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Last Updated : Dec 27 2004 09:00 Hrs IST.
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Dec 29 2004: 17 Indian soldiers killed, by terrorists in the NE State of India.
Tripura, the North-Eastern state of India, saw the year's worst bloodspill from terrorist attacks on Tuesday, Dec 28 2004, when an entire contingent of the 18 Territorial Army brigade was wiped out in an ambush set up by National Liberation Front of Tripura (Biswamohan) in the early hours.
Read More : Christian Terrorism in North-East India - The NLFT.
Dec 27 2004: Giant Tsunamis, unleashed by a massive undersea earthquake in distant Sumatra lashed coastal southern India on December 26th morning, killing several thousand people and affecting millions of people in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Kerala and Pondicherry. Worst affected are the fishermen who generally reside along the coast.
Our deep condolences to all the families who have lost their beloved ones. Please donate generously to genuine NGOs collecting funds for the relief work.

Nov 19 2004: Arrested cleric conspired to build Islamic state - Indo-Asian News Service
Ahmedabad : According to IANS filed report an Islamic cleric arrested earlier this month was planning to bring ISlamic terrorist groups together to fight for an Islamic state in India. This has been confirmed by police on last Friday. The plan was revealed during the interrogation of Mohammed Nasiruddin alias Maulana Nasiruddin, arrested in Hyderabad after a shootout in which one of his supporters was killed, police here said.
"Maulana has been associated with Jamaat-e-Islami, a moderate organisation since 1970. The notorious Students' Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) is a student wing of the organisation and Maulana has been associated with it too," Additional Commissioner of Police (Crime Branch) D.G. Vanzara told reporters.

Read More : SIMI The Al Qaida's Islamic Terrorist outfit in India

"He has been associated with several other organisations and has connections spreading from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. He has confessed during interrogation that he was working on bringing a number of organisations under one banner to intensify 'jihad' for establishing a "Khilafat" or Islamic theocratic state in India," Vanzara said.
He said the Maulana was also a great orator and motivated many youths to go to Pakistan for terrorist training.
"Maulana very proudly noted in the confession that Osama bin Laden was his role model," Vanzara said.
He was arrested under the Terrorist and Disruptive Activities (Prevention) Act in 1992 for his role in the communal violence in Hyderabad in the aftermath of the destruction of the Babri Masjid in Ayodhya. He was again arrested in 1995 for arms and ammunition-related offences.
According to Vanzara, he was also linked with the murder of former Gujarat home minister Haren Pandya. "Maulana knew for many years Asgar Ali, the sharpshooter who killed Pandya," he said.
The crime branch is investigating Maulana's possible links with some other cases of Islamic terrorism, including the attack on Akshardham temple in Gandhinagar in 2002.

Nov 15 2004: Can any Government, try arresting Imam Bukhari
The Hindu seer, revered by millions of Hindus, was arrested last week in Andhra Pradesh on charges of murder of a temple official. The Shankaracharya, as he is popularly known, heads a Hindu monastery in the pilgrim town of Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu.
Comment: The question of the HinduWorld is : Can Government of India or any State Government try arresting Imam Bukhari who calls for a Jihad against India almost every Friday. What about his statements that the Kafirs have no right to be alive? If Shankaracharya can be arrested, then why not Imam Bukhari, who has a case pending in Keral High court; apart from his anti-Hindu and anti-national stand taken several times before. Can they do the same with other Mulla, Mauvlavis and Imams ? Can they do this with the Fathers, Bishops and Clergy men ? NO, they can not even dare to arrest them. Then why only Hindu religious leaders? It is true that the Law should take its own course. But is it only for Hindus ?<
Sep 14 2004: Saudis for 4500 madrasas in South Asia
The Saudi royal family has cleared plans to construct 4500 madrasas in India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka at a cost of $35 million to promote "modern and liberal education with Islamic values" and the Saudi embassy in New Delhi is pushing this somewhat tentatively with the Union HRD ministry and Minorities Commission. The first question arises out of this, how can Islamic values be liberal and modern ?
The money is proposed to be canalised through nine Jamaat Ulema organisations in the four countries, and the project is targeted to take off in February 2005. The second question arises why not China. Reason: China will react immediately.
