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Apr 25 2005: Apr 28 2005: Pakistanis playing dangerous games with US.
According to a Pakistani daily, Dawn, a local Muslim has been convicted of encouraging his followers to join the Pakistan-based Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT) and to carry out jihad against the United States. Ali Tamimi of Fairfax County faces a mandatory life imprisonment for preaching jihad soon after the 9/11 attacks in the United States. Tamimi was convicted of inspiring a group of his Northern Virginia followers to attend terrorist training camps abroad and to prepare to battle American troops. The prosecution claimed that many of his followers practiced for jihad by playing paintball in the Virginia countryside while some others trained with the LeT.
Comment: In the paintball game, the objective is to capture the opposition's flag. So which flag do the Pakistanis want to capture, the US flag ? The terrorist training camps in Pakistan are already giving live training to carry out Jihad against the non-Muslims. The terrorists trained there are sent on missions all over the world from Phillipines in the East to US in the West; in India, Chechnya in Russia, Europe and South African countries. Convicting less harmless people in US will not serve the purpose, the terrorist camps in Pakistan should be destroyed on priority.
On one hand American instructors are training Pakistan army commandos to fight against Al-Qaida and on the other hand the Pakistani Army is training the terrorist in Pakistan camps who are targetting US and other countries like India, Spain, Russia and others.
Apr 25 2005: Islamists have won the elections in Saudi Arabia.
Islamists have won most of the Saudi municipal elections in a fake attempt by Saudis to show that democracy appears to be coming to Saudi Arabia, where women are still excluded.
Comment: Saudis are not unhappy that the Islamists have been elected. Even if Saudi Government is going to plant so-called liberals, those might be dummy. This is going to prove dangerous for the non-Islamic world. With al-Qaida hell bent on attacking the Saudi government and its assets, it remains to be seen whether it ties up with the Islamists OR who knows, few Islamists might be from the sleeper cells of al-Qaida. And if it so happens, then the Saudi government can be overthrown by al-Qaida and elected Islamists might become allies of al-Qaida, forming a Taliban state, like was in Afghanistan, before US attacked Afghanistan. Saudi Arabia, which is the major financier of Islamic Terrorism is spreading its own Wahhabi style terrorism elsewhere and is fooling the world by conducting fake elections which may boomrang. US needs to keep an eye on such dummy democracies.
Apr 22 2005: Al Qaida leader Osama bin Laden is alive and is hiding somewhere in the inaccessible Pakistan-Afghan tribal belt, Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf has said.
"Osama is alive and I am cent percent sure that he is hiding in the Pakistani-Afghan tribal belt," Musharraf said in an interview with CNN that will be telecast Saturday, reports Online news agency. Now that the world has got a clue where Osama is; which everybody already knew, this is the time to hunt the blastermind down. And it is also high time now that the mastermind of nuclear technology transfer, A.Q. Khan is also handed over to US for investigations, which Musharraf has once again denied in the same interview.
Apr 21 2005: Best way is, carpet bombing of Iraq.
Eleven civilians were killed when a commercial helicopter was shot down by missile fire, north of the Iraqi capital on 21 Apr 2005. Six American security workers, three Bulgarian crew members and two Fijian security guards died, said Paul Greenaway, a spokesman for SkyLink, a Canadian-based company that had chartered the craft for work. The six Americans were employees of Blackwater USA. In a separate incident, a roadside bomb killed another Blackwater employee in Ramadi. At least 18 Blackwater employees have been killed since the war began.
Comment: The Iraqi Civil Aviation Authority has launched an investigation into the crash, but that will yield any thing and even if they find out the culprits, the Islamic Terrorism will continue. The best solution to tackle this type of Terrorism the carpet bombing of all major Terrorist bases in Iraq. For this, US has to first pull-out their troops from certain parts of Iraq, bomb that area and proceed to the next part and continue this way till all Islamic Terrorists are killed.
Apr 20 2005: SIMI ties up with Nepal Islamic Sangh
Also read: What is SIMI ?
The outlawed Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) has been trying to forge links with the Nepal Islamic Sangh, a pro-Pakistan Muslim fundamentalist group, the government informed parliament on 20 Apr 2005. Minister of State for Home Affairs Sriprakash Jaiswal said in the Rajya Sabha that SIMI, banned under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, was trying to set up base in Nepal. "A close watch is being maintained on the group's activities as it is seeking the patronage of the Nepal Islamic Sangh lately," he said. The government banned SIMI two years ago because of its proximity with the Lashker-e-Taiba, the terrorist group active in Jammu and Kashmir.
