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Last Updated : Jan 30 2003 10:30Hrs IST.
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Provisional Govt. of Hindu Republic of Bir Bango Formed
A new nation and provisional government has been declared in Bangladesh by persecuted Hindus and a Revolutionary Council has been set up with capital in Shaktigarh in the district of Hilly Chttagong .Here is an excerpt from their press release:"....For our very existence as the original indigenous ancient Hindu population of Bangladesh dwindling down from 5 crores to present 1.5 crore, we do hereby declare ourselves as a seperate independent Hindu nation and our share of land in Bangladesh into Hindu Republic of Bir Bango comprising the territories south of rivers Padma,Meghna and Teetash.We give ourselves our independent government and proclaim ourselves a free sovereign nation.......The capital of our sovereign independent Hindu republic of Bir Bango is named Shakti Garh in Hilly Chittagong District and our Working Capital shall be at Surya Kendram in south Sundarban of Khulna District....."
Jan 28 2003: One killed in Twin bomb blast in Mumbai

Jan 19 2003: Pakistani intelligence officials on Saturday night harassed India's Charge d' Affaires Sudhir Vyas and his wife by blocking several times the car in which they were travelling. Describing the action as 'unprecedented', the Indian high commission on Sunday sent a note verbale to the Pakistan foreign office.
Jan 19 2003: Manipur seeking a 'clear' stand from Gov. of India on territorial issue.
Manipur Chief Minister Ibobi Singh would be meeting Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee and other political leaders in New Delhi, accompanied by a 16-member delegation. The visit follows widespread protests against any attempt to disintegrate Manipur territory. The National Socialist Council of Nagaland-Isak-Muivah (NSCN-IM)’s demand for the inclusion of Naga-inhabited areas of Manipur, Assam and Arunachal Pradesh in its proposed Greater Nagaland has sparked violent protests in the region, especially in Manipur. Meanwhile, on Jan 19, a newly-formed youth organisation, the Manipur Forward Youth Front (MFYF), has warned that over 10000 youth would sacrifice their lives through self-immolation if the territorial integrity of Manipur was disturbed.
Jan 17 2003: Police impose curfew in Manipur
Police clamped a night curfew on Friday on the capital of Manipur in the revolt-racked northeast following a violent protest against talks with Naga terrorists to end the country's longest insurgency. Police said they slapped the curfew on the city of Imphal after thousands tried to storm a government complex late on Thursday to oppose any move to carve up Manipur to settle the Naga revolt.
Jan 16 2003: Government of India is playing a dangerous game
It seems that the Naga leaders will stick to the old demand of a Greater Nagaland followed by a Christland. This could prove dangerous and may start disintegration of North-east India followed by demands by other states all over India. The seven North-east states of India were often neglected and hence the Christian Missionaries had targetted these states and converted most of the tribal Hindus into Christianity. Many are aware about Islamic terrorism in the World, but not many are aware about the Christian Terrorism in the North-East India. With the support of Christian Missionaries, terrorist organisations like NLFT and NSCN are spreading terror in parts of North-East India to convert the whole of North-East states to Christianity at gunpoint. NSCN has already succeeded in Nagaland to convert masses to Christianity and asking "Nagaland for Christ" and still fighting for a greater Nagaland called Nagalim, with the adjoining districts of other Indian states. NLFT is in process of having a repeat of NSCN in Tripura.
The Centre's "healing touch" policy to make the NSCN(I-M) leadership feel at home on their return to India has been counterbalanced by the "tough blow" by Manipur. Manipur chief minister Okram Ibobi Singh has said that Muivah will be arrested if he tries to enter Manipur, further adding that they will not opt for a compromise on the issue under any circumstances. That's like it. A terrorist is a terrorist. One can not have a healing touch for terrorists. The NSCN(I-M) wants contiguous Naga-inhabited areas of the Northeast to be brought under one administrative set-up which we fear is the hidden agenda to form a Nagaland for Christ.
The United Committee of Manipur (UCM) has accused New Delhi of trying to carve slices off Manipur to create a Greater Nagaland, an idea mooted by the National Socialist Council of Nagaland (NSCN). And now UCM is ready for a secessionist movement. The immediate provocation for launching the secessionist campaign in Manipur follows remarks by NSCN leaders that their demand for a Greater Nagaland was legitimate.
Has the Indian government forgotten what happened in 2001 when the jurisdiction of the ceasefire with the NSCN was extended beyond Nagaland. Manipur was up in flames with violent protests that claimed 19 lives. The violent anti-ceasefire movement in Manipur was led by UCM.
News in Brief:
India will not review its no-first-use of nuclear weapons policy since it has an adequate strike back capability in place in the event of a nuclear attack, Defence Minister George Fernandes said on Monday.
Comment: But what about the people who will get killed in the "first stike" with a nuclear, biological or chemical weapon?

Another Islamic terrorist Imran who planned the Mumbai blasts recently, has been brought to Mumbai from Dubai.

A Lashkar-e-Toiba terrorist, Sadiq Jamal Mehtar , wanted in connection with a conspiracy case to kill Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi and Vishwa Hindu Parishad leader Pravin Togadia, was shot dead by police in an encounter near the Sai Baba temple complex in Ahmedabad.

Govt. of India is talking to Naga terrorist leaders in Delhi who are asking for a greater Nagaland.
The Islamic terrorists responsible for bomb blasts in Mumbai have escaped

Jan 09 2003: India on Thursday successfully test-fired Agni-I missile from the launch complex of the Wheeler's island located in the Bay of Bengal off the Orissa coast, defence sources said. The test-firing took place at around 8:47 am. The new short range missile of the Agni series has a striking range of about 700 km and its first trial was conducted on January 25 last year from the same complex.
Jan 09 2003: Bangladesh seals border with India.
Bangladesh is reported to have put the over 4,000 km long border with India on alert to resist any likely push-in following New Delhi's decision to crackdown on Bangladeshis illegally staying in India. The move comes after Bangladesh Foreign Ministry asserted afresh that no Bangladeshi citizen was staying in India unlawfully and rejected as "baseless and absurd" the report quoting officials that 20 million Bangladeshis live there illegally.
Jan 04 2003: The Government of India has set up the Nuclear Command and announced an eight-point Nuclear Doctrine, which reiterated its commitment to 'no first strike'.After a two-hour meeting, the Cabinet Committee on Security announced the setting up of the Strategic Forces Command. The command will, as of now, report to the chairman of the chiefs of staff committee, which comprises of all the three service heads. The CCS said the Nuclear Command Authority will comprise a political council chaired by the prime minister and an executive council headed by the national security advisor.