Government may give Saudi Embassy the "Green Signal", but will the Hindus remain silent? Saudi Arabia is the "Financier" of "Islamic Terrorism" worldwide, Pakistan being the Human Resource. HinduWorld has been raising its voice against these two countries, but its falling on deaf ears of Westerners. Even the Nobel laureate, V.S.Naipaul, has called for the destruction of the Saudi kingdom for promoting jihad. Will the world act? Remains to be seen. But the Hindus need to act and act fast, else we will have several Madarsas and Mosques scattered all-over India, which will preach Jihad.

Sep 13 2004: Successfull attempt by Hindus to raise the issue of a Barbaric Muslim Afzal Khans Tomb
Although they were not successfull to break the police barricades, the Hindus have been able to voice the anger against the Government. Indian police used a baton charge to drive back thousands of slogan-shouting Hindus trying to make their way to a controversial 17th century Barbaric Muslim general's tomb. For December 6 to happen it took a long time, so that was a good start.
Sep 10 2004: Hindus vow to demolish tomb of a Barbaric Muslim Afzal Khan
Hindus plan to tear down the controversial tomb of a 17th century Muslim general Afzal Khan on Sunday, Sep 12. Thousands of police have been deployed around the tomb near Mahabaleshwar, a hill resort about 250 km from Mumbai.
Hindus want the tomb of the barbaric general, Afzalkhan, removed because it lies near the Pratapgadh fort of the Hindu warrior king Chhatrapati Shivaji whom he tried to kill.
Muslims consider the tomb holy, several have travelled there to offer prayers and seek help. How can anybody pray a barbaric king, irrespective of whether he is a muslim or a Hindu ? A year ago authorities wisely closed off the site because of the controversy. But just closing it down is not enough. It needs to be removed as soon as possible. It remains to be seen whether the Government removes it or the Hindus.
"Afzalkhan is an insult to Hindus. We will climb the hill and demolish his tomb," Vyankatesh Abdeo, a leader of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), which started the campaign, told Reuters. BRAVO !! IF YOU DO, WE SALUTE YOU !!!
Very short History Afzalkhan, an envoy of the Barbaric Moghul ruler Aurangzeb, met Shivaji to initiate peace talks (like Paksitan does often) on the hillock where the tomb now lies. Afzal's plan was to call Shivaji and kill him (like Pak does the "Kargil"). Shivaji was very clever (but Hajpayee was not). He knew that Afzal (jihadis) has some plans and was prepared (unlike GoI). As soon as Afzal met Shivaji he tried to kill him (like the muslims allways do), but Shivaji instead attacked him (unlike the GoI) single-handedly and killed him instead. He was buried where he was killed.
After this incidence years passed by and slowly the Muslims started praying at the very same spot. This continued, even after India became independent. Hindus have now vowed to demolish it, which should have been done years before.
Why demolish the Tomb?
Organisers of the campaign against the tomb have not explained why they are moving to destroy it now after years of controversy. But what explantion needs to be given, when everbody know the history. Hindus should be happy that atleast somebody has come forward to demolish it. "The tomb has been there for hundreds of years. Why has the issue been raked up now?" asked Feroze Mithiborwala, a convenor of the Muslim Youth of India. Why is Feroze not saying that the population of Muslims is rising official by 33 percent between 1991 and 2001. Unofficially it must have been rising more, the Bangladeshis and Pakistanis, unaccounted for.
India's long and varied history has left hundreds of places across the country where Hindu and Muslim holy sites stand side by side, sometimes triggering bloody conflicts. But why?
The so-called Babri Mosque demolition on December 6, 1992
In 1992, Hindu hardliners defied a court order and razed a 16th century so-called Babri mosque which they said stood on the birthplace of the Hindu lord-god Ram in the northern town of Ayodhya. December 6 happens to be the day when the so-called Babri Mosque was demolished, which was built after smashing a Temple, by Barbaric Babar.
While demolishing the so-called Babri Mosque, some say that the Hindus behaved like the Muslims on December 6 1992. But it is wrong to treat the demolition of the so-called Mosque as a mere retribution for more than 3000 temple destructions by Islamic barbarians going back a thousand years. That would place the Islamic barbarians and the Hindus on the same moral plane which we feel as a historic error. What the Hindus were trying to recover was not merely the so-called mosque built over their sacred Temple, but the true history of their land. The Dec 6 demolition was a symbol of the emergence of the Indian Civilization. And it was just a start….
