Osama bin Laden is Great

Date Written    : Oct 11, 2001
Date Modified : Oct 15, 2001

Islamic Terrorism in Australia

Osama bin Laden is Great --  was the slogan written on the walls of Serbian Orthodox church in Australia, which was under construction.  The other slogans were "Muslims Rule", "Christianity must die" and "Kill Jews and Christians". A police investigation started on Oct 10, 2001  into anti-Christian messages scrawled onto an Australian church proclaiming that accused terrorist leader Osama bin Laden is a hero. Muslims also set fire to prayer books in the church hall, being used as a temporary church.  The church attack has been blamed on Osama bin Laden and his networkers.  After this attacks there were more attacks on Churches. 

In the latest news, Police are investigating a series of arson attacks on churches after arsonists claiming to be supporters of Osama bin Laden took responsibility for a weekend fire-bombing. A caller to the police said "it was for bin Laden" after the Uniting Church at suburban Bass Hill was extensively damaged early Sunday in the second attack on the building within three days. More than 10 churches have been attacked in the same area in a fortnight. Bass Hill is part of the Bankstown region, which has substantial Islamic community.

Four beer bottles filled with kerosene were thrown into the church in the first attack on a church on Oct 11, but the damage was minimal. In the second attack, the damage was more extensive, although Sunday's (Oct 14) services went ahead as normal. 

The fire-bombing of the Church occurred as Australian authorities stepped up security nationally amid mounting international concern -- and a series of hoax calls. But Australians need to cautious about the hoax calls because the OBL Network may strike any time anywhere, inside or outside the country. On Oct 12, 2001 a bomb made of batteries and a timer device, was discovered on the steps of the office of the Australian MLC life insurance company. This happened in Makassar which is one of several cities across Indonesia which have been the scene of angry demonstrations against the US-led  attacks.

US-led forces are carrying out operation inside Afghanistan to nab Osama bin Laden, dead or alive.  But just getting Osama is not sufficient.  The entire network of OBL and Al-Qaida needs to be finished once and for all. Australians, Americans, Europeans and other non-muslims  need to be on high alert, all over the world. Muslims are going to create problems for non-muslims all over the world, even where Muslims are in small numbers.

Attacks on Churches in Australia needs to condemned. The people supporting OBL are not just vandals or miscreants, they are terrorists.  Terrorism has taken enough lives all-over the globe.  This menace of Terrorism needs to be ruthlessly dealt with. Terrorism is the  enemy of Human civilization, Islamic Terrorism being the worst form of it. 

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