Taliban supported Islamic Jihad in India

Date Written    :  Sep 09, 2001
Date Modified :   Oct 30, 2001

"Alarzu Lillah, Walhukmu Lillah." (This means, "The Earth belongs to Allah and thus only Allah's rule should prevail all over the earth.") - Osama Bin Laden.

This proclamation amounts to a 'declaration of war' on the entire non-Muslim world.  Few months back Taliban regime in Afghanistan issued a diktat for minority Hindus and Sikhs to wear yellow labels so that they could identify them.  The same diktat was issued on 08 Sep 2001 by the terrorist organisation called Lashkar-e-Jabbar, this time in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir where Hindus are in minority.

According to the warning,  Hindu women have been asked to wear a "bindi" or coloured-mark on their foreheads and Sikh women have been urged to cover their heads with saffron (yellow) cloth.  These instructions were contained in a statement issued by the group, Lashkar-e-Jabbar, which last month imposed a strict Islamic dress code for Muslim women in the state asking them to cover themselves with head-to-toe veils or "burqas".  The group has claimed responsibility for acid attacks on two Muslim women last month who were not conforming to the new dress code.  

On 09 Sep,  in the commercial capital of India, Mumbai, the youth wing of the Mumbai Regional Muslim League  urged Muslim women to wear veils. The youth wing president, Mohammed Aftab Alam, in a statement, warned Muslim women to follow his party's directive or face concrete action. However, he did not spell out what it would be.

On 05 Oct, a similar diktat has been issued in Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal,  in India.  In a letter to one of the Kolkata's Girls School, the warning says that Muslim girls should wear a burqa (veil) or else face serious consequences.  This warning was conveyed in a letter written by "Mujahid-e-Islam" in Urdu  language.

More such diktats and warnings have been given by Islamic terrorists and other organisations.  The diktat in Jammu and Kashmir is disturbing, because in the past few years, lot of Hindus have been driven-out from the state and the recent diktat for Hindus and Sikhs has worsened the situation.  The Hindus in J&K and elsewhere are just becoming silent watchers without any action or reaction.  

In Jammu and Kashmir, the Islamic terrorists are now onto the next step to impose strict Islamic dress code for Hindu Women. Attack on Muslim women in Kashmir was just a "green"  signal to "saffronisation" of Hindus and Sikhs so that it gives the Islamic terrorists a "License to Kill"  Hindus and Sikhs.  The diktat clearly states "To implement our threat it is necessary to differentiate between Muslim and non-Muslim women".   This has happened in the largest democratic country like India having a large Hindu population 

Hindus should not get surprised if tomorrow the same diktat is applied all over India.  The next to next step of the Taliban supported Islamic terrorism will be to smash and demolish Hindu Idols and Temples, like it was done in Afghanistan few months back or in India a few centuries back by the Muslim Invaders. Soon the Islamic laws will prevail in India and the country will be renamed as Islamic Republic of India, with Osama being the spiritual leader of the Indian sub-continent.

What should  Decision makers of India and Non-Muslims of the World do  now ?

IF they are not capable of tackling the issue of "Islamic Terrorism",  Hindu Political leaders should seriously start thinking of how to appease or even embrace Islam so that the respectable Chairs remain intact and they rule the country. Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) one of the Al-Qaida student terrorist outfits in India; has invited L.K. Advani to embrace Islam. Instead of wasting a lot of time on how to tackle SIMI, the simplest option is to accept the invitation.  Going ahead with the "saffronisation" (so-called by Opposition parties) of education,  Murli Manohar Joshi should immediately consult some Astrologer and fix a date to follow Advani,  so that Hindus keep on learning Astrology ( and not Modern Sciences and True Hindu History ) and throw themselves few centuries backward.  Indian PM,  Vajpayee should also seriously think on changing his name to Haj-payee and continue on his chair with a new green paint.   The History should get  repeated, so that the new generation gets a feel of what History was and then get the correct picture of  "The Dark Age for Eleven Hundred years"  when the Barbaric Muslim Invaders kept on humiliating Hindus.  Hindus should  stick to love and peace and if at all they want to fight,  they should fight amongst themselves based on castes or political rivalaries.

But,  Beware  Peace loving Hindus.......  the Piece loving Muslims are going to really achieve "Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam" meaning world is one family,  which is an ancient Vedic term.  Although the Islamic terrorist may not know this term "Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam" because Islam was not even born when Vedas were written.  [[ The Word Veda is derived from the word "Vid" which means "Knowledge" and Islamic Terrorism is nothing to do with knowledge ]]   So Hindus,  just beware,  but do not speak or act against the Islamic terrorists even if scores of Indian Soldiers and Hindus are killed daily in Kashmir and Jammu.  But at the same time beware that "The family" will not have "Non-Muslims" in the "Dar-ul-Islam" (Islamic world).  The Dar-ul-Harb (non-Islamic world)  will cease to exist.  If  this happens the real meaning of Vedas will be lost, since Hindus ( and Non-Muslims) will be no more.  But be informed,  the Vedas,  and the latter the Bhagwad Gita never said  that you should not fight the evil.  The Hindus have become the "Arjuns (before the war started)" of the Mahabharat times and waiting for Shri Krishna to help them.  This will not work this time. Jesus Christ,  Shri Krishna, Lord Buddha etc.  will not come to rescue the Non-Muslims. Hindus and other Non-Muslim world needs to realize this and realize this fast.

The problem of Islamic Terror is in Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, XinJiang in China, Chechnya in Russia,  Georgia,  Macedonia, Palestine, India, Nigeria, Sudan, Oldham in England   and wherever the Muslims are in even in few numbers.  Being optimistic, using the  Sanskrit term,  this situation can be described as 'Veenasha Kaaley, Vipareet Buddhi'  which means, 'When the hour of destruction is near, the mind goes haywire'.  The haywire minds of the Islamic terrorists will do enough damage to Human civilization. The wait for the "Last Minute of the Hour"  to strike the "Evils" and "Devils" will be suicidal.  The Violence and Terror of Islam needs to be finished once and for all and only then can the  true meaning of "Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam" be preserved.

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