Comments: The Islamic terrorist groups in India and the world are someway or other linked to each other, from South Philippines to US. Even the attacks on WTC and Pentagon were planned by students in Hamburg, Germany. These groups operate under variety of names and interact closely with local terrorist and student outfits. In India itself, apart from SIMI their are other foreign student groups who are carrying out terrorist activities in India and abroad. The most dangerous are the Abu Nidal Organisation (ANO), Hizbollah (some times called Islamic Revenge Organisation), Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP - which has about 300 members in India), Muslim Students Union of Palestine (MSUP - Students wing of Hamas, Headquartered in Delhi).
Informing parliaments and having discussions is not enough. If the ultimate motive of the World Governments, is to finish Terrorism then the only way is to crush Terrorism. For this the terrorists need to be "hunted down" and the hunting needs to go on till the Global Terrorist Networks like Al Qaida and others become extinct and the last terrorist killed.
Apr 13 2005: The "Tiny terror weapon" manufacturing plants of Al-Qaida.
Kamel Bourgass aged 31, an al-Qaida terrorist who stabbed to death a policeman has been jailed for 17 years for plotting to spread ricin and other poisons on the UK's streets. Anti-terrorist squad officers found a suspected chemical weapons laboratory when they raided a flat in Wood Green, north London, in January 2003. The BBC's Home Editor Mark Easton says the authorities in Britain believe there was a plan to co-ordinate chemical and biological attacks across Europe. In London targets were to include the underground tube stations and in Paris the authorities suspected the Metro and Eiffel Tower could have been attacked.
The "Tiny terror weapon" manufacturing plants of Al-Qaida may be spread across the globe. These plants might be countries like Iraq, Iran, Syria, Yemen, Islamic countries in North Africa, Indonesia and several other Islamic countries. The UNSCOM inspectors in 1997 had found Iraqis having a ricin production capability which was never destroyed. US has not found it in Iraq yet, but Iraq may have transferred it to other terrorist states like Syria.
Although ricin is not a Weapon of Mass Destruction like a nuclear, biological or Chemical weapon but can be used by Islamic terrorist to kill people "one by one" or mix the agent with a solvent or in crowded places by releasing it with aerosol. It can be used as a targeted weapon to be used in a limited space, like subways, supermarkets, or in elevatars in a building etc. This new weapon of terror, if used by Islamic terrorist could also create enough terror in the minds of people who are already terorized after Sep 11 attacks on US.
For older article: Tiny Terror Weapon.
Feb 23 2005: Professor arrested for having links with Islamic terrorists.
A university teacher was arrested in Bangladesh Wednesday for his reported links with radical Islamist groups in Pakistan, India, the Middle East and in the country. Asadullah Al Galib, a professor in the Arabic Department of Rajshahi University, was arrested from the office of his Islamic organisation, Ahlay Hadis Andolon Bangladesh, on the outskirts of Rajshahi city, 271 km northwest of Dhaka. He has admitted that his Islamist outfit operates in 42 districts with a mission of turning Bangladesh into an Islamic state. Pakistani terrorist leader Maulana Abdullah Nasser Rahmani, a Kashmiri terrorist named Gazzali and other muslims from India and Pakistan were frequent visitors at Galib's Rajshahi office, according to former leaders of the Ahlay Hadis Andolon Bangladesh.
Feb 18 2005: The civil war continues in Iraq.
At least 30 people died in a bomb attack today on a Shia mosque in Iraq's capital Baghdad, the Associated Press said, quoting an Iraqi National Guard officer. The blast occurred during prayer time near the al-Khadimain mosque in the Doura district of southwest Baghdad, AP said, quoting First Lieutenant Ahmad Ali. Shia Muslims are celebrating the Islamic holy month of Muharram and Feb. 19 is Ashura, a day that marks the death of Imam Hussein, the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad. As expected, a Shia coalition won the most seats in the Jan. 30 National Assembly election.
Feb 18 2005: Pakistani terrorists determined to attack US: CIA.
Terrorist elements in Pakistan remain committed to attacking US targets, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has warned. The warning was issued by CIA director Porter Goss at the Senate committee on intelligence in Washington. He also said that North Korea continues to pursue a uranium enrichment capability drawing on the assistance it received from disgraced Pakistani nuclear scientist A.Q. Khan before his network was shut down.
Grimly warning that "Al-Qaida is intent on finding ways to circumvent US security enhancements to strike Americans and the homeland," he said, "It may be only a matter of time before al-Qaida or another group attempts to use chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear weapons."
Feb 16 2005: One more suicidal act by Israeli Parliament.
The Knesset decided to evacuate some 9000 settlers from the Gaza Strip and the northern West Bank as they approved the historic disengagement bill on Wednesday night. Nationalist MKs have proposed changing the name of the legislation to the "expulsion of Jews from their homes" bill. "This is a death sentence to Jewish settlement," said MK Yuri Shtern (National Union).
The only previous decision by the Knesset to evacuate settlements was made in 1982 when the Sinai Evacuee Compensation Law was passed in accordance with the Israel-Egypt peace treaty. The new bill may prove suicidal for Jews.

