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Targetting non-Christians in the garb of helping Tsunami victims.

Date Written    :  Jan 27, 2005
Date Modified :   Jan 27, 2005

Christian missionaries are using the devastation wreaked by the tsunami to spread the teachings of Bible. Various fund-raising appeals from Christian religious leaders to help the non-Christians in Indonesia, Sri Lanka and India have once again showed the ill intentions of proselytising of vulnerable and helpless people in times of tragedy.

The Hindu India and the Buddhist Sri Lanka, did not oppose these evangelists, but the Muslim Indonesia did that. Indonesian government banned adoptions by non-Muslim groups. But why ? Because Vernon Brewer, president of the Virginia-based missionary group World Help, told journalists he wanted to airlift 300 'tsunami orphans' from Banda Aceh to raise them in a Christian children's home. World Help was forced to abandon plans because the Indonesian Government said: "Muslim children should not be raised in a non-Muslim home." The Indonesian Council of Ulemas warned that the "Muslim community will not remain quiet. This is a clear statement and it is serious."

But what the Indonesians did, Government of India has not even attempting to do. World Help is doing the same in India and the so-called secularists are not raising voice. Vernon Brewer described the Indonesian orphanage plans as really "no different than what Mother Theresa did by taking Hindu orphan children and placing them in a Roman Catholic children's home in Calcutta, and she won the Nobel Peace Prize for doing that". World Help seems to be confident that Indian Central and state Governments will permit evangelisation under the pretext of religious freedom, as recently witnessed in the facilitation of the Benny Hinn sham show in Bangalore, which was attended by shameless former Prime Minister of India Mr. H.D. Devegauda.

Now here is a true story from India about Samanthapettai, a fishing village in Tamil Nadu hit by the tsunami, where some Christian missionaries refused to distribute biscuits and water unless the Hindu recipients agreed to change their faith. When TV reporters approached the nuns, they refused to comment and left. Refrenced from: Conversion attempts in the time of grief

Missionaries in India and other non-Christian countries are funded to a large extent by rich American and other European groups. The websites make fervent appeals for funds and show tearful photos of tsunami survivors. But such emotional appeals are actually a kickstart to a proselytisation campaign. The agenda for touching the "unreached people" or in short the non-Christians, is allways there. But taking the advantage of natural calamities like earthquake or tsunami, these missionaries look for "opportunities" for spreading the gospel.

India is often described as a land of darkness, of idol worshippers and an area ripe for redemption by these missionaries. Just read the mission statement of "World Help" (website: www.worldhelp.net)

"Our strategy for the next seven years is to plant 1,00,000 organised churches and 1 million house churches in the least-reached area of the world...specifically in the North India(n) state of Uttar Pradesh." This January, World Help is sending a mission to India "where God is overcoming hundreds of years of false religions and idol worship. In...Allahabad alone, 40,000 new believers now meet weekly to worship the one true God."

Another group, Samaritan's Purse, is also using the tsunami tragedy for its mission for making more and more converts. This group is headed by Franklin Graham who had called Islam an "evil and wicked" religion after the 9/11 attacks. While organising relief for the tsunami victims, Graham told The Baltimore Sun, "If we are going to depend on Muslims to go in and help Muslims, well, they aren't coming." He publicly hoped the victims and their kin "would come to know the God I know". Graham also sees India as a "vast subcontinent" where Samaritan's Purse projects are "helping bring the gospel to thousands living in spiritual darkness".

Although Joshua Project does not seem to be using the tsunami tragedy, but looking at the website, clearly shows the intentions. The Purpose which says "to spread a passion for the supremacy of God among all unreached peoples". And the Mission "to highlight the people groups of the world that have the least Christian presence in their midst and to encourage pioneer church-planting movements among every ethnic people group." and the Rationale ""This gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all the nations and then the end will come."

Joshua Project is tracking each and very geographical location of India and systematically targetting the Hindus to convert to Christianity, exploiting economic status of some of the backward castes and tribes. And tragedies like the tsunami become the harvesting season for the missionaries.

But the Hindus in India and Buddhists in Sri Lanka need to understand that once the Christians ( and also Muslims) are in majority what will happen ? They will ask for an independent nation, like the formation of Muslim Pakistan and Christian East Timor.

India is already facing a danger in North-East India; where in some states like Nagaland Christians are about 90 percent. With the support of Christian Missionaries, terrorist organisations like NSCN are now spreading terror in other parts of North-East India to convert all of North-East states to Christianity at gunpoint. Missionary-funded NSCN, has already succeeded in Nagaland to convert masses to Christianity and asking "Nagaland for Christ" and are still fighting for a greater Nagaland called Nagalim, with the adjoining districts of other Indian states.

With the talibanisation of Bangladesh in process which may soon engulf parts of W. Bengal and Assam and the other states like Nagaland, where the Christians are asking for "Christ land"; the North-East India may soon become Kashmir where Christian and Muslims will throw out remaining Hindus, like the Islamic terrorists who did ethnic cleansing of Kashmiri Pandits.

Stop conversions and infiltrations. Crusade and Jihad are two sides of the same coin. Both need to be crushed. Save Hindusthan !!!

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