It does not matter if the construction of Ram Temple starts "anytime going forward" as proposed by VHP or does not start at all; but numerous such places still remain to be liberated; Kashi, Mathura and numerous others.
It is significant to quote Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar who said "India has lost her freedom only owing to treason of her own people. Raja Dahir of Sindh was defeated by Mohammad Bin Khasim. The only reason for this defeat was that the generals of the Sindh army took bribes from Khasim's men and did not fight for the King. It was Raja Jaichand of India who invited Mohammad Ghori to fight against Prithviraj. When Shivaji was fighting for the freedom of the Hindus, other Maratha leaders and Rajputs were fighting for the Mughals. When the Sikhs were fighting against the British, their leader did nothing..... Such things should not happen again; therefore, everyone must resolve to fight to the last drop of his blood, to defend the freedom of India."
Taking from Dr. Ambedkar's word, we need to "fight to the last drop of the blood"
Sep 01 2004: Hindus in Nepal are out on the streets.
So the Hindus are out on the streets as per expectations of the HinduWorld. Newtons law has partially become true, though the count on the other side has not yet started !!! As the killings of 12 Hindus in Iraq became known, mob of Nepalese youth took out rallies on Tuesday night itself. On Wednesday, mobs attacked three mosques here, including one near the famous Buddhist stupa of Swayambhunath, wrenching open the iron gates, breaking windows and setting holy books and records ablaze. Torn pages of the holy Quran and other books in Arabic lined the road as police fired teargas.
"We are patriotic Nepalese who want to convey to Islamic terrorists that if they attack our people, we will attack their interests in Nepal." THAT's GREAT !!!
One of the main cable TV operators, owned by a Nepalese Muslim, went off the air.
The Pashupati Sena, a Hindu organisation, is said to have called a Nepal shutdown on Thursday.

Aug 31 2004: Will the Nepali Hindus remain silent?
Will the Nepali Hindus remain silent after 12 Hindus were beheaded by Islamic Terrorists in Iraq ? Will they behave like the Hindu counterparts in India, where Hindus are most of the time silent, even if scores of Hindus are killed in Kashmir? NEPAL is the ONLY HINDU STATE, and we suppose that the Hindus will arise and awake and show the Islamists the power of Hindus.

Aug 24 2004: Pujya Veer Savarkar insult will not be tolerated.
A determined opposition today forced adjournment of the Rajya Sabha for the day amidst noisy scenes over the issues of "tainted" ministers in the UPA Government and a remark on Veer Savarkar by Petroleum Minister Mani Shankar Aiyar. Aiyar and other congress leaders have this habit of making such statements time and again. Oppostion should continue the adjournment till Mr Aiyar is thrown out of the Ministry.
He is called as Swatantrya Veer, not just for the sake of calling. Savarkar is revered in Hindusthan today as the Veer (Brave) Savarkar, and on the same level as Subhas Chandra Bose and Tilak. Veer Savarkar could be called a born rebel against the Colonizing power. He organized a Vanarsena (Monkey Brigade) of kids when he was just eleven and continued to show that instinct till the end. He was a fearless individual and wanted everybody round him to become physically strong and able to face any disasters--natural or man-made and fight for the Fatherland.
After more than 50 years of independence, the congressmen are still into unnecessary criticism of Savarkar, without knowing who he was. Instead of doing some good things for the country, congress is allways looking into consolidating the vote bank... be it speaking about Savarkar or running after Uma Bharti to resign.
Mar 18 2004: Vishwa Hindu Parishad members today visited the family of encounter specialist Sachin Waze, arrested in connection with the "disappearance" of a Ghatkopar bomb blast accused. The VHP team promised Waze's wife and daughter financial and legal help to fight their "battle". "Waze was fighting terrorism," VHP member Venkatesh Apte said. "We will extend our help to any person fighting terrorism."
The Ahmednagar unit of the Maharashtra state crime branch had arrested assistant police inspector Sachin Waze, for his alleged role in the escape of Khwaja Yunus, the bomb blast accused who was reported to have escaped after an accident.
Yunus was being escorted by a team of the crime branch, and this was led by Sachin Waze in 7 January 2003. According to reports received later, the police jeep had overturned while trying to avoid an oncoming vehicle, and the accused had taken advantage of this and escaped from the spot. The police party was unable to prevent his escape because they were injured and in no condition to take any action.
