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Indian News Update
Feb 25 2003: Nigeria reports unexplained loss of nuclear material
Nigeria has asked the global nuclear agency's help tracking down radioactive material that it says disappeared from the West African nation's oil industry. "We have ... informed the International Atomic Energy Agency in case somebody stole it and wants to take it outside Nigeria," Shams Elegba, head of Nigeria's nuclear regulatory body, told The Associated Press on Tuesday.
Feb 23 2003: Ten Palestinians were killed after Israeli forces staged a fresh incursion into the northern Gaza Strip town of Beit Hanun, leaving the whole area under Israeli occupation on Sunday, February 23. Six houses belonging to wanted terrorists from the Islamic terrorist groups Hamas and Islamic Jihad were blown up by the army, which also commandeered three civilian buildings and started turning them into military bases.
Comment: Go on IDF.. Occupy the whole of Gaza and West Bank. Sooner the better. Hamas has fired dozens of the missiles into Israel from Beit Hanun. The missile threat will be there till the terrorists are there. IDF should now launch a full-scale reoccupation of the densely populated terrorist strip of Gaza and West Bank.
Feb 18 2003: Israeli Forces Hit Islamic terrorist strongholds in Gaza City.
Israeli troops and tanks backed by helicopters launched lightning strikes on Islamic terrorist strongholds in and around Gaza City overnight, killing at least seven Palestinians. Elsewhere three Palestinians were crushed to death as Israeli engineers blew up two metal workshops in Gaza's northern Tufah neighborhood. After Saturday's mine attack on the Merkava tank, which was guarding a Jewish settlement just north of Gaza City, Israeli Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz vowed "to strike hard at our enemy Hamas." Thereafter, Israeli forces killed a senior Hamas terrorist and destroyed the house of another Hamas member who had carried out the land mine attack.
Comment: Bravo IDF!! Go on with the assault on Islamic terrorists. If you do not strike they will strike.. So go on and crush them....
Feb 16 2003: Palestinian Islamic terrorists carried out a Landmine attack killing Israeli Tank Crew
Comment: An improvised land mine gutted an Israeli tank guarding a Jewish settlement in the Gaza Strip and killed its four crewmen on 15 Feb 2003. Exactly after one year and one day after the first incident took place on 14 Feb 2003 in which three soldiers were killed!! Palestinian terrorists have once again struck at Israel's state-of-the-(he)art tank. Till now they blown up three Merkava-3 tanks, a symbol of the Jewish state's military prowess, with homemade mines. First on 14 Feb 2002, Second on 14 Mar 2002 -- one month after first and Third on 15 Feb 2003 -- One year and one day after first.
We repeat what we had said a exactly a year back. The army needs to be now concerned and act fast on it. The image of Palestinians destroying a main battle tank is a blow to deterrence.
Feb 14 2003: Is the Eagle referring to United States or Iraq?
With troops on high alert in the US and UK for the threat of September 11 magnitude terror attacks, a British-based Islamic news agency said today it has a new audio recording of Osama bin Laden in which he predicts he will die as "a martyr" this year in an attack against his enemies. "I pray my demise isn't on a coffin bearing green mantles. I wish my demise to be in the eagle's belly" he said.
With atleast a two dozen Islamic terrorists of Al-Qaida living in the United States the threats of another terror attack on US have increased. According to CNN, FBI is keeping watch on them and these terrorists are already talking about suicide bombings. They are in New York, New Jersey and some cities in the western United States. Just a week ago, US officials raised the color-coded terrorist threat level to orange (high) from yellow (elevated).
Comment: But these new threats and warnings does not mean that the attacks might happen in the US. It might be on US military installations in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Turkey. The target might be the "Iraqi Eagle" and not the "Iraqi Muslims", when US invades Iraq or even before that, forcing Saddam into a "dummy exile" to Libya or get killed. Why Al-Qaida will do that? Because Saddam is a "Infidel" in the eyes of Al-Qaida. Al-Qaida might takeover Iraq except the no-fly zones, and rule like Taliban did in Afghanistan. Once they take over the Iraqi regime, it will become easier for them to attack US installations nearby.
