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News Update    Indian News Update
Oct 27, 2002: "We have not been able to save all. Forgive us," Vladimir Putin said, calling terrorism a "strong and dangerous, inhuman and cruel enemy". Russian officials insisted they had no choice but to launch Saturday's assault after Islamic terrorists started killing hostages. Most of the terrorists were killed, but about 90 civilians were also killed. "We saved more than 750 people," Vasilyev said outside the theatre. BUT WHAT NEXT?  DOES THIS NOT MEAN, THAT ISLAM IS NOT FOR PEACE BUT FOR DESTRUCTION OF NON-MUSLIMS AND FORMATION  OF UMMAH (ISLAMIC NATION)?  SHOULD RUSSIA NOT ATTACK THE CHECHEN AREAS BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE AND WIPE OFF ISLAMIC TERRORISM LIKE THE U.S. TRIED TO DO IN AFGHANISTAN?

Oct 24, 2002: We do not know when "Hindu Suicide Squad" will tackle Islamic terrorism, or when IDF will finish-off its Arab neighbours, or when USA will get Laden and Mullah Omar. But after Bali, "smertniki", Russian local word for Fidayeens meaning suicide squads, have struck Russia!!! Chechen Islamic terrorists were holding up to 700 Moscow theatre-goers hostage today, threatening to shoot their captives or blow up the building unless Russia pulled its troops out of their Chechenya. Movsar Barayev the leader of terrorist has said "There are more than a thousand people here. No one will get out of here alive and they will die with us if there is any attempt to storm the building". More than 15 hours after the crisis erupted, there was no public comment from President Vladimir Putin or any other government officials.

