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Operation Noah's Ark and the Islamic Terrorism

Date Written  :  Jan 06, 2002
Last modified :  Jan 06, 2002

In the operation, which was codenamed as Noah's Ark, Israeli naval commandos captured a ship owned by Palestanian Authority (PA) without firing a shot.  The ship, the Karine-A was  a 4000-ton freighter carrying 50 tons of Iranian-supplied weapons. This included long-range Katyusha rockets and other offensive weapons destined for the Palestinian Authority. PA may deny that they are into smuggling of arms to Palestanian regions for carrying out terrorist activities against Israel, but the fact that the ship was owned and captained by a PA naval policeman gives us a clear picture. Apart from the short and long-range Katyushas, many Sagger and LAW anti-tank rockets, mortars, mines, explosives, sniper rifles, bullets, and other weapons were found the ship. 

Israel has pointed fingers towards Iran for supplying these weapons to PA. But it is be noted by Israelis and the world community that it is irrelevant from where these weapons come. Each and every terrorist organisation from Indonesia in the east to Nigeria in the African region;  from the north pole to the south pole are inter-connected with one single aim of  "Jihad" against the non-muslims. The Taliban fighters kiiled or captured in Afghanistan and various Al-Qaida members caught in Asia, Europe and US proves the fact that the terror network is spread over the globe.

The Palestanain Authority with the help of Hamas, Hizbollah and others are trying to get more and more weapons now.  They are now in a hurry to launch more dangerous attacks on Israel and hence they will be desperate to take help from anybody and everybody.  Earlier Hamas was using the home-made "Qassam" rockets to target the Jewish settlements in the Gaza strip, but now PA is importing the "Katyushas" rockets.

Recently Israel had withdrew troops from Palestanian controlled areas and Arafat was talking about a cease-fire and peace.  The return of relative peace brought Anthony Zinni back into the region for the peace talks.  But the reality is that PA is planning the next stage of the fighting. It will on one-hand use the second visit of Zinni to talk about peace and on the other hand use the lull in the fighting to rearm, regroup, and prepare for continuing the jihad.

Last May, the Israeli navy had intercepted the San Torini fishing boat, which was filled with large quantities of weapons en route from Lebanon to the Palestinian Authority in Gaza strip. That haul included Katyusha rockets, SA-7 (Strella) anti-aircraft missiles, rocket-propelled grenades, anti-tank grenades, mortars and shells, mines, Kalashnikov assault rifles and ammunition. 

It is high time that Israel needs to understand the PA's intentions to continue its policy of terror and violence. Just by banning Yasser Arafat to attend Christmas celebrations at Bethlehem and bombing the helicopters and areas around Arafat's places is not sufficient. Arafat is the leader of the terrorists in the Middle-East supported by Syria, Lebanon and Jordon as its immediate neighbour. Even if Arafat thinks of clamping down on terrorists he can not go beyond an extent.

Syria  provides safe haven, refuge and support to several terrorist groups, some of which maintain terrorist training camps or other facilities on Syrian territory. Syria has base of terrorist groups including HAMAS, Hizbollah, the PFLP, and the Palestanian Islamic Jihad in its country and areas of Lebanon under Syrian control. more

Jordan and Israel signed a peace treaty in 1994.  But the security authorities have in recent months foiled lot of infiltration attempts into Palestanian and Israeli territories by young Jordanians who sympathize with the Palestinian uprising against Israeli occupation. Many Jordanian want to liberate Palestine by crossing the River and shoot the Israelis. The recent skirmishes along the Israel-Jordan border on the Christmas day prove the fact that Jordon is also involved in the mass uprising in the Palestanian region.

The Al-Qaida network of Islamic Terrorism

US-led forces are still bombing Afghanistan, but what about the terrorism in Israel, India, Philippines, Sudan, Russia, Macedonia by the Islamic terrorists. These terrorists are given safe havens in countries like Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Sudan and funded by all muslim countries and the organisations run by them in other non-muslim countries. The call of "Jihad" is enough for all muslims to unite together under the umbrella of Al-Qaida.

Zinni is now on a visit to the Middle-east for talking peace, but Palestanians do not want peace. Not only  Palestanians in Israel, but the Muslim Kashmiris in India, Chechens (in Russia), Sinkiangis (in China), Albanians (in Macedonia) -- want a Piece of Land and not Peace on the Land. After getting pieces they will keep on asking for more pieces and more and more, but peace cannot touch them.  

Jihad can not be stopped by "peace talks" and issuing mild warnings like "stop proxy war"  and "stop fidayeen attacks".  One needs to have a "counter proxy-war"  and "pin-point attacks"  on jihadis.  

The incidences occurring in Israel, India  and many more incidences at an International level, gives us a clear story of how Islamic terrorists are spreading Jihad at a very rapid pace. World  needs to know that the common threat to human survival is to deal with the International Terrorism, Islamic Terrorism being the worst of all.  

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