Feb 12 2003: An audio message said to be from Islamic terrorist Osama bin Laden urged Muslims on Tuesday to fight the United States and Israel and repel any "war of infidels" against Iraq. The audio tape, broadcast on the al-Jazeera television network, said suicide attacks were important in fighting for the Muslim cause, and warned Arab leaders against giving any support to a war against Iraq. "We are following with great concern the preparations of the crusaders to launch war on the former capital of Muslims...and to install a puppet government," the statement said. The statement did not express support for Iraqi President Saddam Hussein -- it said Muslims should support the Iraqi people rather than the country's government. "The fighting should be in the name of God only, not in the name of national ideologies, nor to seek victory for the ignorant governments that rule all Arab states, including Iraq," the statement said.
Comment: Saddam was and still is a old enemy of Laden, but not the (Iraqi) muslims. The tape also urged Muslims to liberate themselves from oppressive, unjust, apostate ruling governments, which in turn are enslaved by America which shows the hatred for non-muslims. The tape further adds that the most eligible for liberation are Jordan, Morocco, Nigeria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Yemen which makes it very clear that the Al-Qaida wants these so-called US supportive governments to go. Finally it means that Al-Qaida wants a Umma, meaning a muslim nation, without nationalities and boundaries by which they will create a Dar ul-islam.
Feb 11 2003: NATO struggled Tuesday to break one of the biggest deadlocks of its 54-year-old history, but France, Germany and Belgium gave no sign they would give in to military alliance preparations for a possible U.S.-led war on Iraq.
Feb 11 2003: Israel Keeps Palestinian Blockade on Muslim Feast
Israel canceled plans on Tuesday to relax its tight grip on Palestinian movement in the West Bank and Gaza Strip on the occasion of a Muslim holiday, citing a surge in suicide bombing threats. In new violence, the Israeli army said troops killed an armed Palestinian in Gaza as he entered an off-limits area near an army post on the border between the desert strip and Israel.
Feb 11 2003: Bali Bomb Suspect Proud of Ability, says US was planned to be the target.
An Indonesian muslim who admitted building the bombs that killed over 200 people in Bali on Oct 12 last year, said Tuesday he was proud of his group's skills. Ali Imron, told a news conference that while the majority of victims had been Australian tourists, the real target had been the United States. Police have linked the Bali attack to Southeast Asia's Jemaah Islamiah Islamic terrorist group, which is networked with the Osama bin Laden's Al Qaida.
Comment: There is nothing new that muslims are proud of any killing of a non-muslims. But what is new is that the Indonesian police allowed the Islamic terrorist to display how he carried out the suicide bombing including the making of bomb, wire connections, settting-off bombs etc., which was telecasted on major television channels in Indonesia. This was a direct way of training the Islamic terrorists all over Indonesia. These sympathizers of Islamic terrorists will now make video cassettes of this and will distribute them in the muslim world including Al Jazeera and allow more suicide attacks to happen.
Feb 09 2003: A new Palestinian leadership!?!?!
Prime Minister Ariel Sharon officially accepted on Sunday the task of forming Israel's next government after a sweeping election victory. "The new government will have to complete the campaign against terror, remove the terrorist leadership and create the conditions for the emergence of a new Palestinian leadership with which it will be possible to make real peace," he said.
Comment: A new Palestinian leadership!!! Mr. PM be assured that whether old or new, Terrorists are terrorists, Islamic terrorist being worst of all. You will get a "new" leadership, but never get a "anti-terrorist" leadership. The only way to stop terror is to crush the Islamic terrorism. That is the reason why you have been elected by the Israelis.
Feb 04 2003: A terrorist turned a terrorist sympathizer
A Muslim cleric in Britain, who applauded the Sept. 11 attacks and last week's space shuttle crash, has been removed as head of the mosque where he preached. When the world was mourning for the Space shuttle crash he said "It was a trinity of evil against Muslims, because it (the shuttle) contained Americans, an Israeli and a Hindu." Recently his north London mosque was raided by police last month in a probe into the discovery of ricin poison.
Masri, a Egyptian born, had lost an eye and both forearms while fighting the Russians in Afghanistan. Masri is suspected by the U.S. of links with Osama bin Laden's Al-Qaida network and is wanted in Yemen on terrorism charges. Masri had sent his son to Yemen where he was caught and is now serving prison time in Yemen on terrorism charges.
Feb 02 2003: The space shuttle Columbia flared and broke up in the skies over Texas on Saturday, killing the seven astronauts on board in what NASA and President Bush called a tragedy for the entire nation. The crew included Indian born American Kalpana Chawla and an Israeli astronaut Ilan Ramon. The rest of the Columbia crew were Americans -- Mission Commander Rick Husband, Pilot William McCool, Payload Commander Michael Anderson, Mission Specialist David Brown and Mission Specialists Laurel Clark. Our condolences to all Americans, Israelis and Indians.
