Bigger Kargil After the Indo-Pak summit -- Part I

Pakistan withdrew troops from Kargil at my insistence -- Bill Clinton

Last modified on July 12, 2001

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Day One of the Indo-Pak Summit  -- The Green Carpet Welcome at Rajghat - 14 July 2001.

In a startling revelation, former US president Bill Clinton had said  in the first week of June that Pakistan withdrew  its troops from Kargil during the 1999 war on his insistence and hinted that this might have been a reason for Nawaz Sharif being ousted from power in coup. 

This remark came at a time when India has invited Pakistan's leader Pervez to the country, may be because of US pressure.   Does Bill Clinton want to say that India should not have  invited Pervez for the talks because Democracy does not exist in Pakistan and a Military regime exists in Pakistan.   Clinton further said he regarded Kashmir as the most dangerous place in the world today. He said he would have been happy to devote "more time in trying to resolve the Kashmir conflict than most other foreign policy   problems. But if both sides don't want, there's no point in being involved, because nothing is going to happen."

In any case "nothing is going to happen"  even when Pervez visits India OR Indian PM Vajpayee visits Lahore in a Bus or a Train or a Helicopter or just walk into Pakistan.   What India needs today is to give Pakistan an ultimatum to take back the troops from Pakistan Occupied Kashmir.  

Meanwhile on the international border with Pakistan in  Jammu  and the LoC,  Pakistani Rangers and Pak trained Terrorists keep on opening fire at Indian Border Out Posts (BOPs) causing injuries, damages and deaths. They are also involved in the Terrorist activities inside India.

Mind us,   that when Vajpayee was visiting Lahore,  Pakistan Military was already  in a process of misadventuring in Kargil.  Now that Pervez-Vajpayee are going to meet,  Pakistan Military has already shown the motives and are continuing the support to the Terrorists.  Pakistan and Afghanistan are two biggest Terrorist countries near to the Indian Border.  Even Bangladeshis with the support if ISI (of pakistan) are showing the true Islamic colours to India.  India needs to realise this.  Till the Hindus are in a sleeping mood,  India cannot become a strong State like America.  

Having ceasefire and talking to Pakistan is not the solution to counter Islamic terrorism.    How can one have peace with the  Terrorist organisations like SIMI,  Hizbul, Lashkar and an unending list of such organisations funded by Islamic Nations like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Saudi, Libya etc.  These organisations need to be dealt with ruthlessly.   The members of these organisations are freely moving about in India.  SIMI has a reputation of spreading violence in Indian  states of Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh.  Other Muslim organisations are also spreading Terror in several parts of India.

The problem of Islamic Terror is not only in India, but it is in Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, XinJiang in China, Chechnya in Russia,  Georgia,  Macedonia, Palestine and wherever the Muslims are in even in few numbers.  

Being said this,  some people still say that we have a "ray of hope" and one day terrorism will subside.  This is just impossible. We are sorry to say that the Indo-Pak summit is going to fail. Earlier summits in Tashkent and Shimla and other Indo-Pak discussions in ASEAN, SARC, UN etc also did not yield any results. 

During or After the summit,  

Is Pakistan going to stop the proxy war?  Will the Islamic Terrorists stop infiltrating Indian borders and stop killing  Indian soldiers and civilians?  NO, that is not going to happen.

Will ISI and the Pakistani Military stop supporting the Islamic Terrorists?  Will the supporters of Jihadis suddenly start thinking the other way round?  NO way.

Indian government has declared that it will do the fast Visa processing for the Pakistanis and open-up the border posts for the purpose.  Has Pakistan responded to it? NO, they can't.   In fact more and more Terrorist will enter on the Indian side and will create havoc.

On the ground,  the position remains the same and will remain the same. Pakistan being an islamic state can never remain in peace. Pakistan may show to the world that they tried for peace. Also Vajpayee will say that we talked. At the most Pervez may invite Vajpayee in Pakistan. But the result of Indo-Pak summit  will be NIL  

In fact we have a greater danger now. Pakistan may have already planned for yet another Kargil.  OR it may be India's turn this time.  Pakistanis may kill Pakistanis, so that Terrorism does not stop, like in the case of Zia. Indian Police, on July 12 have revealed that the Jihadis have planned "suicide attacks" on Pervez and Vajpayee and the security is tightened.   If this happens then the situation which is already very bad,  will worsen. 

India should now be prepared for a full-scale war and not small battles. Small battles keep continuing for longer time.  The core issue for India and all the non-islamic states -- is not Kashmir, Chechnya, Aracinovo, Aceh, Afghanistan, Palestine, Sudan  -- BUT it is the Islamic Terrorism.  And this needs to be ruthlessly dealt with and FINISHED  ONCE AND FOR ALL

Day One of the Indo-Pak Summit  -- The Green Carpet Welcome at Rajghat - 14 July 2001.

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