Though Waze had earlier been suspended by the state government, he was later reinstated and was even promoted to the rank of assistant police inspector and was posted at the anti extortion cell and was recently transferred to the Kandivali unit of the Crime Branch.
The father of Yunus had alleged that his son had been killed in a police encounter and had demanded an inquiry into this matter. But what if he is alive ? He will carry out more bomb attacks. And more people will get killed. Instead of searching the terrorists, like Yunus and arresting all SIMI and ISI agents, why is the Police and Government unnecessarily harassing their own Police inspectors ? Why are we just trying to complicate the case, just because the accused was a Muslim terrorist?

Aug 25 2003: ... Islamic terrorism hits the Financial capital of India.
At least 60 people were killed and over 100 injured when serial blasts ripped through busy areas of Mumbai on Monday afternoon. Initial reports said there had been four explosions in a replay of the 1993 Mumbai serial blasts, on March 12, 1993 when 257 people died and 713 were injured.
Monday's blasts took place minutes after the Archaeological Survey of India claimed in a Lucknow court that it had found remains of a temple during its excavation at the disputed Babri Masjid Ram Janambhoomi site in Ayodhya.
Jul 22 2003: Islamic terrorism continues....
Seven jawans were killed and 12 injured when two islamic terrorists in army uniform attacked an army camp in Tanda, about 40km north of Jammu on the road to Poonch, early on Tuesday morning.
Jul 21 2003: Islamic terrorism continues....
At least five Vaishno Devi pilgrims were killed and 20 wounded on Monday evening when a grenade lobbed by an unidentified islamic terrorists exploded near a langar at Katra in Jammu. So the killing of Hindus continue.....in a country where Hindus are in majority.
Jul 07 2003: More Hindus killed in Secular India.
Islamic terrorists gunned down five Hindu villagers, including two women, in the Nowshera area of Jammu and Kashmir on Monday. So the killing of Hindus continue.....Still Hindus want "Daya, Kshma, Shanti".
Peace with terrorists will not work. Talks with Pakistan will not work. Terrorists need a ruthless dealt with... once and for all.
Jul 06 2003: Mosque not required.
Jayendra Saraswathi, the Shankaracharya of Kanchi has now said that a there was no question of a mosque being built at Ayodhya. So, should it be built elsewhere? NO.. not at all.
In fact we need to have a freeze on any new Mosques, Madarasas, Temples, Churches and other such religious places. Hindus just pray in the Temples and fall prey to Islamic terrorists since the Hindu preachers teach about "Daya, Kshma, Shanti". Christians pray in the Church and Father preaches them to be a true christian and work towards the evangelisation. Muslims just do not pray in Mosques or Madarsas; but learns from childhood who is a Kafir (infidel) and what is Dar-ul-Islam and Dar-ul-Harb; ultimately ending up in either becoming a terrorist or a supporter of terrorism.
Jul 05 2003: Temple at Ayodhya?
Ayodhya, Ayodhya, Ayodhya ..... Jayendra Saraswathi, the Shankaracharya of Kanchi, swings into action every now and then, trying to find a solution to the Ayodhya tangle. So it was the VHP-RSS earlier and now Shankaracharya giving us the deadlines. The new deadline given is Jul 06... To Whom? To the muslims. Why? What is going to happen? The proposal has been given to AIMPLB? Why talk to Muslim Personal Law Board? Who are Muslims to decide whether a temple should exist or not? The so-called Babri Masjid (Mosque) was brought down by Hindus on Dec 6 and it was a symbol of the emergence of the Indian Civilization. It is not a question whether a Ram Temple should be built by Hindus or not; but it needs to be decided whether we need a Babri Mosque to be built or not. Babar was a barbarian who killed scores of non-muslims. To build a Mosque by his name in India or elsewhere on the Planet is shamefull to human civilization. It should be opposed tooth and nail, not only by Hindus but by any sensible humans.
May 15 2003: Strike them before they strike you....
At least seven people were killed and 15 injured in a bomb blast two months back in a commuter train in the commercial capital of India, Mumbai. The explosion occurred in a women's-only coach at Mulund station in a middle-class suburb as commuters returned home from work, a police official said. WHO ELSE CAN DO THIS? THE ISLAMIC TERRORISTS OF-COURSE.. Was our statement at that time.... and mails started coming to the webmaster saying that the site is communally biased.
