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Al-Qaida network attacks Indian Parliament.

Date Written    :  Dec 13, 2001
Date Modified :   Dec 13, 2001

Al-Qaida network attacks Indian Parliament.

Indian Parliament has been attacked on December 13, 2001 during the morning session.  This attack cannot be done by PWG, NLFT, Maoists or any other non-islamic terrorist organisation.   

This attack can only be done by Lashkar-e-Toiba and/or Jaish-e-Mahommad under the Al-Qaida Network.  Al-Qaida had previously carried out attacks on WTC and Pentagon on September the 11th.

Investigations may go on for days to come, but we are dead sure that this is the work of Al-Qaida, with the support of Pakistan.   The Mumbai police had warned of  such attacks on Indian and British Parliaments. Mohammed Afroz, alias Afridi alias Pilot, who was arrested from Vashi, near Mumbai,  had confessed that he was learning to fly in order to crash an aircraft into the House of Commons in London, Mumbai police sources said on Nov 29.  

On October 1, 2001 Jammu and Kashmir Assembly was attacked by Islamic terrorists.  Similar attacks have been carried out earlier.  Apart from other attacks,  there have been at least 50 fidayeen suicide strikes in the Kashmir Valley alone, killing at least 160 people.  Lot of security personnel and Indian soldiers are getting killed daily inside and on the border.

The incidences occurring in India, Israel  and many more incidences at an International level, gives us a clear story of how Islamic terrorists are spreading Jihad at a very rapid pace. World  needs to know that the common threat to human survival is to deal with the International Terrorism, Islamic Terrorism being the worst of all.  

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