Indian Government should give Jihad Subsidy to Jihadis

Date Written   : Oct 29, 2001
Date Modified : Oct 29, 2001

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The Islamic Edicts of Imams and terror based on Edicts
Rajasthan Muslim Forum on Oct 28, 2001 offered a Pro-Taliban namaz (prayers) and burnt American flags in Jaipur, protesting the US attacks on Afghanistan..  The forum has a membership of about 30000.  The namaz, 'Ijitim i dua' was organised on a fatwa (edict) from Muslim clerics in Devband and Delhi, Qari Mueenudin, convenor of the Forum comprising 15 Muslim groups, said.

Mr. Ahmed Bukhari, Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid  can also be heard preaching from the pulpit every Friday Namaz..  Without fail, he speaks about jihad against US.
In Mumbai, in various mosques,  similar calls are made for Jihad  Tempers all-over India seem to keep on rising from one Friday to other. In Narielwadi in Mazgaon area of Mumbai, Senior Police Inspector Shanker K Shetty of Byculla Police Station summoned the Imam of the local mosque to the police station and slapped a notice on him under Section 149, which allows the police to act to prevent the commission of a cognisable offence. The notice warns the Imam not to provoke the religious feelings of people by making inflammatory speeches during namaz, and thereby pose a threat to law and order.  (( Oh !! Bravo  Shetty -- Beware -- Opposition parties and Human Rights may catch you ))
Similar things of Fatwa and Jihad are echoed from all-over India.  At some places the mob has turned violent, like in Malegaon in Maharashtra state.  Violence broke out when a Policeman tried to stop a youth distributing pamphlets praising Osama bin Laden and called for a boycott of US goods as a protest against the Afghanistan bombings. Nashik  has a strong base of Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) which is taliban style terrorists working under the Al-Qaida Umbrella.  After Sep 11 attacks  SIMI was banned and few terrorists of SIMI were arrested from Nashik. Many of the terrorists have gone underground and use the tactics of their guru Osama bin Laden. 

In the current war against ( Islamic ) terrorism, nobody seems to have an upper hand.  Apart from firing here and there,  Taliban is not even fighting the US.  Then why is it taking so much time to finish-off the Taliban?  Is it that US wants to expose Pakistan as a State,  and Islam as a religion and yet try to say it is "Not a war against Islam".
But the Jihadis are saying "It is a war against Non-Muslims".  As of the priority goes, US is the first on the list of OBL's Al-Qaida. Next targets will be India and Israel.
Indian Government should give a Jihad Subsidy to Jihadis
Non-Muslims in India need not be concerned about the Jihad.  The Law enforcement agencies should deal the Jihadis in India.  If at all Imam, Maulavi, Kazi and other so-called Islamic scholars of terror want their people to join Jihad, then they may be sent to Afghanistan and Pakistan to fight US Army.  Imams and Maulavis need to be given free hand so that they can preach the message of terror to Muslims, without creating 'law and order' problems in India. 
In fact Indian government may divert the "Haj subsidy" to "Jihad subsidy" so that Muslims from India can go to various countries like Afghanistan and Pakistan,  with a condition of  "no return". This will  fix the blunder done in 1947 during partition of India when Muslim extremists were allowed to stay,  unlike Pakistan where most of the Hindus and Sikhs were slaughtered and driven out of Pakistan. This will set the things right "once and for all". By doing this India will be "India minus the Jihadis".  Either Jihadis will "succeed" or "they will die",  second thing may prove to be correct,  since the Jihadis are facing the strongest Military power -- The United States.
This is no joke, but India needs to flush the Jihadis from Indian sub-continent and take help of the United States. India needs to act fast and convince US to have a Indo-US Military Alliance.

India, Israel, Philippines, Macedonia, Russia and most recently US has faced terrorism.  Many more countries have,  and will in future be attacked by Terrorists.  Terrorism is the  enemy of Human civilization, Islamic Terrorism being the worst form of it. 

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