Comment: Government of India has announced a 'second strike capability' and not a 'first strike capability'. As of now Pakistan will not think of 'first strike' since it is already gaining by the 'proxy war' of 'jihad' against India. The only change seems to be that the Government has announced that it reserved the right to launch nuclear weapons against nations that carry out chemical or biological warfare against India or its forces. Are we going to wait for a 'first nuke-chem-bio strike' as hinted earlier by Musharraf. Musharraf had said that he would have used non-conventional weapons against India, earlier in Jan after the Paki sponsered Islamic terrorist attacked the Indian Parliament and India was seriously launching attack on PoK.
Jan 04 2003: Yet another ultimatum given by VHP
Accusing Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee of avoiding the Ram temple issue, the Vishwa Hindu Parishad today reiterated that the "undisputed" land in Ayodhya be handed over to them before February 21. Addressing a news conference, VHP international vice-president S. Vedantam said there has been no change in its "deadline" to the Centre to return the "undisputed" land to the Ramjanmabhoomi Nyas or face the "democratic action" to be decided by the dharam sansad that will meet in Delhi for four days from February 21. IT is to be noted that the Supreme Court has said the undisputed land in Ayodhya could be returned to the trust, which has committed itself to the construction of a temple.
Jan 02 2003: The VHP on Thursday served an ultimatum to the BJP-led NDA Government to return the "undisputed" land acquired by the Centre at Ayodhya, before February 22 or face confrontation. "The Margdarshak Mandal is meeting on February 21, while the Dharam Sansad is meeting from February 22 to 24 to discuss the Ayodhya issue. We demand that our land be returned to us before that," VHP Senior Vice-President Acharya Giriraj Kishore told reporters here. "We have no faith in the words of politicians. We will follow every word of the decisions taken by the Dharam Sansad," he said.
Comment: But how do the Hindus believe the new date given by VHP? Last year a Shiladaan was announced on March 15, but it turned out to be a non-event. With so many Temples getting attacked in India, is there a need for another Temple at this point of time? Will it stop the attacks on Hindu Temples? On Jan 02, atleast three idols were desecrated inside a Hanuman temple in Neemkathana in Sikar district of Rajasthan. We have seen attacks on Raghunath Temple and an attack on Akshardham Temple by the Islamic terrorists. These Islamic terrorists need to be tackled first.
On Dec 06, 1992 the so-called Babri Masjid (Mosque) was demolished so that a Ram Temple can be built at its original place. While demolishing the so-called Babri Mosque, some say that the Hindus behaved like the Muslims. But it is wrong to treat the demolition of the so-called Mosque as a mere retribution for more than 3000 temple destructions by Islamic barbarians going back a thousand years. That would place the Islamic barbarians and the Hindus on the same moral plane which we feel as a historic error. What the Hindus were trying to recover was not merely the so-called mosque built over their sacred Temple, but the true history of their land. The Dec 6 demolition was a symbol of the emergence of the Indian Civilization. And it was just a start….
It does not matter if the construction of Ram Temple starts "anytime after Feb 22 2003" as proposed by VHP or does not start at all; but numerous such places still remain to be liberated.
Dec 30 2002: "Hindu-fascism in India is the latest fundamentalist threat to the peace of the world" says Justin Raimondo of www.antiwar.com. Interstingly he has mentioned about the Hindu World by giving a hyperlink to HinduWorld site amongst all other websites, calling Hindus as fascist and compared them with Nazis. And all this to prove his anti-war arguments. Hmmm.. Can we finish terrorism without crushing it?
Justin says "The emerging Israel-India alliance is all too logical, given the fundamentalist trajectory of both countries. That the U.S. is funding and sponsoring this sinister convergence will reap us the kind of "blowback" we have rightly come to dread." Oh.. What an observation!! Interestingly the article is titled "A RELIGION OF PEACE? It's a contradiction in terms". YES it really is a contradiction. It seems to be a confused article, with a desperate attempt to show Islam as a religion of peace by stating how war on terror is proceeding in a wrong way. He says "the U.S. has grown closer to Ariel Sharon" adding that fundamentalism is on rise in Israel and India. But what he calls fundamentalism is actually a "war on terror".
With so many Hindus and Jews getting killed in their respective countries, by the Islamic terrorists, should they just keep quiet and get themselves killed? Read More .... A RELIGION OF PEACE? It's a contradiction in terms.

Taliban styled Islamic Jihad in India. (Updated)
Dec 28 2002: LeT training Indian expatriates in West Asia for terrorist activities
Media reports on December 28, quoting a Union Home Ministry report, said the Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT) is training Indian Muslim youth working in the Gulf for assassinating political and religious leaders, in order to trigger communal violences, especially in Gujarat, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh. A series of attack on Hindu temples and explosions in Andhra Pradesh recently, especially outside a temple in Hyderabad on November 21, were traced to groups connected with LeT modules in that State, reports said. A year ago, Andhra Pradesh Police, with the help of the Research Analysis Wing (RAW), the Intelligence Bureau (IB) and other intelligence agencies, cracked a module of the LeT led by Azam Gauri in Hyderabad. He was later killed in an encounter. Subsequently, some more LeT operatives were detected and arrested.
Dec 28 2002: Union Home Ministry prepares fresh dossier on Dawood Ibrahim
Media reports said, a fresh dossier has been prepared on the Karachi-based Islamic terrorist Dawood Ibrahim, also a key accused in the March 12, 1993-Mumbai bomb blasts. According to the dossier, Dawood Ibrahim has built a huge empire estimated to be at over Rs 7000 crore, of which over Rs 1000 crore has been 'donated' over the years to the Pakistani government and the Inter Services Intelligence (ISI), to fund operations as well as tide over economic crisis. Dawood Ibrahim is one of the main suppliers of arms to the Al-Qaida and is in constant touch with the top leadership of the terrorist organisation.
Dec 28 2002: A media report of December 26 said illegal Bangladeshi muslim migrants have started settling in the Mukong Selek Jonai tribal belt in Assam's Dhemaji district. The report also claimed that there are already approximately 5000 such settlers. According to the Mukong Selek Jonai Tribal Belt Protection Action Committee, a local-level non-governmental organisation, Arunachali landowners engage Bangladeshi immigrants as farm labour every year. Once the farming season is over, landowners disown them and these labourers have started settling on the Assam side of the border.
