Bigger Kargil After the Indo-Pak summit -- Part VI

Minister of External Affairs in the hands "Autonomous   Kashmir" supporter

Last modified on July 23, 2001

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Indo-Pak Summit

In a not-so shocking development, Omer Abdullah, son of Farooq Abdullah has been given the charge of External Affairs Ministry in the Indian Government. Presumed to be successor of Jammu Kashmir Chief Minister, Farooq Abdullah, the strong supporter of Autonomous Kashmir,  Omer Abdullah is given External Affairs to tackle "Islamabad Administration".  A Kashmiri muslim has been given this charge for the first time.   But why was it required now?  Just to appease the Muslim community in India (or PoK or Pakistan)?  

Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah is endorsing a full autonomy for the state. He wants a "constitutional understanding" between the state and the Union Government. He has been reportedly making statements which are anti-national. He has said on records "Line of Control can be converted to International Border".

The report which was been put up a few months back by the Kashmir Government said "no provision of the Constitution of India can be applied to the border state beyond the ones extended under 1950 Order and the Delhi Agreement, 1952". Every Indian needs to understand that this is very dangerous report because if this happens,  tomorrow the North-East provinces will also ask for the same things.

On Article 370 the report says that over the years it has "acquired a dangerously ambiguous aspect." It adds, "Designed to protect the state’s autonomy, it has been used systematically to destroy it." The report recommends that the word "temporary" used in the title and heading of Article 370 should be deleted from the title and replaced in the heading by the word "special."

On fundamental rights, the report had proposed a separate chapter to be included in the Jammu and Kashmir constitution. Judicial freedom has also been considered by the report, which has recommended a return to the 1950 order for the role of the Supreme Court. In the case of high courts, it has recommended that Article 218 be omitted in its application to the state to enable the state legislature to re-enact the provisions as these existed before the enforcement of the Jammu and Kashmir Constitution (First Amendment ) Act of 1959.

If Dr. Abdullah wants Autonomy in almost everything then it is not "Autonomy" but "Freedom" from India. Dr. Abdullah has shown his true colours time and again.  Indian  Government seems to be silent listener to this.  

After the Indo-Pak summit several Hindus have been killed and several more will be killed.  But the Government is continuing its stand of appeasing the supporters of "Freedom".   This is like "rubbing salt on the wounds" of those Hindu, Sikh  and Buddhist Kashmiris who leave in Jammu-Kashmir under the constant threat of  terrorists.   In the past so many Hindus have been killed ...   and many have migrated to other areas.  More soldiers are killed on the Borders.  This is going on and on till now..........

And now the son of supporter of "Freedom"  has been given the External Affairs.   Will Omer Abdullah go to the "External" world and gain more supporters for his "Freedom movement"?   Is the terrorism going to stop if Omer is made the "External Affairs" minister?   NO....   NEVER   

It seems that the Indian government is digging its own grave.

Indo-Pak Summit

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