Bigger Kargil After the Indo-Pak summit -- Part II

Day One of the Indo-Pak Summit  -- The Green Carpet Welcome at Rajghat.

Last modified on July 14, 2001

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Pakistan withdrew troops from Kargil at my insistence -- Bill Clinton - July 12, 2001

Just before the Indo-Pak summit, Indian Army reduced 20,000 troops in Kashmir. During the ceasefire which continued till May 31, 2001,  the Army had to show restraint and in the process were getting killed. After the ceasefire ended,  in the month June 2001 more than 250 Islamic Terrorists were killed.  But even in the month of June the Army kept on suffering a high rate of casualty.  Indian Army kept on losing more and more Officers. Few people in and outside the Indian Government are also saying that we should reduce the troops in Siachen area.  This will be disastrous for India.  How many compromises should Indians  make, when Pakistan is always giving negative signals.  

Indian government needs to show respect to the Soldiers who were either killed or injured.   Also the feelings of those Soldiers who are on the borders need to be respected.  Are they just performing their duties as fun?  Few in the Army and even the Civilians are not happy with this.  This got reflected when Air Chief Marshal Tipnis just shook hands with Pervez,  instead of a salute.  Air Chief Marshal  Tipnis was representing the three services and was in the front row of dignitaries.  Well Done Chief, All Indians Salute you !!! The section of media also says that the choice of six-footer Wing Commander Pawan Rishi was deliberate so that  Pervez would have to look up to him at the end of the guard of honour while taking the salute.   

Meanwhile the Indian Government gave a Green Carpet Welcome  and not the usual Red Carpet Welcome to Pervez at Rajghat, the Samadhi of  M.K.Gandhi.  In the visitors' book Pervez wrote "I have come here to pay respects and homage to the memory of Mahatma Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, the Father of the Indian Nation".   Hmm !!!!  All Indians need to think....... Green Carpet Welcome at Rajghat by the  "Hindu Nationalist" Government of India. (For Info: The western media calls "BJP" as "Hindu Nationalists" and one of the political allies of BJP, the  "Shiv Sena" as "Hindu Militants")

Besides the opposition,  the Green Hurriyat  met Pervez.  We think all terrorists need to meet him before he goes back to Pakistan and have Tea with him.  Oh Hindus!!  Keep sleeping in and on  your beds and have bed tea. Also do not leave your chairs or other Hindus will grab them. Keep on fighting each other and lose everything that we have.  But  be aware,  that just before coming in India,  Prevez had consulted the Islamic Terrorists.  The Islamic terrorists  are the consultants of Pervez and will continue to be the consultants.  If he denies he will be another Zia, if he continues he will remain in Power for few more days.

Also before coming to India, Pervez had criticized the Lahore and Shimla peace accords.  We think he is correct in criticizing that.  No discussions in Lahore, Simla, SAARC, ASEAN, UN would solve the problem if Islamic Terrorism continues.   Also Pervez says that the core issue is only "Kashmir" but still has a open mind(?)  and Indian Government says that core issue  is "Not Only Kashmir".  But Sorry....  The core issue is "Islamic Terrorism".  

Before Vajpayee-Pervez meeting at Agra,  Home Minister Advani and External Affairs Minister Jaswant Singh met Pervez.  Jaswant Singh in a 20 minute meeting said that "two countries needed to keep in touch", but for what? To increase or to decrease Islamic Terrorism OR just for Time pass........   Advani says he wants "Dawood Ibrahims' extradition" who was the mastermind in 1993's  Mumbai Bomb Blasts and is now based in Pakistani city of Karachi.  Advani asked for it and  Pervez is going to handover it to him..... Oh!!  What an expectation.   The issue of cross-border terrorism was also taken up at the meeting, with Advani  presenting documentary evidence(?)  of Pakistani support to such activities in Jammu and  Kashmir.  Is it going to make any difference?  No, in fact,  if any evidence is given by Advani, then Pervez will change the places of the camps where the Terrorists are trained.

A Hindu Organization, Vishwa Hindu Parishad has called for Hunger Strike and Shiv Sena has threatened for disruption of Indo-Pak summit.  General strike paralysed Jammu which was called by Jammu Joint Students Federation and Panun Kashmir to protest against the visit of President Pervez Musharraf.  In  Agra, where the Indo-Pak summit is going  to take place, the Mayor of Agra  Kishori Lal Mahor on Saturday said he is not welcoming Pervez since he was actively involved in kargil battle.. 

May it be Indo-Pak,  Israel-Palestine, Chechen-Russo,  Albanian-Macedonian or any other similar  summit, the core issue is Islamic Terrorism.  This is not only the problem in India, but anywhere and everywhere,  where Muslims are even in small numbers. "Islamic Terrorism" is like a cancer to Human Civilization. Before the Cancer spreads to the whole of Human Civilization all over the world, it needs to be FINISHED ONCE AND FOR ALL

The Green Carpet Welcome to Pervez,  is hence not going to solve the problem.  India, the third world, the fourth world  and the real world needs to act now and only now.

Pakistan withdrew troops from Kargil at my insistence -- Bill Clinton - July 12, 2001

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