Dec 26 2002: Welcome to Hindu Rashtra
The Vishwa Hindu Parishad has plans to put up 'Welcome to Hindu Rashtra' boards in prominent places all over the country and organise 'Hindu sammelans' (getogethers) as a part of a campaign to make India a 'Hindu Rashtra', VHP leaders said in Pune.
Comment: VHP has said that 300,000 youths would be armed with trishuls and asked to take a pledge to devote their lives to protecting Hindu culture. How are the Trishuls going to help when the Islamic Terrorists have weapons like Rocket launchers recently found in Jammu-kashmir and Baroda in the state of Gujarat?
Also VHP has said about Mandir Banao - Aantakvad Mitao meaning building (Ram) Temple and finishing (Islamic) Terrorism. How is construction of Ram Temple going to even reduce Islamic Terrorism?

Dec 26 2002: Charges were today framed in a local court against former JKLF leader Hashim Qureshi for hijacking of an Indian Airlines plane to Pakistan and setting it ablaze in 1971. Qureshi, surrendered to Indian authorities last year after spending 20 years in a Pakistani jail and several European countries. Qureshi, on his return here floated the Democratic Liberation Party.
Dec 26 2002: Police have detained eleven persons, allegedly belonging to a Islamic terrorist group, in connection with the December two Ghatkopar bomb blast that claimed two lives, even as Maharashtra home ministry claimed that one of the accused operated from Saudi Arabia.
Dec 25 2002: Muslim stabbed to death in the Indian state of Gujarat
A Muslim was stabbed to death after Hindus and Muslims clashed in the riot-torn western Indian state of Gujarat, after the trouble which began after some Muslims pelted stones at Hindu houses in Baroda, some 120 kilometers (75 miles) southeast of the state's main city Ahmedabad.
Dec 25 2002: In a major breakthrough, the police have arrested three Islamic terrorist who were responsible for the twin blasts in Mumbai early this month, Mumbai Police Commissioner M N Singh said on Tuesday night. The three terrorist Dr. Abdul Matin, Mujjamal and Zahir Shaikh were arrested in Sambhajinagar (previously called Aurangabad). Interesting coincidence was that one of terrorist in 1993 Mumbai bomb blast was also a Dr.. More than 250 people, mostly Hindus had died in a string of bomb explosions in Mumbai in 1993 which were carried out by the Islamic terrorist Dawood Ibrahim with the help of Pakistani ISI.
On December 2 2002, a bomb ripped through a stationary bus near Ghatkopar station in the eastern suburbs, killing at least two persons and injuring over thirty others. On the same night, another bomb was recovered from a bus at Andheri in western suburb.
On December 6 2002, the 10th anniversary of the so-called Babri Masjid demolition, a crude device went off at a food joint at the Mumbai Central Railway station, injuring at least 25 persons.
Dec 24 2002: Two Hindus related to a police officer have been dragged out of their home and beheaded by Islamic terrorists in Kashmir. The terrorists dragged the father and brother of Pawan Kumar, who was on police duty at the time, from their house in the village of Khas in Rajouri, 177 kilometres west of the winter capital Jammu.
Taliban styled Islamic Jihad in India. (Updated)
Dec 21 2002: Islamic terrorists are killing their own supporters.
An unidentified Islamic terrorist, on December 20, assassinated Abdul Aziz Mir, Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) of J&K, belonging to the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) near Pampore town. PDP after coming to power has released many of the Islamic terrorists from jail. Mir, hailing from Konibal, was reportedly killed in the presence of nine security guards when he was returning home after offering Friday prayers at the local mosque. Meanwhile, Sheikh Tajamul, identifying himself as the spokesperson of a relatively less known terrorist outfit ‘Save Kashmir Movement’, told the local news agency CNS over telephone that his organisation had carried out the assassination.
Dec 21 2002: According to media reports, a special court in Coimbatore, on December 20, convicted eight Al-Ulmma activists including Mohammed Ansari, president of Al Umma, and Sidhique Ali, son of S.A. Basha the outfit’s founder president. They were all accused in the murder of traffic constable Selveraj in November 1997, which triggered communal violence causing the death of 17 persons in Coimbatore.
The special public prosecutor contended that the genesis of the serial bomb blasts that ravaged Coimbatore in 1998, lay in Selvaraj’s murder. The Al-Ulmma is an Islamist terrorist Organisation that engineered the serial bomb blasts in Coimbatore. At least 33 people––including eight women and a child––died while 153 more were injured in a series of 12 bomb blasts in Coimbatore on February 14, 1998.
Police stop Hindu activists from performing rituals

"Why didn't many people of the Muslim community condemn the Godhra incident? Even today, there is no repentance that we committed a mistake or that this should not have happened and that it was a crime," Vajpayee said while addressing the BJP parliamentary party meeting in Delhi.
Israel terror alarm for Goa beaches
Dec 15 2002: Most decisive election in years
The Bharatiya Janata Party swept to victory on Sunday in the Indian state of Gujarat. It was a landslide for BJP. But what were the reasons?
BJP won because of the consistent stand taken by Narendra Modi after Godhara and that was security. Even during the election compaign BJP leader was talking about security to Gujaratis. He constantly reminded the voter about the terrorist attacks at Godhra where Hindus were burnt alive and attack on Akshardham Temple where again Hindus were the target.
Indian Muslim groups had said that the community would vote in large numbers against ruling Bhartiya Janata Party. The Islamic Relief Committee held meetings with community representatives to try to ensure at least 90 percent of Muslims vote against BJP. Before the elections, Sayeed Sahidar Rehman, a former city councillor in Gujarat's main city of Ahmedabad said "We are waiting for election day, this is the most decisive election in years for Muslims." The Imams issued Fatwas to Muslims to vote for Congress. So what happened? The average Hindus voters who were in two minds also voted for BJP.
BJP has won yet again under the leadership of Narendra Modi in Gujarat. Did we notice that it was because Modi was consistent in his speeches, remarks and comments about the "security" of Gujarat? Like other Political parties he also spoke about Economic Developement and others issues. But the important thing which clicked was the "security" of its Citizens because if nothing is secured and we are under continuous threat from terrorism, economic development will collapse in a few days.
People are the asset and the security of People is to be given utmost importance because the people make the nation. Without security one can not have development. One of the dangers to security is terrorism, Islamic terrorism being the worst of all.
