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Pakistan President Gen. Pervez Musharraf may become another Saddam Hussein -- Apr 07, 2002. He declared on April 5 that he will hold a referendum seeking to extend his tenure in office for next five years and probably form his own party and rule forever. He has also warned that he is ready to use nuclear weapons if war breaks out in the subcontinent. The Arab countries also feel that the nukes with Pakistan belong to the Islamic world. This thought was also shared by Bashir-ud-Din Mahmood who had discussed the infrastructure required for a nuclear weapons programme and its effects, with Osama Bin Laden  and Mullah Omar before Sep 11 Islamic terrorist attacks on WTC and Pentagon. Mahmood was formerly the director for nuclear power at the Pakistani Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC) and was the founder of UTN, whose assets were frozen by US as part of Operation Green Questmore

Unequal response of the Israelis Part II -- Mar 31, 2002  Mr. PM Ariel Sharon, We heard your address to Nation. You have harsh words, Palestinians have harsh actions, with the increasing suicide bombings. As many as five suicide bombings in five days, with Arafat still defiant. The Osama of Palestine,  Yasser Arafat has struck and called for his followers to keep striking Israel repeatedly. Arafat is calling for "Ceasefire" in English and dropping the word "Cease" while speaking in Arabic. Hamas announced over mosque loudspeakers in the West Bank refugee camp of Jenin that they " will continue the martyrdom attacks on Israel until the full withdrawal from Palestinian territory" ACT MR. SHARON,  ACT and ACT NOW....more

Palestinian Osama strikes from the "Capital of terror" -- Mar 29, 2002
The Osama of Palestine, Yasser Arafat  has struck and called for his followers to keep striking Israel repeatedly. US had started  war on terrorism with rigorous bombing of Afghanistan and not by moving tanks and troops from the Afghan borders. Israel needs to use the strategy of air-raiding the PA controlled area and not just making (deep) incursions as and when they get struck by terrorists. The armed "in and out" policy of IDF  needs to be reviewed. Palestinians want PIECE and NOT PEACE with the biggest terrorist Arafat calling for Martyrdom. more

Struck at State-of-the-(he)art -- Mar 17, 2002
Three soldiers were killed and two wounded, when a Merkava Mk III tank drove over a powerful mine on the Karni-Netzarim road in the Gaza Strip on March 14, 2002. Islamic terrorists have struck once again at the state-of-the-art Merkava exactly after one month.  The last attack on Merkava was on 14 Feb 2002.  Israel needs a change of tactics to tackle the menace of Islamic terrorism. more

Amnesty to Islamic terrorists may prove dangerous -- Mar 15, 2002
A US grand jury on Mar. 14 indicted Ahmed Saeed Omar Sheikh, the terrorist under arrest in Pakistan for the kidnapping and murder of American reporter Daniel Pearl, lodging charges that could bring death penalty. The Musharraf government in its decision to give a amnesty to terrorists had unsuccessfully tried to drop charges against Omar Sheikh at least once under ISI pressure. A Pakistani arrested on the day just before US announced the indictment, named Adnan Khan was forced to give  a statement that he had killed Daniel Pearl. Hours later he retracted his confession, once again under the US pressure. more

Operation Anaconda and the dangers ahead -- Mar 05, 2002
The U.S. assault was code-named "Operation Anaconda" and led by Maj. Gen. Franklin Hagenbeck, commanding general of the Army's 10th Mountain Division. It is called "Operation Anaconda" after the snake which squeezes its prey until it can no longer breathe. In the process of stopping the breathe of the enemies, the flying snakes, the Chinooks should not become the prey. more

Latest News Analysis of Mar 2002

Struck at State-of-the-(he)art -- Feb 16, 2002
Palestinians have struck at Israel's state-of-the-art Merkava 3 in which three soldiers have been killed on 14 Feb 2002 when a large bomb was detonated under their tank.. The  army needs to be now concerned and act fast on it. The image of Palestinians destroying a main battle tank is a blow to deterrence. The tank's reputation of invincibility has now been shattered and makes the conflict appear even more like Lebanon. more

News Analysis of Feb 2002

General Musharraf speaking from the "Fort of Islam" -- Jan 12, 2002
"Pakistan is the fort of Islam". That is what is said by Musharraf in his speech and missed by media all over the world.  This fort is built on the Islamic foundations laid earlier in the 1940s by Jinnah which resulted in the partition of India and the formation of  Islamic Republic of Pakistan on 14 August 1947. 

