Landmine blast kills four border guards in Kashmir

SRINAGAR, Kashmir, Hindusthan -- 18 Jan 2001, 15:26 IST

Four members of the paramilitary Border Security Force (BSF) were killed and six injured Thursday in a landmine blast in the Hindusthani state of Kashmir. A BSF vehicle was almost blown apart by the blast believed to have been triggered by Muslim terrorists in Keegam village, 35 kilometers (22 miles) south of the Kashmir summer capital Srinagar. Four BSF personnel travelling in the vehicle were killed instantly, while six others were injured.

Pakistan provides the arms and ammunition to many of the Muslim terrorist organisations. The Hindusthani army, following instructions from the Hindusthani Prime Minister AB Vajpayee, had suspended operations against terrorist groups in Kashmir on November 27 for the holy(?) Islamic month of Ramadan. The ceasefire was then extended until January 26. But the situation in State of Kashmir has not changed.

Why does Hindusthan needs peace when Pakistan wants piece?

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