NA Marching into Kabul without resistance from Taliban - A  Pakistani ploy to protect Al-Qaida

Date Written   : Nov 15, 2001
Date Modified : Nov 15, 2001

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The ISI and MI of Pakistan ordered Taliban to withdraw after Pakistanis were killed in Afghanistan.

More than a month of  American bombing on the Mazar-e-Sharif and Kabul frontlines, the Northern Alliance (NA), just walked into these cities. While the capture of Mazar-e-Sharif seems to have been a bloody one,  the march into Kabul was practically over in a day. The Northern Alliance has not yet been  challenged by Taliban. 

How did Taliban fighters suddenly made a vanishing act from Kabul?  The media says that the Taliban withdrawal from Kabul is a tactical ploy.  It may be true. But who directed Taliban fighters to withdraw from Kabul?  Certainly it is the ISI and Military Intelligence of Pakistan. This was done since Taliban was losing grounds in certain areas and the bloody battles would have exposed Pakistan, since most of the Taliban fighters killed in Mazar-e-Sharif were Pakistanis.  

Islamabad hopes that the multi-ethnic Northern Alliance would fall apart once the battle for political power starts on ground. And then Taliban fighters can re-enter Kabul.  This has happened in the past when NA and Taliban kept on losing and gaining several areas in Afghanistan.  This time it may be difficult for Pakistan to push the terrorists inside Afghanistan, because Pakistan  has to show US that it is supporting the war on terrorism.

After Sep 11 terror attacks and before the US-led attacks, many fighters from the training camps in Pakistan and Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) had crossed the borders from Pakistan to fight along with Taliban.  This continued till the fall of Mazar-e-Sharif.  Now as we know, most of the Taliban fighters killed in Mazar-e-Sharif were Pakistanis and few were Arabs. This exposes  the Pakistani connection with Al-Qaida. Further blood bath would have given enough proof of the Al-Qaida connection with  Pakistani MI and ISI.  

Refugee camps in Pakistan are the base for Al-Qaida terrorists

After the war started in Afghanistan,  lots of civilians have started taking  shelter in the refugee camps in Pakistan. Along with the civilians, few of the terrorists are also making the inroads in the refugee camps in Pakistan. Pakistan  keeps on saying that the borders with Afghanistan are closed, but then,  who are the refugees in the camps.  All may not he holding weapons.  But most of them can handle weapons.  

The majority of the tribes in Afghanistan  have a close affinity with the Pakistanis. They speak Baluchi and  Pashtu language, a member of the Iranian branch of the Indo-European language family, but the religion they follow is Islam. 

One single factor of the religion being "Islam" is enough to turn refugee camps into terrorists camps and whole cycle of terror to  repeat.  This is what Mullah Omar hints at when he says that he will strike back.

Is the war on Terrorism over? 

Pakistan is trying to put pressure on US to put an end to war since it began.  Pakistan  is also  trying to have a major stake in the formation of the new government in Afghanistan. But can Pakistan be trusted?  Pakistan supported US in its war against terrorism, only when they were given a warning.

Afghanistan may get a new government, but if the war on Terrorism stops after the formation of the new government, then it will be an incomplete war.  Terrorists camps will start again and terrorists will strike again and again. Terrorism is the  enemy of Human civilization, Islamic Terrorism being the worst form of it. 

The war should go on till the last terrorist is killed.

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