Oct 22, 2002: "There will be a response but it may not be immediate," an Israeli political source said after the bombing in northern Israel on Monday in which 14 people died. "It would likely be a pinpointed response." Where all will Israel pinpoint? Leave aside the terrorist camps in Syria, Lebanon and Iran; should it not reoccupy the whole of Gaza and West Bank and wipe off the Palestinians, to start with. White House spokesman Ari Fleischer said, "It is another reminder of how it is so important for peace to be pursued and for terror to be stopped". Mind us!! Jihad has nothing to do with peace. Islamic terrorists will continue killing Jews in Israel and non-muslims worldwide. So Arise and Awake !!!
Oct 20, 2002: The International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), which used Karachi airport as a transit base for its Afghan operations, has decided to vacate it before November 11 when the contract ends. It has to be noted that Pro-Taliban parties in Pakistan had stepped up their demand for the US to leave Pakistani airbases.
Meanwhile, the United States has designated Global Relief Foundation (GRF), an NGO active in Pakistan, Jammu and Kashmir, Afghanistan and a host of other countries as a terrorist ogranisation. The US Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) on Friday listed GRF as "specially designated global terrorist". The Foundation has extensive ties with Osama bin Laden, Al-Qaida and other Islamic terrorist organisations and their supporter foster terror in Kashmir, US Undersecretary for Enforcement Jimmy Gurule said on Oct 19.
Oct 20, 2002: Fragments of a bomb used in a recent attack in Manila point to the involvement of the Jamia Islamiya Islamic terrorist group, the Philippine Star newspaper said on Sunday. Fragments recovered from the Manila blast showed the same type of explosive as used in attacks in the capital in December, 2000 which killed 22 people and wounded more than 100 and were blamed on the Jamia Islamiya which has links to Al-Qaida. The southern military commander said the Zamboanga attack earlier, bore the hallmarks of the Abu Sayyaf, a Muslim terrorist group also linked to Al-Qaida. All of these viz. Abu Sayyaf, Abu Bakar Bashir, Bin Laden, Mullah Omar have a Islamic terrorist network which is increasing and a combined effort is necessary to crush this network as soon as possible.
Oct 20, 2002: Islamic Terrorist blastermind Osama bin Laden has been linked to last week's Bali nightclub bombing, which killed 200 people. Apart from terrorizing the foreign tourists, what the Islamic terrorist want is that Hindus be either converted to Islam or terrorized so that they leave the island. According to a confession made by Omar Faruq, described as Bin Laden's envoy in Southeast Asia, who was arrested in Indonesia in June and handed over to the CIA in Afghanistan, a series of plots were hatched to kill westerners, Indonesians and Israelis. Faruq also told to American interrogators that Abu Bakar Bashir, the leader of Jamia Islamiya, received 74,000 dollars from the Bin Laden account. Bashir sent his assistant to buy explosives - illegally sold by the Indonesian army - which were then distributed to Islamist groups there. The plot of random shooting of Israelis and Americans at hotels across Indonesia was abandoned because it would only have 'minimal impact'. Other plans included hijacking a civilian aircraft and flying it into an Israeli target like was done on Sep 11. and also (in May 2002) to blow up American naval vessels during US-Indonesian military naval exercises. The same Faruq was trained in planting underwater explosives and a chemical attack using cyanide to be sprayed from perfume.
Meanwhile on Oct 19, police arrested Abu Bakar Bashir for questioning in a string of bombings not connected to the Bali attack. Mr. Bashir is a Muslim cleric-cum-terrorist leader linked to a regional group of Islamic terrorists in Southeast Asia that has ties to Al-Qaida. Authorities say they want to ask Abu Bakar Bashir about a series of church bombings that took place two years ago that killed 19 people.
Oct 18, 2002: Fully standing by his Dussehera rally speech containing anti-Muslim remarks, Shiv Sena supremo Bal Thackeray said he will not seek anticipatory bail in the criminal case registered against him. An unfazed Thackeray told a press conference that he had not made any objectionable statements by issuing a clarion call for formation of suicide squads to fight terrorism nor did he speak against Indian Muslims. Thakceray said he had not sought anticipatory bail last time and he would not apply for one this time as well, he said and thanked the media for giving his statement wide publicity. The country had never been this timid and weak in its entire history, Thackeray said.
Oct 17, 2002: Two days after Shiv Sena supremo Bal Thackeray asked Hindus to form suicide squads to deal with Islamic terrorism, Maharashtra police today registered a case against him for promoting enmity between different groups, a charge under Section 153(a) of IPC in which he could be arrested.
Oct 16, 2002: Shiv Sena supremo Bal Thackeray has favoured the formation of suicide squads amongst Hindus to take on the menace of Islamic terrorism. "If such suicide squads are formed then only we can take on perpetrators of mindless violence," Thackeray said in party mouthpiece Saamna here on Tuesday. THANK YOU BALASAHEB!!! WE ARE READY IF THE FIRST TARGET IS JAMMA MASJID IN DELHI FROM WHERE THE IMAM BUKHARI AND THE SUPPORTERS OF OSAMA BIN LADEN GATHER ON EVERY FRIDAY.
Oct 13, 2002: Almost 200 people killed in Bali. Bali has a lot of Hindu population. Apart from terrorizing the foreign tourists, what the Islamic terrorist want is that Hindus be either converted to Islam or terrorized so that they leave the island. The Islamic terrorist group Jemaah Islamiyah (JI), named by Australia as a suspect in the bombing massacre in Bali, is an Al-Qaida linked group whose alleged leader Baasyir lives openly in Indonesia despite intense international pressure for his arrest. Baasyir, 64, is a admirer of Al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden.
Oct 13, 2002: Muslims called for World-Wide Strike on Friday to protest against what Baptist Rev. Jerry Falwell in US said "Mohammed is a terrorist". During the strike the Muslims went on a rampage in Solapur (State: Maharashtra, Country India) shouting "PAKISTAN ZINDABAD" . Indian Police did nothing!! Hindus, can you see how secular we are? We even allowed slogans like "PAKISTAN ZINDABAD"!!! We even allowed them to break the "Devi" idols installed in the "Pandals" for Navratri Puja. Why can not Maharashtra become another Gujarat?
Eager Mace 2002: Oct 08, 2002: U.S. President George W. Bush threatened to unleash the U.S. military's "full fury" if necessary to force Iraq to abandon its weapons programme. In his campaign speech in support of Republicans running for office in the November 5 election, Bush said a war against Iraq was neither imminent nor inevitable. Will the speeches continue till elections or we will see a real war on Iraq which is one of the countries in the "Axis of Evil"? Will the return of "Islamic Terrorists" into Afghanistan be ignored? What about the "terrorist" attack on U.S. troops in its friendly country Kuwait? One of the Kuwaiti Newspaper has said that the recent attack has a connection to the prisoners in the Guantanamo Bay, out of which 12 are Kuwaitis. Failaka island, where this incident occurred is a semi-deserted island with civilians and companies working on construction. How would the terrorists sneak into the area? Does this not mean the civilians are hand-in-glove with the terrorists? This attack happened when the Marines were participating in a military exercise, dubbed Eager Mace 2002 in which the Kuwaitis had participated earlier . Is it a mere coincidence that during the attack U.S. forces alone were carrying out an exercise?

Oct 07, 2002: An Indian American killed in a shooting spree in the U.S. was laid to rest at a ceremony attended by several mourners. Premkumar Walekar, a cab driver, was one among eight people shot in Montgomery County, Maryland, last week in apparent random attacks.