Feb 15 2005: U.S. should force Syria to pull out from Lebanon.
The U.S. withdrew its ambassador from Syria to protest the car bomb attack yesterday in Beirut that killed Rafik Hariri, a former prime minister of Lebanon, the U.S. State Department said. State Department spokesman Richard Boucher said the U.S. was acting to demonstrate "deep concern and outrage" over the killing of Hariri and linked the withdrawal to Syria's continued deployment of military forces in Lebanon in the face of previous promises to remove them.
Comment: Syria is harbouring the international islamic terrorist groups which are operational in Iraq and Israel. Syria needs to be taught a lesson, once and for all. If Syria does not pull out of Lebanon, U.S. needs to force the Syrian Army and security personnels out of Lebanon, before it is too late and then take control of Lebanon security and seal off Lebanon and Iraqi borders, so that the islamic terrorists are sandwiched between the two borders.
Shape of things to come in Iraq and the world over
A write-up based on analysis by Seymour Hersh and information at the web sites,,

Feb 12 2005: Pakistani man arrested for conspiring to cause explosion
BBC has reported that a man has been charged by Scotland yard,of conspiring to cause an explosion with intent to endanger life. Salahuddin Amin, 29, was arrested at Terminal 4 in Heathrow Airport on 8 February after arriving on a British Airways flight from Pakistan. He was held at Paddington Green police station and quizzed under the Terrorism Act, but was charged on Saturday under the 1883 Explosive Substances Act. He will appear at Bow St Magistrates Court on 14 February.
He is accused of unlawfully and maliciously conspiring with others to cause, by an explosive substance, an explosion of a nature likely to endanger life or cause serious damage to property, between 1 October 2003 and 31 March 2004.
BBC home affairs correspondent Margaret Gilmore said she understood the arrest followed an investigation by MI5 and the police. And she said it was thought the accused had been arrested in Pakistan but had later been released.
Feb 11 2005: Alloting Grace period to Islamic Terrorists may be suicidal.
Finance Minister Binyamin Netanyahu was attacked on Thursday night outside a wedding in Kfar Chabad by a group of nationalists. They chanted, "The blood of Jews cannot be abandoned, it is forbidden to uproot Jews from their home, " Army Radio reported. At the beginning of the week, Education Minister Limor Livnat was attacked by nationalists while leaving a memorial ceremony for Stern Gang leader Yair Stern. The activists angrily said "Shame on you, why aren't you ashamed to come here when you support the removal of Jews."
Comment: Mr. Sharon, please try and understand that by a change of leadership from the Arafat to Abbas is not going to change the situation. Muslims will continue to wage Jihad against the Jews, irrespective of whether the settlements are moved or not. Hamas and Hizbollah will keep on targetting the Jews. Prime Minister Ariel Sharon adopted the IDF's recommendations to grant Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas more time to stop Palestinian mortar fire before Israel takes military action. But terrorism against Jews is never going to stop. Islamic terrorist groups are not going to stop attacks.
It is foolish and suicidal to expect that Abbas will act against his own people. With Hamas already having won in the elections, what else is expected from Abbas. He will ask Hamas to stop attacks, but covertly tell them to attack Jews. IDF should now swiftly act with force. Giving Grace periods to terrorists to stop attacks for curbing terrorism is not a wise way to go. You need to terrorise the terrorists.