What has police said now? The same... But still the so-called secularists say that Police is manufacturing the evidences, for an operation which was carried out in daylight. Police said on Wednesday they found more than 250 crude bombs and a big store of arms belonging to an offshoot of an outlawed Pakistan-based islamic terrorist group, Lashkar-e-Toiba who planned to use them to attack targets in Mumbai. This cache of arms was found in Padgha village, 80 km north of Mumbai. It is now known that terrorists from various cities and villages are co-ordinating amongst themselves, the arrest of a person who was teaching urdu in National Defence Academy in Pune is an example. What was he teaching in Urdu to his students? Jihad !!!
We know by experience that apart from pockets in Mumbai city, these Islamic Terrorists are spread around villages and towns which are near Mumbai; like Padgha, Bhiwandi, Mumbra, Malegaon, Aurangabad etc. and they can launch a massive strike anytime-anywhere.
Be warned !!!!! Islamic terrorists will strike, but we need a pre-emptive strike on these terrorists camps and the supporters of these terrorists spread near Mumbai and rest of the country.

May 03 2003: Muslims kill Hindus in a country where Hindus have 80% population.
At least eight Hindus were brutally killed near a Temple by Muslims in Marad, Kozhikode in the Indian state of Kerala.
Comment: Islamic Terrorism in South of India. Hmmmm..... No Hindu is safe in any part of Hindusthan where 80% population is Hindu. Oh Hindus!! Arise and Awake !!! If Hindus in Gujarat could show the power after massacre of Hindus, why not the other Hindus in rest of the country?
Apr 16 2003: If Togadia is charged with Sedition, then Imam Bukhari should be hanged till death.
The Rajasthan Government on Wednesday charged VHP leader Praveen Togadia with sedition for violating the ban on distributing tridents. He was charged under Section 121-A of IPC for "waging war or attempting anti-national activity".
Comment: If Togadia is charged with Sedition, then what about Imam Bukhari who calls for a Jihad against India almost every Friday. What about his statements that the Kafirs have no right to be alive? What about the MDF leaders? If Togadia is charged with Sedition, then Imam Bukhari and others should be hanged till death.

Mar 26 2003: Freedom of Religion Bill passed in Gujarat assembly
The Gujarat Freedom of Religion Bill, 2003, passed in the state assembly on Wednesday, seeks an imprisonment of up to three years and a fine up to Rs 1 lakh against anyone converting a person from one religion to another "by use of force or by any fraudulent means".
Meanwhile, BJP leader and former Gujarat Home minister Haren Pandya was shot down by Islamic terrorists in Ahmedabad on Mar 26 2003.
Mar 24 2003: Hindus massacred by Islamic terrorists in India
Islamic terrorists gunned down 24 Kashmiri Hindu pandits at Nandimarg in Shopian area of south Kashmir in the wee hours of Monday.
Comment: Hindus will you keep getting killed. If Hindus could repel the terrorist attack in Gujarat, why not in Kashmir?
Mar 18 2003: And now Jamuna Mandir....
VHP vice-president Giriraj Kishore yesterday said digging around the disputed site has reinforced their claim that most mosques were built after destroying Hindu places of worship. Oh!! VHP has realised that.. but not too late. Kishore claimed that a "Jamuna mandir" once existed where the Jama Masjid (in Delhi) now stands.This was in reply to a question whether the VHP would demand excavation near the Jama Masjid.
But for doing excavation, the Jama Masjid needs to be demolished which no government will allow. Anyways, the Government had also not allowed that till 06 Dec 1992 in case of so-called Babri Mosque. But everybody knows what happened then.

Mar 13 2003: At least seven people were killed and 15 injured in a bomb blast on Thursday in a commuter train in the commercial capital of India, Mumbai. The explosion occurred in a women's-only coach at Mulund station in a middle-class suburb as commuters returned home from work, a police official said. WHO ELSE CAN DO THIS? THE ISLAMIC TERRORISTS OF-COURSE.. IT IS TO BE NOTED THAT IT HAS HAPPENED JUST AFTER THE MUMBAI-BLAST ANNIVERSARY, AND JUST BEFORE MUHARAM AND THE "DHARM-SABHA" OF VHP IN MUMBAI WHICH IS GOING TO BE ADDRESSED BY PRAVIN TOGADIA.