"We are waiting for election day, this is the most decisive election in years for Muslims." Now that the election results are also out, what is the decision of Muslims in India?

Dec 13 2002: At least ten persons were injured, five of them seriously, following a attack by Bangladeshi immigrants on local people at Lunimathia hamlet under Mahakalpada block of Kendrapara district in Indian state of Orissa. The immigrants used spears, lathis and country-made bombs during the clash. Five of the injured persons were shifted to SCB medical college hospital, Cuttack, in serious condition. While tension continued to prevail in the area, police have arrested four persons so far in connection with the incident.
Muslims had said Gujarat elections are the most decisive elections for Muslims. HinduWorld had earlier raised this question and would like to repeat it. "Will Muslims leave the state (if) BJP is voted to power?" What is the answer, now that BJP has won?
Dec 10 2002: Most decisive election in years
Indian Muslim groups said yesterday that the community would vote in large numbers against ruling Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) in Indian state of Gujarat. The Islamic Relief Committee held meetings with community representatives to try to ensure at least 90 percent of Muslims vote against BJP. Sayeed Sahidar Rehman, a former city councillor in Gujarat's main city of Ahmedabad said "We are waiting for election day, this is the most decisive election in years for Muslims."
Will Muslims leave the state if BJP is voted to power?
Dec 09 2002: Deputy Prime Minister Lal Kishenchand Advani has now confirmed that Anees Ibrahim, one of the main Islamic terrorist accused in the Mumbai bomb blasts case, has been arrested by the UAE police in Dubai. Top officials in the ministry of home affairs are looking for extradition of Annes Ibrahim since one of the Islamic terrorist involved in the attack on the American Centre in Kolkata, Aftab Ansari was arrested and then handed over to India. But in case of Anees Ibrahim the problem may arise because he has a Pakistani passport with him at the time of his arrest. Anees Ibrahim is the brother of Islamic terrorist Dawood Ibrahim who had blasterminded the serial bomb blasts in Mumbai on March 12 1993 with the active support of Pakistani ISI. More than 250 people, mostly Hindus had died in a string of 13 bomb explosions in Mumbai.
Dec 04 2002: Temples to be attacked on Dec 6
The Tamil Nadu police arrested a Imam and five other Muslims having links with a Islamic terror network operating under the name of Muslim Defence Force. The police has now confirmed that it is a major terrorist network funded by Saudi Arabia. But according to reports received, Abu Hamsa, the leader of Islamic terrorists, is still staying in Saudi Arabia. MDF was planning to assassinate important religious and political leaders in India, besides bombing big temples in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Chennai police commissioner K. Vijayakumar told reporters that interrogation of two members of the newly-formed Muslim Defence Force, arrested from a Chennai suburb on November 29, had unfolded a diabolic plan to unleash terror in the Tamil to coincide with the tenth anniversary of Babri Masjid demolition. According to Mr Vijayakumar, the conspiracy to unleash terror in Tamil Nadu was hatched in June during a secret meeting of about 25 MDF members held at Courtallam in Tirunelveli district of southern Tamil Nadu. The leader of that conclave was Hamid Pakkiri, brother-in-law of Al-Umma leader Imam Ali, recently killed in a police encounter in Bangalore. As reported earlier Pakkiri had recently travelled to Sri Lanka to get help to train the MDF activists in handling weapons and explosives.
Dec 03 2002: Temples to be attacked on Dec 6
Interrogation of the terrorists arrested last week had revealed their plans to plant bombs in some temples on December 6, the anniversary of the so-called Babri Masjid demolition. Police had since been on the lookout for other members and they have caught two more terrorists in Tamilnadu, suspected to have links with those who planted bombs near the Sai Baba temple at Hyderabad. All the four were members of the Muslim Defence Force (MDF), an Islamic terrorist group, and had gone to Pakistan via Srilanka and received training in the Pakistani terrorist camps.
Dec 03 2002: Mumbai Blast Update 14:00 Hrs: One of the explosives is still lying in SEEPZ area at Andheri East. The bombs seized hours after the Ghatkopar blast from a BEST bus at SEEPZ in suburban Andheri have not been defused so far to facilitate forensic experts from Delhi to analyse the explosives used.
An official with the Mumbai police’s Bomb Detection and Disposal Squad said yesterday’s explosion at Ghatkopar was caused by an improvised explosive device (IED), the same kind used in the serial blasts of March 1993.
Fifteen of the 38 people injured in the Ghatkopar bus blast are in critical condition

Dec 02 2002: Kumar Raju Ranjan and two others were killed along with 28 of them getting injured in a bomb blast outside Ghatkopar railway station (on the west side) in North-east Mumbai. The blast occurred in an empty BEST bus, which was parked on the bus stop outside the station, else it more people would have got killed. Mumbai police had launched a manhunt in the first and second week of Nov. for the five (possibly six) suspects, who were believed to be Kashmiri Pathans. They used a taxi to familiarise themselves with possible targets in the commercial capital of India. These Islamic terrorists are still not caught or encountered. It is feared that the same terrorists might have planted the bomb in the BEST bus. Incidentally Mumbai blast case hearings ended today in Mumbai with major concessions given to half-muslim film star Sanjay Dutt and 88 others accused. They are exempted from appearance until December 16. More than 250 people, mostly Hindus had died in a string of bomb explosions in Mumbai in 1993 which were carried out by the Islamic terrorist Dawood Ibrahim with the help of Pakistani ISI.
Dec 01 2002: Two armymen were killed by muslim villagers following which rest of the army jawans opened fire, killing seven villagers on the spot. It is reported that the army had gone at Adhiarpara Dehpuria village under Hajo police station of Kamrup distrtict some 60 km from Assam's capital Guwahati after getting the information about terrorists hiding in those areas.
Dec 01 2002: Accusing Pakistan of trying to destabilise India's economy through terrorism, Indian Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee today said government has information that terrorists might target more temples in the country. So what is Government of India doing? Will it wait till Temples are attacked all over India? Is this Bangladesh where Temples are regularly attacked?
Nov 30 2002: Islamic countries have to acquire nuclear weapons, says Imam Bukhari
The spiritual head of Islamic terrorists in India, Shahi Imam Syed Abdullah Bukhari addressed Muslims in Delhi Jama Masjid (mosque) on Friday Nov 29, the last Friday of the Muslims holy month of Ramazan, known as international Quds day. In his address to muslims, Imam Bukhari said "The US, the Zionist regime (referring to Israel), and the United Kingdom will be defeated and expelled to hell", further adding that the liberation of Palestine is as certain as the shining of the sun in the sky at midday".