Feb 11 2005: Attacks in Shia areas of Iraq
Insurgents attacked three apparent Shia Muslim targets in central Iraq on Friday, killing at least 21 people. In the latest attack, a suicide car bomb detonated near a Shia mosque during daily prayers northeast of Baghdad, killing at least 12 people and wounding 23 others. The civil war seems to be getting much worst. Well it is good that Muslims are killing Muslims !!!!
Feb 11 2005: Even as the Pakistan government battling out with Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA), an outfit calling itself the Sindh Liberation Army (SLA) has emerged in the southern province that has longstanding problems with Islamabad.
"While rumours about the existence of the organisation have been making the rounds in government circles, including intelligence agencies, for some time now, senior officials refuse to give the SLA much credence and say the outfit by no means poses a 'serious' security threat to the province," The Friday Times weekly reported in its latest issue. "We are aware of this outfit but don't believe it is a serious threat to security in Sindh," the paper said quoting Brig. Javed Iqbal Cheema, head of the Islamabad-based Crisis Management Cell at the interior ministry.
But it said critics say Cheema and his team are being too complacent when they claim that the SLA poses no "real" threat to security.
"Recent events also prove otherwise. Through anonymous phone calls to police officials and journalists, the SLA has claimed responsibility for several attacks and bomb blasts in the recent past."
The attacks included two bomb explosions near the district headquarters of Pakistan Rangers in Larkana and blasts at two electricity towers in the Sibi district of Balochistan, in which about 12 people were injured. There are fears that various acts of sabotage in Sindh and Balochistan might be a result of co-ordination between the SLA and the BLA.
Feb 10 2005: North Korea has announced it does possess nuclear weapons. It made a similar claim last year, but later retracted it. In an official statement Thursday, Pyongyang also said it is suspending participation in six-party talks on its nuclear ambitions, accusing the United States of conducting a "hostile policy" toward the Communist state. (VOA News)
Jan 28 2005: The Islamic Terrorists have won In Gaza elections.
The Islamic terrorist group Hamas won an overwhelming victory in local elections in 10 Gaza towns, election officials said Friday, in a setback for the Fatah Party of Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas.
The Hamas victory reflected widespread support in Gaza for the violent Islamic movement, with its constant attacks against Israel. Hamas spokesman remark summarizes what the Muslims in general think. He said the victory was a vindication for the group's strategy. "This is a big victory for the resistance," said the spokesman, Mushir al Masri. "It seems that resistance and Qassam (rockets) that used to be fired ... have won," he said. Net Net saying that the ISLAMIC TERRORISM HAS WON !!!
Israel should now go on high alert. Hamas will now start targeting Israelis more and more openly.

Jan 13 2005: It is not 1970s, Musharraf warns Baloch Nationalists
"Don't push us ... it is not the 1970s, and this time you won't even know what has hit you," President Pervez Musharraf is reported to have warned Baloch nationalist elements during an interview to the Geo television, Pakistan’s private TV channel, on January 10,2005.
By 1970s, he was referring to the formation of Bangladesh, after a humiliating defeat in the war against India.
Where is the American Tsunami?
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Breaking news (Last Update: 19 August 2005, 16:10 Hrs IST):
August 19 : Indian and Bangladeshi border guards were locked in a gunbattle on Friday after Indian troops opened fire to scare away hundreds of Bangladeshi construction workers and soldiers on the frontier, officials said. There was no immediate word of any casualties on either side but Indian officials said people in border villages on its side had been evacuated to safer places. The fighting came a day after New Delhi offered to help Dhaka to hunt for Islamist terrorists who set off hundreds of crude bombs across Bangladesh, killing two people and wounding more than 100.

HinduWorld demands a complete blockade of Bangladesh. There has been a continous infiltration attempts from Bangladesh and most of them have been successfull. Most of the districts in Assam and W.Bengal have scores of Bangladeshis, from where these bangladeshi muslims spread their tentacles to rest of India. This is not only changing the demography of few states, but is a danger to the security of India. ISI has set up terror camps inside Bangladesh and the day is not far that Bangladesh will have a Taliban style regime.

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July 08 : Al-Qaeda inspired Islamic Terrorism in London.
HinduWorld condolences to all the families of the people killed in London on July 07, 2005. The world is witnessing Islamic Terrorism from East to West, from 1993 Mumbai blasts, 9/11 Twin Tower attack, Madrid bombings, 7/7 attack and many more to come. How long we should tolerate this Islamic Terrorism ? This has to be dealt with Iron hands now and it has to be much faster than just bombing Afghanistan and Iraq. The latest bombings in London seems to be work of local Muslims inspired by Al-Qaeds and Osama. Because if it would have been Al-Qaeda, they would have thought on more damages on the scale of 9/11 in US. We have so many countries including Pakistan, the human resource manager and Saudi Arabia, the fiancier who are spreading its Wahabi style Islamic Terrorism to the whole world. This has to be stopped and stopped NOW!!! else we will see many such attacks in the months to come

London 12 June 2005

At least a thousand Hindus from different Hindu organisations joined the protest against the French manufacturer Minelli, who had Prabhu Ramchandra's picture on the shoes. The rally was organised by the Hindu Human Rights Group outside the French Embassy in London on 12th June 2005.

