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A RELIGION OF PEACE? It's a contradiction in terms.

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"Hindu-fascism in India is the latest fundamentalist threat to the peace of the world" says Justin Raimondo of www.antiwar.com Interstingly he has mentioned about the "HinduWorld" by giving a hyperlink to HinduWorld site amongst all other websites calling Hindus as fascist and compared them with Nazis. And all this to prove his anti-war arguments. Hmmm.. Can we finish terrorism without crushing it?

Justin says "The emerging Israel-India alliance is all too logical, given the fundamentalist trajectory of both countries. That the U.S. is funding and sponsoring this sinister convergence will reap us the kind of "blowback" we have rightly come to dread." Oh.. What an observation!! Interestingly the article is titled "A RELIGION OF PEACE? It's a contradiction in terms". YES it really is a contradiction. It seems to be a confused article, with a desperate attempt to show Islam as a religion of peace by stating how war on terror is proceeding in a wrong way. He says "the U.S. has grown closer to Ariel Sharon" adding that fundamentalism is on rise in Israel and India. But what he calls fundamentalism is actually a "war on terror".

With so many Hindus and Jews getting killed in their respective countries, by the Islamic terrorists, should they just keep quiet and get themselves killed?

India and Israel have been constantly facing the problem of Islamic Terrorism. The Islamic countries are actively supporting the Islamic Jihadis against the state of Israel, which is the closet ally of the US. Even school going children are taking part in the Jihad against Israel.

Why is it that the United States has sent 1000-strong force to Israel to bolster defences against missile attacks ahead of a possible war in Iraq? The American troops are in Israel on an exercise called Jennifer Cobra to integrate the Patriots with a new Israeli missile system, the Arrow. But it may so happen that once the exercise is over, the US soldiers may remain in Israel until the Iraq crisis is resolved. We should not be surprised if US long-range radars and short-range missiles become a line of defence to protect Israel and in fact go further and also deploy USS Aegis, off the Israeli coast. And why should US not do that when world is facing the greatest challenge of "Islamic Terrorism" and that the US has already faced it on Sep 11 2001.

Sponsored by Islamic countries, the active supporters of the Islamic terrorism in India, is Pakistan. This very same country, Pakistan has been so far asked for support to tackle the Terrorism. Before partition of India, Islam wanted PIECE ( and not PEACE) and since then Pakistani Jihadis have killed 60000 people, most of them Hindus. And are continuing this for many pieces, Kashmir being the first piece of land to be conquered and to be included in the so-called "Umma" (one Islamic nation). They are still continuing with spreading terrorism, with the financial support from countries like Saudi Arabia. We have frequent attacks on Hindu Temples and places like the Indian Parliament and public places in India. All of these attacks point us to a single country Pakistan, the "Centre of Islamic Terrorism". Pakistan has even become a stronger country in terms of spreading terrorism; from where the Taliban is ruling under the umbrella of Al-Qaida. Atleast half of the country is under Taliban rule, with NWFP having its Chief Minister as a Talibani. Before the fall of Taliban, Pakistani ISI was doing a remote control from its territory and now the Taliban, Al-Qaida and ISI are jointly having a remote control on Musharraf-Jamali Government. Is is not a strong indication that US government is to screen Pakistani nationals in US?

Assuming that the attack on WTC and most importantly Pentagon was called as "Terror attack", was condemned by everybody and the whole world got united against Terrorism, but what about the Islamic countries? Most of the Islamic countries including Pakistan are still actively sponsoring Terrorism. Other countries which are some way or other involved in aiding Terrorism are Libya, Sudan, Syria, Iran, Iraq and an unending list of other Islamic countries. Now as we say in democratic world, that the majority decision is the ultimate decision, majority of the Islamic countries are sponsoring Terrorism and hence it needs to be called as "Islamic Terrorism". Although this seems to a simple logical statement, but the democratic countries all over pretend to be not understanding this simple viewpoint. US calls it Terrorism, which is in fact "Islamic Terrorism" and which is called by the Islamic World as "Jihad".

We do not know why people feel that "Islam is a peaceful religion" whereas the reality seems to be something very different. World and especially India and Israel needs to know that the common threat to human survival is to deal with the International Terrorism, Islamic Terrorism being the worst of all.

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