Mar 12 2003: Anniversary of Mumbai Blast in which more thatn 250 people died. But the Islamic terrorists are still roaming free....
Feb 27 2003: The Burning Train -- One year after the massacre of 58 Hindus
The Burning Train was a old Hindi hit film, but we had seen a barbaric act of Islamic terrorism in the Indian state of Gujarat in which 58 Hindus were killed by a mob of 2000 Muslims. One year has passed but the culprits are not yet punished. Few of them who were arrested are now booked under the new anti-terrorism law called POTA.
It took the police almost a year to arrest one of the 'blastermind' of the case. Maulana Hussain Umarji, a key accused in the Godhra train carnage, was arrested on Feb 6, 2003. This triggered a spontaneous protest from members of the muslim community who observed a shutdown prompting police to beef up security in the town. He is a leader of the Tabligh-e-Jamat and a religious leader of the Ghanchi Muslims of Godhra. He was illegally sending this black money from Godhra to some 300 odd Muslim organisations all over India. He has also confessed that this money has not only been spent on spreading the message of Islam or in repairing old masjids or in Islamic education. It has also been used in anti-national activities. But the question remains about the network of Tabligh. Can just one Maulana or Maulavi handle a network all over India and perhaps in the neighbouring Islamic countries?
Feb 26 2003: Pakistani opposition deputies said Wednesday they suspected that last week's plane crash that killed Pakistan's air force chief and 16 others might have resulted from the testing of new aircraft jamming technology by US forces in the region. The MPs in the national assembly pressed for a debate and demanded that they be associated with an ongoing inquiry. An air force Fokker F-27 carrying Air Chief Marshal Mushaf Ali, his wife and 15 senior officers and technicians came down in foggy weather in mountains near the town of Kohat in northwest Pakistan on February 20. Liaqat Baloch a leader of the six-party Islamic alliance known as Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal (MMA) said that air chief Mushaf Ali had opposed giving bases to the US military in Pakistan to launch attacks in Afghanistan.
Feb 26 2003: The portrait of Swatantrya Veer Savarkar was unveiled on Wednesday in a Parliament hall at a ceremony that the opposition political parties boycotted. The portrait was unveiled by President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam here, will face one of Gandhi, the first in the array of 24 of the leaders of the nation adorning the historic Central Hall of Parliament.
Feb 25 2003: The opposition parties are dissociating themselves from the unveiling of a portrait of Veer Savarkar in the Central Hall of Parliament on Wednesday. They have even asked President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam to reconsider his decision to attend the ceremony. In a letter to Kalam, leaders of political parties including the Left said all Opposition parties have decided not to associate themselves with the function which will "give credibility" to the activities and "divisive policies" of Savarkar.
Comments: We call him Swatantrya Veer - Hero of the freedom struggle and not just Veer (Hero) and will continue to call him so. Whatever the political parties keep saying he is our hero. He was the first Indian political leader to call for Swadeshi, and the first Indian leader who publicly performed a bonfire of foreign clothes in 1906. He was the first political prisoner in the history of world the issue of whose arrest was fought out in the International Court at the Hague. He was the first Indian political leader to build a pan-Hindu temple where former 'untouchable' was a priest... and numerous such things which the politicians of today cannot dare to do.
Feb 19 2003: Hindus should now allow the followers of Khiljis, Babars, Gazanis and Ghouris to become a "prey"
Indian police used tear gas on Tuesday to disperse a gathering of 1000 Hindus trying to enter an ancient monument that Muslims consider a mosque and Hindus say is a temple, at a place called Dhar in the state of Madhya Pradesh. A mosque had been built after demolishing the Temple, by Mohammed Shah Khilji in 1457. The police say that the Vishwa Hindu Parishad and the Hindu Jagran Manch were planning to break open the locks of the Bhojshala and perform a puja at the shrine of Goddess Saraswati.
Comment: If 10,000 Hindus had gone to Bhojshala, a repeat of 6 Dec 1992 would have happened.... HJM and other Hindus should think on these lines. Instead of asking for a permission to "pray", Hindus should now allow the followers of Khiljis, Gazanis and Ghouris to become a "prey".