Organisations that supported the Rally included the Shri Yog Vedanta Sewa Samiti-London, Hindu Forum of Britain, the Vishwa Hindu Parishad UK, the Hindu Council of Brent, the Hindu Council of Birmingham, the Hindu Council of Harrow, the Hindu Council of the North, Leicester Festival Hindu Council, the Hindu Council UK, the Shri Kutch Leva Patel Community UK, the Federation of Brahmin Associations, the Prajapati Association UK, the International Society for Krishna Consciousness, the International Swaminarayan Satsang Organisation and many others.

Some Hindus from Stratford were so enthusiastic that they had booked a coach from their place and asked Hindus from nearby areas to join them. Panditji from Stratford Radha Krishna Temple had also joined them. Amongst the many things which the Panditji said, the most important was about "Brahman ki Boli, Kshatriya ki Goli, Vaishaya ki Jholi aur Shudra ki Tolee" and stressed that all the Hindus whether Brahman, Kshatriya, Vaishya or Shudra and irrespective of language or sect they are assoicated with; should get united to fight against such intolerance. He also recited Hanuman Chalisa and the crowd recited with him.

The angry protests had slogans raised against the Minelli Shoe company and French Government not taking action against such irresponsible acts. The most active amongst the youth were the "Hindu Youth Association". The youth were really angered by the fact that they were not allowed to go near the French Embassy and repeatedly were asking the Police to allow them to carry out the peacefull protest near the Embassy. Finally two youths from the crowd somehow made their way near the embassy raising the Saffron flag and chanting "Jai Shri Ram". This encouraged the Hindu crowd standing on the opposite side of the Embassy near the Sheraton Tower Hotel. And soon all of them were near the French Embassy.

The angry protest was attended by many prominent Hindu leaders featured colourful banners of Lord Rama, slogans against Minelli and the French Government, chanting of hymns and devotional songs to the accompaniment of Indian dhols (drums) and speeches by Hindu leaders.

Sheila Maharaja, spokesperson for the Hindu Human Rights group said, “Bathed in the afternoon sun, Hindus from all walks of life joined us in a growing Hindu awakening to make it known that we will no longer stand for the defamation of our sacred Lord Rama and the persecution of Hindus anywhere in the world.”

Speaking about Minelli’s apparent offer to withdraw the infamous shoes from sale, she added, “Minelli have yet to respond to our reply let alone offer a full apology. We will not stop this campaign until they have made it clear that they recognise the offence that they have caused, acknowledge their responsibility in a public apology and outline how they intend to move forward from here. There are also the wider issues surrounding this campaign about the treatment of Hindus in France itself. The French government have yet to respond and clarify how they intend to address this. The protest will continues.”

“We are very grateful to Hindu Human Rights for bringing this issue to the attention of Hindus all over the world,” commented Ramesh Kallidai, Secretary General of the Hindu Forum of Britain. “The rally was a huge success and demonstrated the genuine concern Hindus in Britain and elsewhere have had about the misuse and abuse of Hindu icons as well as the growing intolerance in France. This is the main reason the Hindu Forum of Britain has urged all Hindus to boycott French goods and stop flying Air France.”

The Hindu Forum of Britain has also urged Hindus all over the world to write to the International Olympic Association to express their disgust and opposition to the short-listing of Paris as a possible venue for the 2012 Olympics. “We are continuing to request outraged Hindus to immediately write to the Chairman of the International Olympic Committee, Rogge, and express their opposition to the holding of Olympics 2012 in France. After all, this is the country that gave the world the three words ‘Liberty, Equality and Fraternity’, and yet they do not wish to give liberty to minority faith traditions, do not wish to give us the same treatment given to the Catholic Church in strict violation of all accepted equality laws, and refuse to extend a hand of friendship and fraternity to us.”

Hindu temples in France are not recognised as ‘established Churches’ and are therefore not given the same tax rebates that are available to Catholic Churches, some Protestant Churches and a few Synagogues and Mosques. “We condone the fact that a religion that pre-dates Christianity by thousands of years has not been recognised as an accepted faith tradition by the French Government,” explained Dr Girdhari Bhan, President of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad UK. “It goes against all accepted norms of human rights in the democratic world.”

Remembering the Champion of Hindutva - Veer Vinayak Damodar Savarkar

Are we going to see a intensified civil war in Pakistan in future ?