On one hand Musharraf talked about modern Pakistan and on the other hand he talked about Pakistan being "Islam ka Qilla" (Fort of Islam). This seems to be shorter version of  Osama bin Laden's attitude being typified today in the proclamation made by him about Jihad -- "Alarzu Lillah, Walhukmu Lillah." (The Earth belongs to Allah and thus only Allah's rule should prevail all over the earth.) more

Operation Enduring Freedom in danger? -- Jan 11, 2002
Taking advantage of the situation on the eastern borders and the growing tensions with India, Pakistan has started reclaiming the airports which were given to the US for its "Operation Enduring Freedom". By  yanking of the troops to eastern borders,  the most important thing which must be planned by the ISI is that -- Osama bin Laden,  who is now hiding in Pakistan or Pakistan occupied Kashmir,  be yet again pushed into the Afghan territory.  Also the Al-Qaida terrorists who are staying in various refugee camps spread across the borders with Afghanistan, will keep on getting a chance of crossing borders as and when needed, to strike back when things cool down. This way, it will also be safe for Pakistan to say that no terrorist operate from its country. more  

Operation Noah's Ark and the Islamic Terrorism - Jan 06, 2002
In the operation, which was codenamed as Noah's Ark, Israeli naval commandos captured a ship owned by Palestanian Authority (PA) without firing a shot. It is high time that Israel needs to understand the PA's intentions to continue its policy of terror and violence. Just by banning Yasser Arafat to attend Christmas celebrations at Bethlehem and bombing the helicopters and areas around Arafat's places is not sufficient. more

The Islamic Bomb and Jihad against Non-Muslims - Dec 29, 2001
The sequence of 
a) Nuclear bomb specialists leaving PAEC and joining Al-Qaida network.
b) September 11 attacks on WTC and the Pentagon
c) Re-shuffling of Pakistani Army Personnel and "premature retirement" of ISI Chief on Oct 6
d) Detention of Pakistani Nuclear scientists for interrogation
and recent  
e) evidence of "dirty bomb" (also called "poor man's nuke" ) manufacturing hide-outs in Gandhar,  
prove the nexus between various members of Al-Qaida network viz. ISI, Taliban and the hardliners in Pakistani Military.

Terrorism in India and Israel AND The New Indo-Israel defense relationship. - Dec 24, 2001
The last month visit of Director-general of the Israeli Defense Ministry, Amos Yaron, seems to be yielding results and is the first step towards the Indo-Israel Defense co-operation. Few representatives like Rep. Frank Pallone, New Jersey Democrat, had asked President George W. Bush to support the sale of an Israeli Phalcon airborne warning and control system (AWACS) to India. more
Jihad can not be stopped by issuing warnings like "stop proxy war"  and "stop fidayeen attacks".  One needs to have a "counter proxy-war"  and "pin-point attacks"  on jihadis.  more

US should raid Pakistan occupied Kashmir, before Osama bin Laden escapes - Dec 23, 2001
On one hand US special forces are looking out for Mullah Omar and Osama Bin Laden (OBL) and on the other hand  Musharaff is saying "Osama bin Laden is already dead".  Musharraf  during his visit to China said that the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan was being closely watched and that bin Laden may well have died in caves around Tora Bora in eastern Afghanistan, hit by repeated U.S. air raids.  If OBL was dead in Tora Bora, how is his dead body not found till now?  Mind us, US troops are looking for OBL, dead or alive.   So if not alive,  at least the US troops have to find OBL dead. more  

Terrorist attack on Indian Parliament and the future actions. -- 22 Dec 2001.
The Indian government has  decided to terminate the Samjhauta Express between Amritsar and Lahore, and the bus service between Delhi and Lahore, from the New year day of January 1 2001. This was to give time to those who had traveled recently to return home. Has Indian government checked whether all  tourists from Pakistan who have arrived earlier,  returned back OR that the tourists have turned into terrorists.  Many Pakistanis are illegally staying in several Indian cities, not necessarily coming by train or bus, but from the porous borders.  Out of the illegal  Pakistani nationals, several of these  work closely with criminal gangs based in Dubai and then get promoted as Al-Qaida fighters to carry out Jihad against non-muslims.

Operation Green Quest and the Terrorist assault on Indian Parliament. -- 21 Dec 2001.
Mr. President Bush, we thank you once again, this time for freezing Umma Tameer-e-nau (UTN) assets. UTN, a non-governmental organization was founded by Pakistani nuclear scientists that provided information to Osama bin Laden and the Taliban about chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons. more

India and Pakistan should jointly fight terrorism instead of fighting each other -- 20 Dec 2001.
It has now become very clear that the Al-Qaida network is desperate for an Indo-Pak war as soon as possible. US military is already in Pakistan and now that Osama Bin Laden is also secretly staying as a 'guest' in Pakistan, it is testing time for Musharraf, especially as terrorist attacks on the Indo-Pak border are increasing at a rapid pace. more

C'mon Musharraf,  let's go beyond a joint probe into the attack on the Indian Parliament, and move on to joint action against the terrorists. -- 19 Dec 2001
India should take this opportunity and ask for a "joint action" and not a "joint probe", since the probe is already over and it is clear that all five terrorists who got killed were Pakistani nationals. The whole world now knows the truth. Although it seems highly unlikely, but if Pervez is sincere enough he should agree to the idea of joint Indo-Pak-American action against the terrorists. As such,  Pervez seems to be against the Jihadis, but unable to act against them unless and until pressure is put upon him. This is because the other Pakistani baby - the ISI,  seems to be  working closely with Al-Qaida network and has become independent of the Musharraf  government. more

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