qaida were behind the suicide bombings in Saudi Arabia. Agreed that Al-Qaida is the most dangerous Islamic terrorist group, but there are so many terrorist groups around in the world and they will keep on carrying the activities of killing the kafir (infidels) till the Dar-ul-islam is formed. So be warned about these Jihadis from East to West. Eastwards from Phillipines, India, Russia, European countries and US westwards. Islamic terrorism will strike and will strike everywhere, so this menace of Islamic terrorism needs to finished once and for all.
We would like to end the above comments with what Putin said. "Riyadh bombings and an attack Monday on Chechen government buildings that killed 52 people show the continuing need for a global fight against terrorism. The handwriting of the terrorist acts in Chechnya and Saudi Arabia is absolutely the same," Putin, quoted by the Interfax news agency, said.
May 03 2003: Suicide bombing by Islamic Terrorists continue in Israel
Israeli police is hunting for another British suicide bomber, who had escaped during the Tel Aviv suicide bombing on Wednesday. Israeli authorities said that Omar Sharif, a Paki Briton intended to carry out a suicide bombing along with his friend Asif Hanif at the Mike's Place nightclub on the Tel Aviv beachfront. Hanif blew himself up, but Sharif's bomb did not trigger.
Warning: A warning to Israelis and the supporters of Israelis. These suicide bombings by Islamic terrorists will continue. Any Peace proposal will not work with Islamic terrorists, not only in Gaza or West Bank, but anywhere. Just by removing Taliban from Afghanistan or Saddam from Iraq and replacing leaders like Arafat, is not sufficient. The roots of Islamic terrorism need to be burnt down. AND WE ALL KNOW WHERE THE ROOTS ARE AND ARE STILL SPREADING.
Pro-war activists support Pres. Bush in Indian state of Gujarat
Hundreds of people took to the streets in Gujarat on Tuesday to support the U.S.-led war on Iraq. Protesters, including children and young people, shouted slogans praising U.S. President George W. Bush and demanded that the effort to crush "terrorism" be expanded to include India's arch rival, Pakistan. "Indians have suffered for too long because of the covert terrorism Pakistan sponsors," said Nagesh Bhandari, convener of the Alliance Against Terrorism, a non-government organisation. "So, Bush should turn his attention to Pakistan once the Iraqi war is over."
Comment: We hope that US adds Pakistan to the axis of evil, very soon.
Mar 31 2003: Today's muslim civilians are tomorrow's fidayeens.
The United States Secretary of State Colin Powell has given a tough warning to Syria and Iran to stop supporting terrorism. This was a new and strongly worded warning from the Bush administration to two of Iraq's neighbours. Colin Powell called on Syria to stop supporting terrorist groups and the regime of Saddam Hussein. "Syria has the responsibility for its choices and for the consequences," he said.
Comment: It remains to be seen whether it was just to appease Israelis because he was speaking to the AIPAC and/or with reference to the Iraq war? AIPAC - American Israel Public Affairs Committee is the most powerful pro-Israel lobbying group in the United States. With the suicide bombers ready to die and kill the US-British soldiers, it may become difficult for US-British to march towards Iraqi capital. Four US soldiers with the 3rd Infantry Division were killed Saturday morning when a suicide bomber in a taxi attacked a military checkpoint in the central Iraqi town of Najaf. More and more Muslims are getting ready for jihad against western troops on Iraqi soil and elsewhere. Today's muslim civilians are tomorrow's fidayeens. Yesterday they were in Gaza and West Bank, today they are in Iraq, tomorrow in Syria and Iran. US needs to decide whether they will wait till civilians turn into suicide bombers.
Mar 24 2003: Hindus massacred by Islamic terrorists in India
Islamic terrorists gunned down 24 Kashmiri Hindu pandits at Nandimarg in Shopian area of south Kashmir in the wee hours of Monday.
Comment: Hindus will you keep getting killed. If Hindus could repel the terrorist attack in Gujarat, why not in Kashmir?
Mar 22 2003: Turkey plans complete invasion of Northern Iraq, will Iran also ....
Despite strong opposition in Washington to any unilateral move by Turkey into northern Iraq, Turkey moved 1000 soldiers into northern Iraq on Friday to beef up its forces there, a Turkish military official has reportedly said. Earlier U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell had said Friday: "We don't see any need for any Turkish incursions into northern Iraq." But "Turkish soldiers will go in," Turkish minister Abdullah Gul told reporters on his return from a trip from Brussels. So what is the stand of US now?
Will Iran follow Turkey's example and send its soldiers to protect large Shia community in Iraq?

Mar 22 2003: Warning from Iran. What will Iran do if .....
Iran on Friday strongly objected the violation of its airspace during the third day of the US-British forces' war against Iraq. IRNA reported that, the head of the Legal Affairs Bureau of the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Mohammad Danesh-Yazdi informed the caretaker of the interests in Iran, the Swiss Ambassador, and the British ambassador to Tehran, of Iran's strong objection to the violation of its airspace. Meanwhile, Iran's Ambassador to the Netherlands Hossein Panahiazar was elected as deputy head of the executive council of the organization of ban on chemical weapons.
Mar 21 2003: New year celebrations in Iran.