At least 18 Shia Muslims killed -- when Christina Rocca was concluding her visit -- when so-called peace talks with India were on in Rawalpindi -- when Islamists were due to stage an anti-U.S. rally outside Pakistani parliament. Are these just coincidences or is it Al-Qaida showing their presence and warning India, US and the Military Regime Of Musharraf, that the Wahabi Sunni Terrorism, financed by Saudi Arabia is going to intensify further and will turn Pakistan into another Iraq ?

At least 18 muslims were killed and dozens wounded by a suspected suicide bombing at a Muslim shrine in the Pakistani capital Islamabad on Friday, where thousands had gathered to pay homage to city's patron saint. The blast occurred at the Bari Imam shrine, which is close to Pakistan's main government buildings and the diplomatic enclave, where many embassies and diplomatic residences are located.

"Many (Shia) mourners have been martyred and many wounded," Qamar Haider Zaidi, a Shia Muslim preacher, told reporters as bloody, limbless bodies were recovered from the scene. Another Shi'ite cleric, Syed Guftar Hussain Sadiqi, said the blast appeared to be the work of banned Sunni militant groups or "foreign elements."

Comment: These killings, came as U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Christina Rocca was concluding a visit to the country and as so-called peace talks with Pakistan's nuclear-armed rival India were taking place in the city of Rawalpindi adjoining Islamabad. It was the latest incident of religious violence to rock Pakistan, which has been a key ally in the U.S.-led war on terror since the Sept. 11 attacks in 2001. The Shias and the Sunnis are fighting against each others, like in Iraq, where we are witnessing a civil war already. The sufferers in both Pakistan and Iraq are the Shias.

It is also to be noted that, the blast occurred hours before Islamists were due to stage an anti-U.S. rally outside parliament to protest the alleged desecration of the Koran, the Muslim holy book, at the U.S. military detention center at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba.

So are we going to see a intensified civil war in Pakistan in future ?

According to the Reuters Archives : March 19, 2005 - At least 29 people killed minority Shia Muslim shrine in Baluchistan province in the southwest.
Dec 10, 2004 - 11 people killed in the southwestern city of Quetta by Baluch Liberation Army.
Oct 7, 2004 - At least 40 people are killed at a rally in Multan city to commemorate the assassination of a Sunni Muslim leader.
Oct 1, 2004 - A suicide bomber in a Shia mosque in the eastern city of Sialkot kills 25.
May 31, 2004 - A blast in a Shia mosque in the southern city of Karachi kills 20.
May 7, 2004 - A suicide attacker sets off a bomb in a Shia mosque in Karachi killing 15.
March 2, 2004 - At least 44 people are killed when suspected Sunni militants attacked a Shia procession in Quetta.
July 4, 2003 - Up to 47 people are killed in a suicide bomb attack on a Shia mosque in Quetta.

May 27 2005: Operation New Market comes under fire. Two US soldiers killed.

Two U.S. soldiers were killed in Iraq when their helicopter crashed after being shot at north of Baghdad, the U.S. military said in a statement on Friday. Two helicopters came under small arms fire near Baquba 60 km (40 miles) north of Baghdad on Thursday night, the U.S. military said. One crashed while the other sustained damage but landed safely at a U.S. base. "Two Task Force Liberty soldiers were killed when their helicopter crashed near Baquba on May 26," the statement said. "Coalition forces responded to the scene and secured the site." A defense official at the Pentagon in Washington said the aircraft that went down was an OH-58 Kiowa, a single-engine two-seater helicopter.

The killing brings to at least 1,649 the number of American military personnel who have lost their lives in Iraq since the U.S.-led invasion in March 2003. Islamic Terrorists, frequently fire on U.S. aircraft and have brought down several helicopters before.

Operation New Market is the second major offensive in the area this month as U.S. and Iraqi forces step up their hunt for followers of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the Jordanian militant who heads al Qaeda's network in Iraq. "These operations will aim to turn the government's role from defensive to offensive," Iraqi Interior Minister Bayan Jabor told a news conference announcing the operation.

Comment: The operation should not only be Offensive, but should destroy all of the Islamic Terrorists.... And this should go on - town by town, till the whole of Iraq is free of terrorists, irrespective of whether terrorist leader like Al-Zarqawi get killed. But this will happen only when we do some successfully operations, like in Afghanistan; where we have got a relative success. Story credit : DAHIJ NET

May 19 2005: Restraint is not power, IDF needs to be proactive.

In a series of attacks which rattled the fragile cease-fire between the Israelis and Palestinians, six more mortar shell were fired at Netzarim in the northern Gaza Strip on Thursday morning, bringing the total number of mortars fired since Wednesday afternoon up to 36. An additional three Kassam rockets were fired inside the green line.