Bukhari called on all Islamic countries to "be united to challenge the unholy alliance of the US and Western powers against Islam". He also urged Islamic countries to acquire nuclear weapons to "become equal in power with their enemies (probably referring to US, UK, Russia, Israel and India)", adding "We will face US and Zionist aggression and will liberate the first Qibla (first direction of Muslim prayer). Believers will never be defeated or scared".
In his address, Bukhari also commented that "Indian Muslims have the same faith as the Palestinians in facing the enemies of Islam", referring to Hindus.
Bukhari is known to have, in the past, made pro-Taliban and pro-Osama Bin Laden statements. But the Government of India has not taken any action so far. Neither they have filed any cases against him nor warned him of stern action. Imam's warning comes just after another leader Sultan Salahuddin Owaisi had warned of dire consequences of Islamic terrorists getting encountered. He was speaking this with reference to Islamic terrorists being gunned down by Police in Hyderabad. With the Islamic terrorists getting sympathy from Muslims in India and their leaders speaking the language of terror, reminds us of pro-1947 period when Muslims had demanded and were successfull in getting Islamic country for themselves. History repeating itself.. and Hindus are silent.

Nov 26 2002: Terrorist is a terrorist, counter them or encounter them.
Security was stepped up in the city of Hyderabad with deployment of additional forces following the killings of two Lashkar-e-Toiba terrorists, key suspects in the Sai Baba temple blast, in police encounters. Violence had erupted during the burrial of one of the terrorists Mohammad Azam, a resident of the old city area. A huge pro-terrorist crowd gathered for the funeral pelting stones at police vehicles and raising slogans against them, police said. A Muslim politician and president of Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (MIM) Sultan Salahuddin Owaisi has warned of dire consequences and asked the police not to test his party's patience. In a statement carried in local Urdu newspapers Monday, Owaisi said Muslims can go to any extent and warned of burning down of Police stations like in 1980s. He said that there is a deep-rooted conspiracy behind a temple bomb blast last week and the subsequent (encounter) killings of Islamic terrorists. Comment: Terrorist is a terrorist, counter them or encounter them, ultimately we need to wipe-off terrorism, Islamic terrorism being the worst form of all. Three attacks on Hindu Temples in a week!!! Two in Jammu and one in Hyderabad few days back and that too in a country where Hindus are in majority. What are Hindus doing? Are they afraid only because Advani says it can not be a Hindu Nation. Is it only the duty of Gujarati Hindus to retaliate? Why can not the other Hindus revolt?
Is History repeating itself, with the attack on Hindu Temples? The descendants of Gaznis and Ghouris are repeating the history. Arise Oh Hindus... We do not have Kings and Gods to save us... Even our PM and Dep. PM who belong to (so-called) right wing party supported by few (so-called) secular parties seem to he helpless.
Nov 25 2002: Fresh firing erupted near the Taj hotel in Jammu city on Monday morning, close to the Raghunath temple that was attacked overnight by Islamic terrorists. More details awaited.
Nov 24 2002: The siege of Raghunath temple has ended according to sources. Raghunath temple was packed with devotees that left at least 12 people dead including four women and two security men and injuring about 50 others, some of them seriously. The siege of another small Shiv temple is still continuing. This was the second attack on the Raghunath Temple. Earlier Islamic terrorist had stormed the famous Raghunath Temple in which at least 11 people were killed on Mar 30, 2002. This barbaric Islamic act has happened in a country where majority of the population is Hindu. Arise Oh Hindus... We do not have Kings and Gods to save us... and the Indian PM is also running away from Hindus.
"Mufti" the leader of freed Islamic Terrorists
Nov 24 2002: Kashmir is bleeding but "Mufti" is increasing "Muft" ki Musibat in Kashmir. He has already released terrorists like Mian Musharraf did in Pakistan. Islamic terrorists in Kashmir said on Sunday a landmine blast that killed 12 people was their message that more terrorism is to follow. The Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister wants to become the Chief Minister of the freed Islamic Terrorists in J&K so that in the next elections he wins more seats.
Nov 16 2002: Gujarat authorities vowed on Saturday to prevent the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) from staging a yatra (march) in the state in defiance of a ban from EC. The Narendra Modi-led BJP government tightened the noose around VHP leaders today. It has prevented its international general secretary Praveen Togadia from entering sensitive Godhra town. Godhara is the venue of VHP's controversial 'padshahi' yatra to start from Nov 17. But the VHP has said that they will go ahead with the yatra, 'come what may'.
Nov 16 2002: Two days after the Maharashtra authorities cracked down on retired military personnel training youths for "suicide squads", there were signs Saturday that the government might allow them to continue. Colonel (retd) Jayant Chitale and his associate Sanjeev Atre, who were conducting the training on the outskirts of Mumbai and were arrested and later released on bail, said nothing illegal was being done at their camp. Chitale's Maharashtra Military Force (MMF) reportedly trained some youths belonging to the Shiv Sena in past few days.
Nov 15 2002: Set aside the Mosques and Madarsas, can the Police dare to raid the Muslim homes in Mumbra, Bhayandar and other Muslim pockets all over the state?
The Titwala police today arrested the commandant of the privately run 'Hindusthan Suicide Squad' at Badlapur in the Thane district of Maharashatra. The commandant, Sanjeev Atre, led the training of the 29 youths to form a suicide squad. It is reportedly said that Sanjeev Atre was sent by Shiv Sena to attend the training. The privately run academy has been conducting training camps for the past four years and is run by Col (Retd) Jayant Chitale. The police, has arrested Atre under Section 37 of the Mumbai Police Act for storing spears and swords at the academy in Badlapur.
Set aside the Mosques and Madarsas, can the Police dare to raid the Muslim homes in Mumbra, Bhayandar and other Muslim pockets all over the state?
Nov 14 2002: My suicide squad is secular: Lt Col Chitale
Lieutenant Colonel (retired) Jayant Rao Chitale clarified he had formed a 'Hindustan suicide squad' and not a 'Hindu suicide squad' dismissing reports that his outfit has links with the Shiv Sena. But unconfirmed reports says that few Shiv sainiks had attended the training. Also, Lt Col Chitale has been supported by Lt Col (retired) Lt Gen P N Hoon and a few other ex-servicemen belonging to the Shiv Sena.