Oct 06, 2002: The French-flagged supertanker Limburg was ablaze off the coast of Yemen after an explosion on Sunday, and the ship's owners said they thought terrorists using a boat could have been responsible. In October 2000 the U.S. destroyer USS Cole, which was rammed by suicide bombers in a boat packed with explosives in the Yemeni port of Aden had killed 17 U.S. sailors. Is the recent attack not being taken seriously because it did not kill (U.S) sailors/citizens?

Oct 03, 2002: The army on Thursday foiled an infiltration bid along the Line of Control in Rajouri-Poonch sector killing eight Islamic terrorists, but in the process losing an Army Officer. The army had earlier foiled an infiltration bid on Wednesday in Mandi area of Poonch district, gunning down four Hizb-e-Islami terrorists.
Oct 03, 2002: After a fierce overnight battle, security forces finally put an end to a deadly encounter that lasted over ten hours in Hiranagar. Two Islamic Terrorists and a Deputy Superintendent of Police were killed. Hiranagar is the same area where a bomb had exploded in a bus carrying Hindu Pilgrims, on Tuesday. The Army says that the terrorists involved in the incident belong to the same group that conducted Tuesday's attack. The Jammu Joint Students Federation and J&K National Panthers Party have called a joint stike in Jammu today to protest yesterday's blast inside a pilgrim bus, which left two dead and 22 injured.
Sep 30, 2002: Indian Ex-External Affairs Min. and current Finance Minister Jaswant Singh discussed the Iraq issue with U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell and later said cryptically that pre-emption was not the sole prerogative of any one country.
Singh you have scored points during and after the meeting with Colin Powell. But does that mean India will pre-empt strikes on PoK? Should India GO for it now, when we still have "Internal" enemies to deal with?
The Islamic terrorism has spread to other states like W.Bengal, Delhi and recently Gujarat. With the ISI network having its presence in all Indian states, the Internal uprising of Muslims in the form of terror attacks, will be the most dangerous things India will face.
Sep 27, 2002: After wasting so many hours, in a major breakthrough in the probe into the terrorist strike at the Swaminarayan temple in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, the security agencies have identified the two Islamic terrorists as belonging to Pakistan.
While one of them was identified as Mohammed Amjad of Lahore, the other is Hafiz Yasir of Attock, the sources said. Both of them were killed in the shootout with National Security Guard commandos.
Sep 27, 2002: While asking India to observe "restraint" w.r.t Pakistan, the US today said any sovereign state can resort to pre-emptive or preventive strikes to avert an imminent danger.
"The right to resort to pre-emptive or preventive strikes is inherent in the sovereignty of a nation to protect itself," US Secretary of State Colin Powell said speaking before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.
"The concept of pre-emptive strikes has been included in this year's Strategy Report to alert the public to the fact that terrorist threat is different from other threats. It could be applied to terrorists or to a country", Powell said.
US might have said w.r.t Iraq, but is the Vajpayee Government getting any message?
26 Sep 2002: "Vajpayee keeps repeating that we will not tolerate what is happening, but he does nothing." says Balasaheb Thakre. "We will quit the government rather than sit and watch our country being insulted"... THAT'S LIKE IT
25 Sep 2002: Temple Attack: Muslims are prepared... Are Hindus prepared? Documents found in the possession of the two Islamic terrorists has led officials to believe that they belonged to a terrorist outfit called Tehrik-e-Kasas-Gujarat. Roughly translated, the organisation would mean 'Movement for Revenge in Gujarat'.
24 Sep 2002: Swami Narayan Temple attacked. More than 25 Hindus killed by 3 Islamic terrorists. When 58 Hindus were burnt alive by Islamic Terrorist in Godhara, Muslims were also burnt alive -- tenfold.
One Temple attacked, will the Mosques be attacked now?
This Temple was attacked in Gujarat (NOT IN KASHMIR).
If Pandits could be driven out from Kashmir by Islamic terrorists, will Muslims be driven out from Gujarat?
Arise and Awake... Oh Hindus !!!!
Reuters Reports: Britain said on Tuesday that Iraqi President Saddam Hussein had the military planning to launch a weapon of mass destruction at 45 minutes' notice. A dossier setting out Prime Minister Tony Blair's case for action against Iraq said Saddam was building up stocks of chemical and biological weapons and was "ready to use them".
Abu Salem was caught in Lisbon, Portugal. He is wanted in India. But is he really a Don, Gangster or a Criminal? NO Not at ALL !!!! He is an Islamic Terrorist who blaster-minded the bomb blasts on March 12, 1993, in Mumbai, the commercial capital of India. 257 people were killed, 713 were maimed, and public property worth Rs 27 crores was damaged by these Islamic terrorists. The media still calls him a mere Don? Should he crash planes in the Towers at Nariman Point area of Mumbai to prove that he was a Islamic terrorist?
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