Israel's Defence Minister Shaul Mofaz on 19 May 2005 ordered the army to use "all necessary means" to strike at Gaza terrorists firing mortars and rockets despite a shaky three-month-old truce. But security sources said any response to Palestinian attacks would be measured to avoid a serious escalation in the Gaza Strip. Is it because the people were not killed by those mortars and rockets ? IS IDF waiting till few people get killed by Islamic terrorists.

Mofaz gave the army a freer hand to deter Palestinian fire, which continued for a second day on today with three makeshift rockets hitting southern Israel but causing no damage or casualties. Mofaz also instructed the army to be prepared to carry out a series of steps in the event that the Palestinian terror groups escalate the situation.

Why should Israel wait till the Islamic terrorists attack them ? Why not to take a proactive stand and attack all the camps in Gaza and West Bank ?

Abbas is another Arafat. It is foolish to expect that the Palestinian Authority leadership will be able to stop the violence. Latest reports say that, closely monitoring the shelling, the IDF was considering entering the Gaza Strip to carry out an operation to halt attacks, depending on whether the escalated activity was anomalous, or rather, indicated a new trend.

"The IDF may enter the Gaza Strip - and even take control of the territories from where the mortars are being fired – if the shelling doesn't stop," the Prime Minister's Office said in a statement Thursday. Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was set to meet with security officials Thursday afternoon to evaluate the volatile developments in Gaza.

Let us see whether Sharon takes some wise decisions.

We will end this with Army Radio quote from MK Ehud Yatom (Likud) on 17 May 2005 "Restraint is not power, The government needs to remind the terrorists that the attempt to murder civilians will cost them a heavy price.."

May 18 2005: Taliban-style take over of Uzbekistan by Islamic Terrorists ?

As in Afghanistan, where the Taliban replaced the Soviet Army; the Taliban-like Islamic terrorists are up in arms against the present regime and want to form a Islamic state in Uzbekistan, that too just 13 years after its independence following the dissolution of the USSR. This rebellion started on Friday, the 13th, 2005.

After independent Uzbekistan came into existence in 1991, the authorities followed a liberal policy towards Islam. They permitted the re-opening of many mosques, which had been closed down by the Soviet Government before 1991, and the construction of new mosques in Andijan and the local Muslims to go on pilgrimage to their holy land in Saudi Arabia. There was a mushrooming of new mosques funded by Saudi money.

After the collapse of the USSR in 1991, Islamic fundamentalism made its appearance in the region through Pakistani organisations such as the Tablighi Jamaat, the Harkat-ul-Mujahideen (HUM) and the Harkat-ul-Jihad-al-Islami (HUJI) and through the Hizb-ut-Tahrir, which came from the UK via Pakistan. This led to anti-Jewish feelings on the one side and anti-Slav (anti-Christian and anti-Western) feelings on the other. The Pakistani organisations spread the Wahabi ideology, which led to the CARs becoming a hotbed of jihadi extremist/terrorist activities in pursuit of the objective of an Islamic Caliphate.

But after the emergence of the Hizb-ut-Tahrir in 1995, the Uzbek government fearful of an Islamist revolt reversed this policy. But the damage was already done. The saudi money was already in Uzbek, to reach and preach every Muslim, that the Islamic way is the only way to live life. The Akramia group which is a "faction of Hizb ut-Tahrir" includes known members of the group banned across Central Asia and Russia, and their goal is to establish an Islamic caliphate.

The current uprising started with a jail break, but it seems that it was a preplanned uprising of Islamists. The focus of the jailbreak was 23 men charged with membership in a group allied with the outlawed radical Islamic party Hizb-ut-Tahrir, which seeks to create a worldwide Islamic state and has been forced underground throughout most of Central Asia and Russia. Hizb-ut-Tahrir party, is accused of inspiring a series of terror attacks in the capital Tashkent and the central city of Bukhara last year that killed more than 50.

President Islam Karimov who is America's ally in the War on Terror, had waged an intense and relentless campaign against Islamists in Uzbekistan.

Since 2003, the HT had organized a series of demonstrations in Andijan to protest against the continued detention of their relatives by the local authorities. In February, 2005, it had been organizing protests against the detention and trial of 23 Muslim businessmen. It was these protests which have now turned into violent uprising, that too on a Friday, 13 May 2005.