Nov 13 2002: A retired Army officer Col (retd) Jayant Chitale launched the ‘Hindusthan Atma Ghatki Pathak’ (Hindustan Suicide Squad) today in Ambernath, 65 km from Mumbai. Shiv Sena supremo had called for Hindus to form such Suicide Squad to tackle the menace of Islamic terrorism. The squad has 45 young men who completed commando training and signed a bond that they were willing to die for the country. They said that they are not linked to Shiv Sena but the chief guest at Nov 13 function was Premnath Hoon, former chief of the Army’s Western Command and who is currently head of the Shiv Sena’s Army welfare. cell. "There should be both men and women in this kind of an academy," Hoon said. "It should also be opened across the country to counter Pak-sponsored terrorism." Chitale said, "What Thackeray said was always in our heart, it’s just that we’ve got an impetus now." Chitale’s Maharashtra Commando Academy runs regular military training programmes for young men; he also runs the Maharashtra Military Foundation in Pune.
Nov 13 2002: Can EC dare to stop "Haj Yatra" during Election?
The Election Commission today barred the VHP from going ahead with its proposed Yatra from Friday saying no activity that may aggravate differences between communities should be allowed. Can EC also dare to stop the "Haj Yatra"?
The proposed yatra of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad starts from Godhra on November 15 and ends at the Akshardham temple on December 6. December 6 happens to be the day when the so-called Babri Mosque was demolished, which was built after smashing a Temple, by Barbaric Babar. This day is also celebrated as the Vijay Divas by VHP and other Hindu organisations.
Nov 11 2002:Where is the Media when two Hindus are killed in Gujarat? Will they arrive when Hindus (if at all) retaliate, and then file reports like they did in post-Godhara events?
Two Hindus were stabbed to death on November 11 as Muslims were on a death dancing in Mahudha village in Kheda district of Gujarat. The victims Kartik Patel and Bhavin Patel, both residents of Navapura locality in the village, were stabbed, and they succumbed to injuries at Nadiad Civil Hospital. The latest violence came as CM Narendra Modi has started his yatra from Godhara and the Chief Election Commissioner J.M. Lyngdoh arriving in Ahmedabad for a two-day visit and calling the situation in Gujarat as nasty. "Yes" the situation is "nasty", because Muslims are still creating problems in Gujarat, even when the Hindus are silent after the Akshardham incident.
Meanwhile elsewhere, an explosion ripped through a shop in the Kheda district of Gujarat, killing the shopkeeper and his son, hours after fresh violence by Muslims claimed the lives of two Hindus.
Nov 11 2002: A Kashmiri pro-independence Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) leader Yasin Malik was freed from jail on Monday. Yasin Malik's release also came as seven policemen died in the biggest attack on security forces by Islamic terrorists since the new administration took power this month.
Nov 10 2002: The security supervisor, Deepak Prasad Pokharel, for the US embassy in Nepal was shot dead at his house by three gunmen, officials said. It was the second killing of a security official at a US institution in Nepal in the past 11 months. On December 15 last year a guard at the mission of the US Agency for International Development (USAID) in Kathmandu, Ramesh Manandhar, was shot dead while on duty in another attack attributed to the Maoists. No one has been apprehended in Mandahar's killing and the US embassy in Kathmandu just last week offered a 500,000-rupee (about 6,750-dollar) reward for information leading to the arrest of the assailants. Police have not caught any suspects in recent killing, but local radio said the attack was likely carried out by Maoist rebels who are fighting to topple the monarchy and are staunchly anti-American and anti-India. The Maoists have been demanding the abrogation of all treaties and agreements with India which, in their view, are detrimental to Nepal's interests. And since they have a common interest of anti-India views, the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) of Pakistan is helping the Maoists by giving financial and material assistance to Maoists. ISI has trained some of the Mao cadres, by taking advantage of the inadequacies in the Nepal Governments' intelligence and security apparatus. ISI has also motivated the Maoists by projecting the Indian Army as their next enemy after they defeat the Nepalese Army. The ISI wants to make its root stronger in the countries like Bangladesh and Nepal so that they can penetrate neighbouring Indian states of Bihar, W. Bengal and North-East India. Recently it has been revealed that the Maoists also have a strong presence in Indian states of Bihar and Jharkhand, having contacts with the Maoists of Nepal.
Nov 10, 2002: News in brief:
Indian troops kill five Islamic terrorists in Kashmir
India gives Bangladesh list of terrorist camps to close: report
Sindh may secede from Pakistan, warns Jethamalani
Nov 09, 2002: Delhi Police defended on Saturday their version of the killing of Islamic Terrorists in a gunfight at Ansal Plaza in New Delhi and rejected allegations that they had killed unarmed youths. Terrorists are terrorists whether armed or unarmed, should be killed. THAT IS IT...
Nov 08, 2002: Chief Election Commissioner of India J M Lyngdoh has said that the people who make communal speeches should be prosecuted and the Commission would enforce the law "rigidly" in Gujarat in the coming Assembly elections.
"Absolutely, people who use that sort of language should be prosecuted. We have to hasten that process", he said in the "Court Martial" programme for SAB TV anchored by Karan Thapar. He was replying to a question on how the Commission would ensure trouble free elections in Gujarat when there were press interviews and statements by leaders on communal lines. Asked specifically whether he was talking about people like VHP leader Praveen Togadia, the CEC said "it could be anybody. Whoever it is".
Does the "whoever it is" includes Imam Bukhari of Jama Masjid, Nihal Ahmed from Malegaon and other muslim leaders who support not only communalism but support Osama bin Laden's Islamic terrorism?
Nov 07, 2002: The taxi driver who ?unknowingly? drove five young Islamic terrorists around the Mumbai city approached the Shivaji Park Police Station after they did not pay the cab fare.
Mumbai police have launched a manhunt for the these five (possibly six) suspects, who are believed to be Kashmiri Pathans. They used the taxi to familiarise themselves with possible targets in the commercial capital of India.
A police official said: "What the taxi driver told us indicated that the passengers made odd stops along the way, looked odd, spoke odd and dressed odd. We could not help but suspect that these five could be terrorists from across the border."
According to the cabbie’s statement, the five hired his vehicle near Dadar Railway Station and asked him to drive towards Fort area of Mumbai. Along the way, they spoke in a language that was similar to Urdu.
Two of the five got off near the LIC building, Nariman Point in South Mumbai. One of them headed towards the Air-India building, while the other said he would remain at the LIC building.
