The Studentsí Islamic Movement of India, a frontal organisation of the Jamait-e Islami, has started a campaign to prepare Muslim minorities for a full blown jihad (holy war) against Hindus, "who are responsible for the martyrdom of the Babri Mosque."

This was the News given on the Frontpage of asianage.com on 21 June 2000. It further adds saying that "According to sources, Simi plans to counter the proposed Vishwa Hindu Pari-shad rath yatra by reminding the minorities of the Babri Masjid demolition and inciting communal passions."

The posters which are distributed are certainly objectionable, inciting the Muslims to start a jihad against the Hindus. Further some other posters seized earlier openly say about "demolishing Temples" in revenge. A well-known Muslim Politician in Mumbai had also uttered such statements a few days back. What exactly are Muslims upto?

A Kashmiri extremist leader had also said about the Intifada. Dr. Abdullah is also making statements about the "Autonomous Jammu Kashmir". These are not isolated events. What is this all about? Are all Hindusthanis sleeping ??