Feb 01 2003: Time was?is running out
As expected Bush-Blair spoke about how the "Time is running out" for Saddam Hussein. This was expected and nothing new, except that now they have said "weeks not months" to disarm. Iraq now has, at most, six weeks left to comply with the UN weapons ban or face war, with or without a second UN resolution.
Jan 31 2003: What do we expect from Camp David
Blair has gone to US for discussing the Iraq crisis. What is he going to discuss? Even if Europe is divided over whether to go for war, we think that the strategic planning of the War on Iraq must have already started, which is much evident from the stance Bush-Blair have taken, supported by eight of the European leaders. In fact a Military base in Hungary is training some Iraqis to fight against Saddam. But in Iraq Saddam has already started making "buffer zones" by expelling families from a 20-mile-long strip of land between the autonomous Kurdish north and the rest of the country to defend against a U.S. invasion. The Iraqi government has also placed forces of Mujahedeen Khalq, a Iranian opposition group under Saddam's control near the Kurdish boundary. As of now, the Kurdistan Democratic Party governs the northwest section of the self-rule area set up by oppressed Kurds after the 1991 Gulf War with the protection of U.S. and British warplanes that patrol a northern no-fly zone. If Turkey does not allow American troops to use its bases, the US may face few problems to strike from the Northern side of Iraq. The southern side of Iraq may also become dangerous since there have already been attacks on US citizens and military officials in Kuwait and Saudi Arabian public opinion against the US.
With Islamic countries already skeptical of supporting US; the more the delay to strike Iraq, the more is the danger of US not getting support from non-Islamic countries. And that is what the "Camp David" summit outcome needs to be. Strike as early as possible, else ....
Jan 31 2003: Pakistanis were planning to target US and NATO southern European command bases in Italy?
Twenty-eight Pakistani terrorists with links to Al Qaida were charged with terrorist offences after Italian police discovered enough explosives in their apartment to blow up a three-story building. Islamic religious texts, photos of "jihad" martyrs, piles of false documents, maps of the Naples area, addresses of contacts around the world and more than one hundred mobile telephones were also found in the apartment, police said.
Italy's ANSA news agency said the maps had various targets identified, including a NATO base in Naples, the US consulate in Naples and a US naval base at a nearby airport. The police said they believed the men, aged between 20 and 48, were members of Osama bin Laden's Al Qaida network. The religious texts found at the site were written in Pakistan's main language Urdu. The cuttings of Pakistani newspapers and manuscripts repeating the phrase "God is great" were also found.
Comment: German media said last week that German intelligence had warned of 20 Afghan "terror commandos" traveling on false Pakistani passports to Germany, Britain, France and the Czech Republic. Also last week, Spain arrested 16 suspected Islamic terrorist linked to Al Qaida who were preparing to launch chemical attacks. In the last six months, French police and secret services have mounted several raids, arresting several Pakistanis involved in plotting terrorist activities in France. The most recent of these actions was in November when the French police arrested a Pakistani who was head of the French office of a Kashmiri terror group, Lashkar-e-Toiba.
With so many Islamic terrorists being active in European countries, the dangers of they attacking any city are much more than expected. European countries, especially France and Germany need to co-operate with US for the "war on terror" starting with Iraq as one of the country in the "axis of evil", Pakistan being the fulcrum of this axis.

Jan 31 2003: Will US Army chief visit Kashmir?
Chief of the United States Army General Eric K Shinseki is visiting India next week. Unconfirmed reports say that he will be briefed about the situation along India's borders with Pakistan and China. According to sources in the Ministry of Defence, the army has organised an extensive briefing for General Shinseki on the situation along the Line of Control in Jammu and Kashmir and the Line of Actual Control in Ladakh. He will also be briefed on infiltration from across the LoC in J&K. US Ambassador Robert D Blackwill and Commander-in-Chief of US Pacific Command, Admiral Thomas Fargo, were in Kashmir recently. Recently US has said that Lashkar-e-Toiba is part of Al-Qaida network and infiltration of Islamic terrorist from Pakistan to India should stop.
Jan 31 2003: Al Qaida network of Osama bin Laden showing presence in Afghanistan
At least 18 people were killed near the southern Afghan city of Gandhar (Kandahar) on Friday when a minibus hit an anti-tank mine rigged to a mortar bomb.
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