The second stop was near the Income-Tax building, Churchgate, where a third passenger got off. The fourth passenger asked to be dropped off in front of the Opera House.
The fifth man came all the way back to Dadar which is one of the most crowded place in Mumbai and is a major railway junction connecting the Central and Western Railway. He wanted to know where the (Shiv) Sena Bhavan was, and the cabbie pointed it out to him.
Then, at the junction between Bavrikar Marg and Gokhale Road in Dadar, the passenger got off and asked the driver to wait for him. But the passenger never returned after which the cabbie decided to lodge a complaint with the police.
The driver at first approached the Antop Hill police since the owner of the cab was from Antop Hill. The Antop Hill police refused to register the complaint and instead asked him to go to the Shivaji Park police station, within whose jurisdiction the last passenger got off.
A police official said, "Investigations indicate the five could very well be Kashmiri Pathans. If they were just tourists, they would not have got off at different stops. All police stations in Mumbai are on the lookout for them."
Meanwhile, the owner of the cab, who did not wish to be named, said the driver had fled to his village. "He called me up the night he made the complaint and told me his life was in danger. He did not tell me everything that happened. The next day he returned the vehicle and after that there’s been no news of him," said the owner, who lives at Antop Hill. "Police kept calling me every day after the incident. Finally, I took the receiver off the hook" he said.
Fears are that these Islamic terrorists freely moving about in the city could create a Akshardham like attack in crowded places.
A Muslim has done what a Hindu could not dare to.
Nov 07, 2002: The Delhi High Court has sought replies from the Centre and Lt Governor of Delhi on a petition alleging that Islamic terrorists were taking shelter in the city's Jama Masjid.
A Public Interest Litigation (PIL) has been filed by a muslim resident of the Delhi City, who has alleged that "respondent Number 8 (Ahmed Bukhari) and his father had started using the surrounding areas (of the mosque) for their private use and all sorts of illegal activities, bazars, (islamic) terrorist activities and unsocial elements take shelter in this monument".
On Apr 19, 2002 addressing a large Muslim gathering during the Friday Namaz Imam Bukhari had said "What has happened in Gujarat over the last 51 days is nothing but genocide...stop it now". "There will be a civil war in this country. We will also show our strength. India will be broken into pieces."
When Shiv Sena supremo Balasaheb Thakre had said "If the voting rights of Muslims is taken back, the Politicians will stop appeasing them" And the media started criticizing him Left, (?)Right(?) and Center. When he said we need to have "Hindu Suicide Squads" to tackle Islamic terrorism, media again criticized him. But why is the same media not speaking a word against Imam Bukhari. Are they afraid?
From Friday to Friday the things are going out of hand. With Ramzan starting from Friday it will even become worse. Bukhari seems to be repeating the same statements that Jinnah and other Muslims spoke before 1947. Unfortunately for Hindus, in 1947 Muslims did not take all Muslims to Pakistan OR it might be that they kept them in India, so that they can ask for more, after changing the demography. Jinnah talked of piece called Pakistan and Bukhari has talked about PIECES. Oh!!! The media had said nothing. No Objections, No Talk shows, No Big Fight, No Editorials. NOT STRANGE... After all We are PEACE LOVING Hindus.
But by filing a PIL, A Muslim has done what a Hindu could not dare to. If Golden Temple was stormed to flush out terrorists, why not the Jama Mosque?
Also read: HC sends notice to Govt, Imam Bukhari
Nov 03, 2002: Two suspected Islamic terrorists of Lashkar-e-Toiba have been killed in an encounter with police in New Delhi's Ansal Plaza shopping mall. The encounter began at about 7:30 pm (IST) after the Islamic terrorists arrived in a white Maruti van in the basement parking area of the shopping complex, which is located in south Delhi. The plaza was packed with hundreds of people doing Diwali-eve shopping when the gunbattle with the sleuths of the special cell of Delhi Police erupted. It would have been a disaster if these Islamic terrorists would not have been encountered by the police. A second Akshardham has been avoided by alert Police with its 20-25 commandos in plain clothes who were deployed to nab the Islamic terrorists.
Nov 03, 2002: US Authorities now believe that a string of sniper shootings that terrorized the U.S. could have begun with an attack on an Indian American two weeks before the crime saga unfolded on October 2. Police say the sniper shootings, might have started with the wounding of Rupinder Oberoi in Maryland on September 14. Two Islamic terrorists John Allen Muhammad, 41, and his accomplice John Lee Malvo, 17, are now being accused of shooting 17 people -- killing 12 and wounding five. Premkumar Walekar, a cab driver, was shot dead earlier in Montgomery County, Maryland.
Nov 01, 2002: Balancing act of the Supreme Court
In a balancing act of judgment, the Supreme Court on Thursday ruled that the minorities had the right to establish educational institutions of their choice but also brought in the Government to regulate them.
A 11-judge Constitution Bench headed by Chief Justice B.N. Kirpal said, "An aided MEI (minority educational institution) would be entitled to have the right of admission of students belonging to the minority group and at the same time would be required to admit a reasonable extent of non-minority students, so that the rights under Article 30(1) are not substantially impaired, and further, the citizen’s rights under Article 29(2) are not infringed"
Article 30 (1) gives all minorities, whether based on religion or language, the right to establish and administer educational institutions of their choice. But Article 29(2) says, no citizen shall be denied admission into any educational institution maintained by the state and/or state-aided, on grounds only of religion, race, caste, language, or any of them. But why in the first place the Government should aid any MEI if it believes in equality of all citizens?
While clarifying the status of minority institutions, the court with its "Goddess of Justice" being blind-folded has refrained from answering a very important question like defining what is religion (which is root cause of all problems) in Article 30(1).
The bench also did not answer whether a particular religion can claim protection under Article 30(1) on the basis that they are in a minority in the particular state, even though they are in the majority elsewhere or countrywide? Like for example, can Hindus get the protection in Kashmir and Nagaland?
Oct 20, 2002: The International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), which used Karachi airport as a transit base for its Afghan operations, has decided to vacate it before November 11 when the contract ends. It has to be noted that Pro-Taliban parties in Pakistan had stepped up their demand for the US to leave Pakistani airbases.
Meanwhile, the United States has designated Global Relief Foundation (GRF), an NGO active in Pakistan, Jammu and Kashmir, Afghanistan and a host of other countries as a terrorist ogranisation. The US Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) on Friday listed GRF as "specially designated global terrorist". The Foundation has extensive ties with Osama bin Laden, Al-Qaida and other Islamic terrorist organisations and their supporter foster terror in Kashmir, US Undersecretary for Enforcement Jimmy Gurule said on Oct 19.
