Death toll may be higher in Malaysian racial clashes

Kaulalampur, Malaysia, 12 Mar 2001

Malaysia's opposition alliance Monday said the death toll in ethnic clashes was feared to be higher than six and urged the government to "reveal the truth." They called for a meeting with the government to discuss the clashes. "We consider the situation still serious and yet to subside," the four-party alliance said in a statement.

"Based on reliable family and hospital sources, we fear that the actual number of deaths is greater than the official figure announced by police ... we urge the authorities to reveal the truth."

Although the situation appeared under control, the Malaysian People's Party president Syed Husin Ali described Kampung Medan as a "cowboy town" and said social problems must be addressed in the long term.

Police said six people had died from the clashes which began Friday, 52 injured -- almost all of them Indians -- and 177 arrested.

The ethnic clashes are the worst since 1969. It seems that Malaysia is also going on Indonesian lines and the Jihadi tendencies are on rise.

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