Feb 11 2003: India asks US to end dichotomy on terrorism
"There was no justification for the attack on the World Trade Centre or Pentagon and there was no justification for the December 13 attack on Indian Parliament, the terrorist attacks in Bali, Kenya and other places. The global alliance will have to extend the 'Zero Tolerance' beyond the September 11 attack to include the Parliament attack and other terrorist activities world wide," India's Urban Development Minister Ananth Kumar said while addressing the ongoing International Youth Conference on Terrorism, organised by the Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morch (BJYM), BJP's youth wing.
He said, "the US should end its dichotomy. The global alliance against terrorism has to be focused and transparent."
Feb 10 2003: Police reinforcements have been rushed to Bhiwandi town in Maharashtra following clashes between groups of Hindus and Muslims over the slaughter of cows. According to a police statement, trouble broke out Monday morning when some people were stopped while transporting cows for slaughter on the occasion of Eid that falls later this week. This led to violence as a mob of Muslims attacked police. Police then resorted to a cane-charge and fired 13 rounds in the air to disperse the crowd. More than 70 persons were injured in the violence, police said. Earlier in April, Lalit Jain, an activist of the Bajrang Dal, was killed because of his campaign against muslim butchers who were illegally slaughtering cows.
Feb 08 2003: Police on Friday used lathicharge to disperse a mob stoning a madrasa where armed muslim men molested a number of Hindu women bus passengers after gunning down a Hindu driver, Samir Ghosh, on a highway in West Bengal's Nadia district police sources said. A number of persons were arrested for the stoning at Aismali village on the highway. The muslims dragged out the Hindu men and tied them to trees before molesting some of the Hindu women and looting valuables during a four hour operation, the sources said.
Feb 08 2003: Pak not interested in good neighbourly relations
Charging Pakistan with taking "no significant action" to dismantle terrorist infrastructure, Indian Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee on Saturday said reports suggest that territories in Nepal and Bangladesh were now being used by the Inter Services Intelligence to persue its anti-India agenda. "For us, the most disconcerting aspect of terrorism is that it is sponsored, supported and funded by Pakistan as a matter of state policy," he said inaugurating a day-long Chief Ministers' Conference on Internal Security. Vajpayee said Pakistan did not appear to be interested in establishing good neighbourly relations with India.
Comment: Why is India so keen to have good relations with Pakistan? Has not the time come to close down the Pakistan High Commission, now that it has become very clear that they are indulging in promoting and financing Islamic terrorism?
Feb 08 2003: A tit-for-tat from Pakistan
In a tit-for-tat action, Pakistan on Saturday expelled India's Charge d'Affaires Sudhir Vyas and four others. Besides Vyas, others asked to leave the country were First Secretary Rahul Rasgotra and staffers S Balu, Ranbir Singh and S R Anand.
Feb 08 2003: India asks Pak envoy, 4 others to leave
India has asked the Pakistani Deputy High Commissioner in New Delhi Jaleel Abbas Gilani to leave the country within 48 hours, official sources said on Saturday. "We have hard evidence to show that what he (Gilani) was doing is incompatible with diplomatic norms," External Affairs Ministry spokesman Navtej Sarna told reporters in Delhi. India has also sought the recall of four officials of the Pakistan high commission, he said. They are Habibur Rehman, Aftab Ahmed, Abdul Razak and Mohd Nazir, he said adding they are not diplomats. The government action comes two days after two arrested Hurriyart Conference activists alleged that Gilani funded separatists in Jammu and Kashmir.
Feb 08 2003: Unidentifed gunmen on Friday killed four Hindus in an attack on a liquor store in southwestern Pakistan. Police said three armed men barged into the liquor shop in Quetta, apparently to rob the store, then bound the hands of five people before shooting them. A sixth person in the shop was also shot.
Feb 06 2003: Restrictions on Hindus to pray.
There is a tight security in the Dhar district in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh on the occassion of Basant Panchami at the Bhojshala. The Muslims are allowed to pray every Friday, whereas the Hindus are allowed to pray only once a year on the day of Basant Panchami. VHP leaders are going to visit this site on Basant Panchami.
Feb 06 2003: Bangladeshi do a vanishing act on the borders
The Bangladeshis on the Indo-Bangla border have done a vanishing act. Indian BSF has confirmed that the Bangladeshi BDR have taken them back.
Comment: Good!! Now Indians need to push all other Bangladeshi Muslims into Bangladesh as soon as possible.