Oct 18, 2002: Fully standing by his Dussehera rally speech containing anti-Muslim remarks, Shiv Sena supremo Bal Thackeray said he will not seek anticipatory bail in the criminal case registered against him. An unfazed Thackeray told a press conference that he had not made any objectionable statements by issuing a clarion call for formation of suicide squads to fight terrorism nor did he speak against Indian Muslims. Thakceray said he had not sought anticipatory bail last time and he would not apply for one this time as well, he said and thanked the media for giving his statement wide publicity. The country had never been this timid and weak in its entire history, Thackeray said.
Oct 17, 2002: Two days after Shiv Sena supremo Bal Thackeray asked Hindus to form suicide squads to deal with Islamic terrorism, Maharashtra police today registered a case against him for promoting enmity between different groups, a charge under Section 153(a) of IPC in which he could be arrested.
Oct 16, 2002: Shiv Sena supremo Bal Thackeray has favoured the formation of suicide squads amongst Hindus to take on the menace of Islamic terrorism. "If such suicide squads are formed then only we can take on perpetrators of mindless violence," Thackeray said in party mouthpiece Saamna here on Tuesday. THANK YOU BALASAHEB!!! WE ARE READY IF THE FIRST TARGET IS JAMMA MASJID IN DELHI FROM WHERE THE IMAM BUKHARI AND THE SUPPORTERS OF OSAMA BIN LADEN GATHER ON EVERY FRIDAY.
Oct 13, 2002: Muslims called for World-Wide Strike on Friday to protest against what Baptist Rev. Jerry Falwell in US said "Mohammed is a terrorist". During the strike the Muslims went on a rampage in Solapur (State: Maharashtra, Country India) shouting "PAKISTAN ZINDABAD" . Indian Police did nothing!! Hindus, can you see how secular we are? We even allowed slogans like "PAKISTAN ZINDABAD"!!! We even allowed them to break the "Devi" idols installed in the "Pandals" for Navratri Puja. Why can not Maharashtra become another Gujarat?

Oct 07, 2002: An Indian American killed in a shooting spree in the U.S. was laid to rest at a ceremony attended by several mourners. Premkumar Walekar, a cab driver, was one among eight people shot in Montgomery County, Maryland, last week in apparent random attacks.
Oct 03, 2002: The army on Thursday foiled an infiltration bid along the Line of Control in Rajouri-Poonch sector killing eight Islamic terrorists, but in the process losing an Army Officer. The army had earlier foiled an infiltration bid on Wednesday in Mandi area of Poonch district, gunning down four Hizb-e-Islami terrorists.
Oct 03, 2002: After a fierce overnight battle, security forces finally put an end to a deadly encounter that lasted over ten hours in Hiranagar. Two Islamic Terrorists and a Deputy Superintendent of Police were killed. Hiranagar is the same area where a bomb had exploded in a bus carrying Hindu Pilgrims, on Tuesday. The Army says that the terrorists involved in the incident belong to the same group that conducted Tuesday's attack. The Jammu Joint Students Federation and J&K National Panthers Party have called a joint stike in Jammu today to protest yesterday's blast inside a pilgrim bus, which left two dead and 22 injured.
Sep 30, 2002: Indian Ex-External Affairs Min. and current Finance Minister Jaswant Singh discussed the Iraq issue with U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell and later said cryptically that pre-emption was not the sole prerogative of any one country.
Singh you have scored points during and after the meeting with Colin Powell. But does that mean India will pre-empt strikes on PoK? Should India GO for it now, when we still have "Internal" enemies to deal with?
The Islamic terrorism has spread to other states like W.Bengal, Delhi and recently Gujarat. With the ISI network having its presence in all Indian states, the Internal uprising of Muslims in the form of terror attacks, will be the most dangerous things India will face.
Sep 27, 2002: After wasting so many hours, in a major breakthrough in the probe into the terrorist strike at the Swaminarayan temple in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, the security agencies have identified the two Islamic terrorists as belonging to Pakistan.
While one of them was identified as Mohammed Amjad of Lahore, the other is Hafiz Yasir of Attock, the sources said. Both of them were killed in the shootout with National Security Guard commandos.
Sep 27, 2002: While asking India to observe "restraint" w.r.t Pakistan, the US today said any sovereign state can resort to pre-emptive or preventive strikes to avert an imminent danger.
"The right to resort to pre-emptive or preventive strikes is inherent in the sovereignty of a nation to protect itself," US Secretary of State Colin Powell said speaking before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.
"The concept of pre-emptive strikes has been included in this year's Strategy Report to alert the public to the fact that terrorist threat is different from other threats. It could be applied to terrorists or to a country", Powell said.
US might have said w.r.t Iraq, but is the Vajpayee Government getting any message?
26 Sep 2002: "Vajpayee keeps repeating that we will not tolerate what is happening, but he does nothing." says Balasaheb Thakre. "We will quit the government rather than sit and watch our country being insulted"... THAT'S LIKE IT
25 Sep 2002: Temple Attack: Muslims are prepared... Are Hindus prepared? Documents found in the possession of the two Islamic terrorists has led officials to believe that they belonged to a terrorist outfit called Tehrik-e-Kasas-Gujarat. Roughly translated, the organisation would mean 'Movement for Revenge in Gujarat'.
24 Sep 2002: Swami Narayan Temple attacked. More than 25 Hindus killed by 3 Islamic terrorists. When 58 Hindus were burnt alive by Islamic Terrorist in Godhara, Muslims were also burnt alive -- tenfold.
One Temple attacked, will the Mosques be attacked now?
This Temple was attacked in Gujarat (NOT IN KASHMIR).
If Pandits could be driven out from Kashmir by Islamic terrorists, will Muslims be driven out from Gujarat?
Arise and Awake... Oh Hindus !!!!
Abu Salem was caught in Lisbon, Portugal. He is wanted in India. But is he really a Don, Gangster or a Criminal? NO Not at ALL !!!! He is an Islamic Terrorist who blaster-minded the bomb blasts on March 12, 1993, in Mumbai, the commercial capital of India. 257 people were killed, 713 were maimed, and public property worth Rs 27 crores was damaged by these Islamic terrorists. The media still calls him a mere Don? Should he crash planes in the Towers at Nariman Point area of Mumbai to prove that he was a Islamic terrorist?
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