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Where is the American Tsunami?

- by Robin MacArthur, New Jersey, Wednesday, January 12, 2005 2:40:45 PM

This article is not for the faint-hearted.

The coming of the Tsunami has distracted us from the war on terror, but can there be any connection between the Tsunami and the war on terror? Surprisingly so yes, letís see how. The logic of war demands that any natural (or man-made) disaster has to be exploited against the enemy. Imagine, if a five hundred foot high mega Tsunami had started off in the mid Atlantic and had washed off a large part of the USA and Western Europe, along with a major part of our nuclear arsenal and military capability, as it lashed both shores of the Atlantic. Now also imagine that the Arab Muslim world had (as it perhaps has today or will have it in the not so distant future) enough nuclear arsenal to wipe out Israel, Europe and the USA. Would they send across Doctors and medicines to the devastated Western world or would they empty their nuclear arsenal to complete the job of destroying the Western world that the mega Tsunami had left half done?

The answer is obvious. What does a man-eater tiger do when the hunter trips falls and his gun slips from his hands. The man-eater tiger would sink its fangs deep into the hapless hunterís neck and make a dinner out of him. So what should a hunter do when a tiger slips into a trap laid for him, or gets trapped in a natural bush (no pun here please) and gives the hunter an unique opportunity to put a bullet between the tigerís eyes. A sensible hunter would do precisely that. But what do you say to a hunter who keeps aside his gun and tries to manfully help the tiger out of the trap that he has fallen into. Such a hunter is an inveterate fool.

Now what do you say to the Western countries who are helping the Muslims of Aceh to regain their disrupted livelihoods? We would say our administrations are making the cardinal folly of the hunter who has set aside his gun to save the tiger, rather than killing it.

Since this is a hindutva website and would be attracting many Hindu readers, did not your Sri Krishna, ask Arjuna to shoot the fatal arrow at Karna whose chariot had got trapped in the muck at the battlefield of Kurukshetra? This is precisely what the USA and the West should have done. Bombarded the survivors at Aceh till there were none and then gone over to take over Aceh, followed by the rest of Indonesia and Malaysia. Thus reducing the number of the enemies of humankind by these two Muslim nations. In fact if a Tsunami, or an earthquake, or a mega sandstorm strikes the Middle East, if the USA has survival instincts, it should capitalize on such a disaster and destroy whatever is left of the infrastructure in the affected areas and take over control by destroying the survivors entirely. This is what the logic of war and survival demands, when we are up against a beastly enemy Ė the Muslim Jihadis.

The other alternative is to wait for a window of opportunity to open up for a natural disaster to hit the West, which would be utilized by the Jihadis to the hilt to harm the West if not to deliver a final and fatal blow to us, that they are eagerly waiting to do and of which they have declared their intent openly in their slogan Ė Death to America.

So in our heartless but practical view we ask where is the American military Tsunami which is necessary to complete the work left half done by nature's Tsunami.

If readers do not agree, then please tell us if Sri Krishna was wrong in asking Arjuna to kill Karna?

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