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The four-point plan suggested by Tony Blair.

Date Written    :  Jul 13, 2005
Date Modified :   Jul 13, 2005

The four-point plan suggested by Tony Blair.

HinduWorld was thinking of not writing analytical views about the Islamic terrorist attack of London, since many of like-minded organisations and individuals have written about it. But then Hon. PM Tony Blair has put up a plan which we partially disagree on....

Prime Minister Tony Blair has expressed his shock that the four men who carried out last week's deadly terrorist attacks on London's transit system were British nationals. "Particularly with the shock of knowing that those that have perpetrated this were actually born and brought up in this country, I think it is particularly important we recognize the worldwide dimension of this," Blair said.

Prime Minister has told the Commons that the government has a four-point plan.

1) Begin the process of consultation on planned counter-terrorism legislation within the next couple of weeks, with a priority being measures to combat the incitement and instigation of terrorism.
We need to have a very very strong law in UK for this, so that the incitement in the name of religion faces maximum possible punishment. But we are really pessimist because we believe that till we fanatic Muslims staying in Britian, we will allways have dangers of several more attacks.

2) Look urgently at how to strengthen the process for excluding from the UK those who incite hatred, and make it easier to deport such people.
We hope that the British Government will then end-up deporting most of the Muslims, since most of the muslims incite hatred, either by helping or sheltering the Islamic Terrorists. We think that the Muslims in Leeds were sheltering the four terrorists in the planning phase of the attacks to be carried out later in London. Because this attack was well-planned and the terrorist took their own time, which means they were having local support.

3) Start discussions immediately with Muslim leaders on combating "the perverted and poisonous misinterpretation of Islam" which lay behind the attacks.
This is a foolish and stupid idea !!!! How can there be two interpretations of Islam. Kuran and Hadith are the ones which every Muslim has to follow. How can Muslims agree to interpret it on the lines of free world ?

4) Talk to other nations on how to mobilize the "moderate and true voice of Islam."
Again this is a stupid idea !!!!! There is nothing called as moderate Islam. Islam is Islam is Islam. As far as Islamic principle, either there can be Dar-ul-Islam (World of Islam) or Dar-ul-Harb (World of Infidels) It is the duty of every Muslim to follow this rule; else he is not a Muslim, he will be called as Kafir (infidel). As regards the voice of Islam, we have heard so many voices and tapes, both audio and video.

The world is now aware about what is Islam and how Islam and Terror are well connected.

We hope that PM Tony Blair also rethinks on a four-point plan and give us some action plan of combatting the menace of Islamic Terrorism.