Yellow Labels for Non-Muslims in Afghanistan

June 3, 2001

"Alarzu Lillah, Walhukmu Lillah." (This means, "The Earth belongs to Allah and thus only Allah's rule should prevail all over the earth.") - Osama Bin Laden.

This proclamation amounts to a 'declaration of war' on the entire non-Muslim world.  The Taliban's recent decision to force all Hindus  in Afghanistan to wear a yellow badge for identification goes on with the same Jihadi tendency. Hindu households have also been warned to identity themselves by affixing a two-meter yellow cloth outside the house. Hindus and muslims living in the same house have been forbidden and have been asked to leave within 3 days or face consequences. Hindu women are allowed to visit the market place but now are required to fully cover their bodies with a yellow 'chadder' (bed sheet) with two small holes over their eyes. They must wear a iron necklace.

Earlier the Taliban authorities had blown-up the Buddha statues in Bamiyan.  The threat of Osama Bin Laden and other terrorist Islamic organisations around the world represents  an ideology of religious fanaticism.  Several countries have deplored this edict  by the Taliban regime. Several organisations and websites have warned the Taliban regime of the consequences.  says "we deplore these new rules set by the Taliban. What has happened is inhumane and falls under extreme bigotry and religion persecution. We ask the leaders of the world to step in and apply pressure to the Afghan government to bring an end to this inhumane treatment of Hindus In Afghanistan as soon as possible. This is an injustice to humanity. It is a shame to the civilized world that a society has to face religious persecution in these modern times. " further says "Currently Muslims are free to practice Islam in India freely without any problems. Not only this, but Muslims also enjoy extra-privileges that Hindus do not. The Indian government spends millions of rupees to send Muslims to Mecca for their yearly pilgrimage and this year the designated subsidy was increased to accommodate more Muslims. The secret of India's tolerance is the Hindu belief which is extremely tolerant towards other religions, beliefs and even cults. Religious freedom is every manís right. Unfortunately Islam doesnít recognize religious freedom and has displayed extreme aggression towards non-Muslims in itís 1400 year history.  For this reason, we are issuing a warning to the Taliban government that if this practice is not stopped and Hindus keep being the targets of Islamic aggression, then no one will be able to guarantee the safety of Muslims in India. Hindu population currently exceeds Muslims by 80%. We can assure you that not even the Indian Government will be able to avoid the extreme communal tensions, violence and aggression towards Muslims of India. Innocent lives will be put in danger. This can escalate rapidly throughout the nation. We thus ask the Taliban government and the Muslim leaders of the world to re-think this issue very seriously. The consequences could be devastating.  We truly hope that we can resolve this matter without any blood shed."

We congratulate Rohit Vyasmaan, Chairman of,   for giving such bold statements in the press.  Such statements in Hindusthan would have landed people in some jail.  Go on ....

We also thank the Jewish people for their support to Hindus.  After the complaints made by the supporters of 'Jihadis',  the Militant Hindu website was brought down by the service provider. But a few days later, the site was back on the Internet. The unlikely rescuers were some radical Jews in Brooklyn who are under investigation for possible ties to anti-Arab terrorist organizations in Israel.

The Jews and Hindus have now united  against the 'Jihadis'. The Hindus marched alongside the Jews in the annual Salute to Israel Parade on Fifth Avenue last month. On June 1, 2001. several of the Jews joined a protest outside the United Nations against the treatment of Hindus in Afghanistan by the Taliban regime. 

"We are fighting the same war," said Rohit Vyasmaan,  "Whether you call them Palestinians, Afghans or Pakistanis, the root of the problem for Hindus and Jews is Islam." 

The problem of Islamic Terror is in Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, XinJiang in China, Chechnya in Russia,  Georgia,  Macedonia, Palestine, Hindusthan  and wherever the Muslims are in even in few numbers.  To use a Sanskrit term this situation can be described as 'Veenasha Kaaley, Vipareet Buddhi'  which means, 'When the hour of destruction is near, the mind goes haywire'.  This Violence and Terror of Islam needs to finished once and for all since it is the biggest threat  for this  planet.

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