Iranian President Mohammad Khatami has denounced US-led war against Iraq, saying the US-led invasion threatens the whole region and the world. He said this in a part of his message to Iranians on the eve of Norouz, marking the new solar year of 1382. The holidays of the New Solar Year starting March 21 was also celebrated in Central Asian states, Afghanistan, Iran and India. During the official New Year's three-day holidays in Tajikistan all educational centers as well as state and non-governmental organizations are closed across the country. Tajik President Imamali Rahmanov, in an address to the entire nation via Tajikistan's nationwide radio and television broadcast, congratulated the Tajiks and all the Persian-language speakers across the world. The message added, "All the people of Aryan race believe that Norouz is the festivity marking the victory of light over darkness and oppression of vices by virtues."
Norouz is the new year of Persians, which used to be celebrated even before Islam came into picture. It was (and still somehow remains to be) celebrated in Iran despite being converted to Islam by force. Zorashtrians who escaped religious intolerance in Iran, who are called as Parsis in India, celebrate this new year in India.
Mar 21 2003: Will Turkey invade Iraq?
With the assault on Iraq going ahead, Turkey one of Iraq's neighbour which had refused to allow U.S. troops to invade Iraq from its soil has cleared the way for thousands of its own troops to move inside Iraq. This will raise the risk of clashes with Kurds in the autonomous north of Iraq. With kurds starting a fight with Turkey, the shias of Iraq may be encouraged for a revolt, with Iran encouraging them further. Apart from US-led forces and Iraq, this may suck atleast more than one country into the war and then .....
Mar 20 2003: What after the Thursday's "decapitation attack" on Iraq
So after 48 hours it came.... But after the decapitation attack, Sadddam immediately appeared on the Iraqi TV, and with a difference. We was wearing a blue cap and looked like he was more fairer in skin color with a slightly different color of his moustache. This is not just to say that he was a duplicate, but it is to say that Saddam is not dead. He is alive, but in some safer place and ofcourse not in the capital. He will use his duplicates, with his own voice on TV to keep the morale of Iraqis.
Mar 18 2003: "Saddam Hussein and his sons must leave Iraq within 48 hours. Their refusal to do so will result in military conflict, commenced at a time of our choosing," Bush said in a White House address.
Mar 18 2003: What will Saddam do?
The United States and its allies on Monday abandoned diplomacy and prepared to deliver a final ultimatum to Iraqi President Saddam Hussein to go into exile or face a massive military onslaught. U.N. weapons inspectors and other foreigners scrambled to evacuate Baghdad ahead of a U.S. aerial bombardment and ground invasion to kill or capture Saddam and dismantle his government.
Comment: U.N. weapons inspectors and other foreigners started to evacuate Baghdad ahead of a U.S. aerial bombardment and/or ground invasion to kill or capture Saddam and dismantle his government. So after Osama, it is now Saddam!! Will he be captured "dead or alive" or go into "exile" to Libya? The most probable theory would be that he will fight to death. He may infact use all chemical and biological weapons available with him on not so "near and dear" Israel for which he will get the support from all Islamic countries. For doing this he may have to invade Jordon and also bomb Turkey if it gives support to US. The war may sooner or later be escalated to the whole region and then just guess what happens ....?? History repeats ??
Mar 09 2003: Israel assassinated the top terrorist of Hamas’ and three others in a helicopter missile strike on a car in the Gaza Strip on Mar 08. Ibrahim Al-Maqadma, 51, was a founder of Hamas, which has waged a bombing campaign against Israel since mainstream Palestinian terrorists signed the so-called interim peace accords with the Jewish state in 1993.
Comment: Israeli action was necessary but not sufficient.
Mar 07 2003: Has the blastermind already been captured in Pakistan?
We heard what Pres. Bush said in his news conference. But we heard rumours that Pres. will announce the capture of Sep. 11 blastermind Osama bin Laden in Pakistan. But now we hear that an aggressive search for Osama bin Laden may be getting closer to capturing the Al Qaida Islamic terrorist in northwest Pakistan. Intelligence and law enforcement officials are following up on numerous leads from the materials seized Saturday when Al Qaida operations chief Khalid Shaikh Mohammed was captured in Pakistan. It is reported that Mohammed has been transferred to U.S. custody by ISI. He is being interrogated with "all appropriate pressure" at an undisclosed location outside both the U.S. and Pakistan. Is Osama now in the ISI's custody? If yes, then "more than enough" pressure needs to be applied on Pakistan to transfer him to Guantanamo.
Mar 06 2003: The Jews will pay a dear price says Hamas.
Israeli tanks and troops stormed a Gaza Strip Jabalya refugee camp, carrying out raids in which 11 Palestinians were killed a day after the Islamic suicide bomber killed 15 people on an Israeli bus. "The Jews will pay a dear price," senior Hamas official Abdel-Aziz al-Rantissi told Reuters.
Comment: "Israel suffered a terrible attack at the hands of terrorists at Haifa. Israel has a right to defend itself," White House spokesman Ari Fleischer has said. Are the Israelis getting any signals from this? Hit these Islamic terrorists. N O W is the proper time, else time will run out.
Mar 05 2003: Israelis should hit them hard.
A suicide bomber blew himself up aboard a bus filled with students in northern Israeli city of Haifa on Wednesday, killing at least 16 people and injuring 55. Police identified the bomber as Mahmoud Hamdan Kawasme, 20, of the West Bank city of Hebron, and said he was carrying a letter praising the Sept. 11 attacks.
Comment: Prime Minister Ariel Sharon called an emergency meeting of senior Cabinet ministers late Wednesday to discuss the bombing. This is no time for meeting, this is the time to attack and attack ruthlessly. IDF should hit these Islamic terrorists very very hard.
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