Feb 05 2003: Pakistani UAV shot down
A Pakistani Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, on a spying mission, was shot down on Wednesday by Indian security forces in Poonch district of Jammu and Kashmir, an army spokesman in New Delhi said. More details are awaited.
Feb 05 2003: Things have gone out of control says George
Scores of Indian villagers have begun fleeing the areas adjoining the Bangladesh border
, where 213 illegal migrants remained for the sixth day on Wednesday. The BSF had put about 5000 villagers living along the Cooch Behar sector in West Bengal on alert after it detected that Bangladeshi border troops were digging trenches inside their territory and moving vehicles. Defence Minister George Fernandes said on Wednesday that 'things have gone out of control' on the Indo-Bangla border over the issue of 213 Bangladeshi immigrants.
Comments: The Indian Army kills any infiltrators coming from LoC with Pakistan, so why not Muslim infiltrators from Bangladesh who create problems in India?
Feb 04 2003: Why do Muslims need Rocket launchers?
In a major seizure, Gujarat Police on Tuesday recovered a highly sophisticated rocket launcher and 13 rocket launcher shells from a house in the coastal district town of Bhavnagar. Acting on specific information, police raided the house of Arif, in a communally sensitive pocket and recovered the weapons, Deputy Superintendent of Police, Bhavnagar, as Gehlot told PTI. Gehlot said the "weapons seized are of a rare type and the explosives compactly packed in the weapon could cause intense damage in a crowded area". He said the shells recovered were of various types, used for different range of targets. Gehlot said Arif has been booked under the Arms Act and other sections of IPC.
Feb 04 2003: The crisis over the deportation of alleged illegal migrants stranded on the India-Bangladesh border continued Tuesday with no indication of an early solution.
Feb 04 2003: The Bharatiya Janata Party has called State-wide bandh on February 11 to protest the "Jihadi" killings by the Darsgah Jehad-o-Shahadat (DJS) and demanding strong steps to check its activists and MIM's alleged support to the organisation. BJP leader, Mr. Reddy alleged that the MIM by sympathising with the accused persons involved in the Saibaba temple case was proving to be no different from the DJS. He accused the Government of lacking courage to take action against the MIM for its support to "Jihadi" organisations.
Feb 04 2003: Jihadi activities of DJS
In a major breakthrough, four activists belonging to the terrorist outfit, Darsgah-Jihad-o Shahadat (DJS), who brutally killed nine persons of a Hindu community by slitting their throats in different incidents during the last 10 months, were arrested by the police. Except for the gang leader Mohammed Imtiaz who is still at large, the other members - Mohammed Jaffer Khan, Akbar alias Laddu of Chandrayangutta, Mukhtar and Khalid of Santoshnagar were arrested.
Disclosing this to mediapersons here today, Rangareddy district SP MV Ramachandra Raju said that the gang was active since April 2002 after the Godhra incident in Gujarat in January last.
Their modus operandi was to offer lifts in their car (ATC 3776) to the those waiting at bus-stands. They would ask the name of the persons and then take them to far off places were they would hit the victim with an iron rod and subsequently slit their throat. The body would then be dumped in an isolated place.
Among the nine victims, three are yet to be identified while the remaining were identified as - Sridhar, a software engineer who was murdered in Kukatpally, K Krishna Reddy in Ibrahimpatnam, Mahender Reddy in Saroornagar, Santosh Kumar in Ghatkesar, Malla Reddy in Bouduppal and Venkat Rao in LB Nagar.
Provisional Govt. of Hindu Republic of Bir Bango Formed
A new nation and provisional government has been declared in Bangladesh by persecuted Hindus and a Revolutionary Council has been set up with capital in Shaktigarh in the district of Hilly Chttagong .Here is an excerpt from their press release:"....For our very existence as the original indigenous ancient Hindu population of Bangladesh dwindling down from 5 crores to present 1.5 crore, we do hereby declare ourselves as a seperate independent Hindu nation and our share of land in Bangladesh into Hindu Republic of Bir Bango comprising the territories south of rivers Padma,Meghna and Teetash.We give ourselves our independent government and proclaim ourselves a free sovereign nation.......The capital of our sovereign independent Hindu republic of Bir Bango is named Shakti Garh in Hilly Chittagong District and our Working Capital shall be at Surya Kendram in south Sundarban of Khulna District....."
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