The leader of a group of terrorists, Bakhtiyor Rakhimov, claiming to control the Uzbek border town of Korasuv said on 17 May 2005, that he and his supporters intend to build an Islamic state and they were ready to fight if government troops attempt to crush their revolt. It is to be noted that the uprising in Korasuv began Saturday, a day after government troops violently crushed an uprising in the eastern Uzbek city of Andijan. Did that happen spontaneously? Of course not, it was pre-planned. "All decisions will be taken by people at a mosque. There will be rule of Shariah law," Rakhimov said. "We will be building an Islamic state here in accordance with the Quran," Bakhtiyor Rakhimov told The Associated Press. Leaders like Rakhimov and Sheikh Abduvali Qori, are preaching Kuran, to more and more radicalize the already radical Muslims.

The present rebellion is trying to take Uzbekistan into a medieval Islamic Caliphate. The World needs to decide whether they would tolerate a Taliban-style take over of Uzbekistan by Islamic Terrorists and have a repeat of Afghanistan.

Is Europe Waiting to Explode into a Civil War?

The nations that only a few generations ago tried to impose their culture on large parts of the planet are now afraid of enforcing their cultural values even in their own lands. We are talking about the nations of Europe like France, Netherlands, Germany, UK, Spain.

The question today is with the increasing Muslim population in Europe, how will the other Europeans (and the Americans) react if or when the first European nation breaks down in civil war because of Muslim internal aggression as was seen at Bradford some years back? Will they sacrifice the non- Muslims out of fear of a widening conflict, bomb the infidels into submission and establish a de facto Muslim state in a vain attempt to save themselves? Some would argue that is what happened in the Balkans in the 1990s.

The answer probably depends upon which nation breaks down first. If it turns out to be nuclear armed France, the reactions may be different from what it would be with Holland, Belgium or Sweden. If Islamofascist Jihadis get their hands on French nukes, they will then use these weapons as a nuclear umbrella with which to establish sharia in different parts of Europe. This cannot be allowed to happen.

More to read on:

May 14 2005: Yet one more instance to prove the fact that Pakistan is a Haven of Islamic Terrorists.

A senior al Qaida operative was killed by a missile fired from an unmanned CIA Predator aircraft on the Pakistani side of the Afghan border earlier this week, ABC News reported. Haitham al-Yemeni, a native of Yemen known for his bomb-making skills, had been tracked in the hope that he would help lead the United States to al Qaida leader Osama bin Laden, intelligence officials were quoted as saying.

With the capture in Pakistan earlier this month of Abu Faraj al-Libbi, thought to be al Qaida's number three man, officials feared that al-Yemeni would go into hiding, and so decided to take action, ABC said on Friday.

The CIA refused to confirm or deny the report, ABC said. The CIA has the authority to fire against senior al Qaida figures anywhere in the world, though it is unclear whether the Pakistanis approved of the action in advance, ABC said.

Comments: Al-Libbi was arrested in Pakistan. Al-Yemeni was killed in Pakistan. Bin-laden is hiding in Pakistan... And what more evidence needs to be given to the world to prove the fact that Pakistan is one of the topmost Haven for Islamic Terrorists.

Apr 19 2005: Why is GoI silent on Jeevan Kumar's slaughter ?

Late in the evening on Saturday, April 16, an assistant commandant and a constable of the Border Security Force, on duty at Lankamura outpost on the India-Bangladesh border were dragged into Bangladeshi territory and later was successfull in killing one of them. It began with a group of Bangladeshi's trying to abduct an Indian citizen from Indian territory in Tripura about eight kilometres from the State's capital of Agartala. As BSF personnel from the Lankamura outpost close by rushed to his rescue, a group of armed men in civilian clothes dragged them inside Bangladesh. By the time the BSF got them back, Assistant Commandant Jeevan Kumar was dead. He had been shot at point blank range. Injuries on his body indicate he was brutally knifed before being killed. Constable K K Surendran, seriously injured, is battling for his life. This incident occurred the day the BSF's Director-General, Mr RS Mooshahary, had concluded his talks with the BDR's Director, Maj Gen Jahangir Alam Khan, in Dhaka.

The incident revives memories of the slaughter of 16 jawans of the BSF by the BDR on April 18, 2001 at Pyrdiwah. On that occasion, Bangladeshi civilians had trapped the BSF jawans into crossing the India-Bangladesh border in Meghalaya. BDR personnel then killed the jawans in cold blood. The mutilated bodies were returned tied to bamboo poles by their hand and feet.

In the North-East India, on one hand the NSCN is spreading Terrorism to fight for Nagalim, Nagaland for Christ; and on other hand Bangladesh is flooding Indian states like Assam, Tripura and W. Bengal with Muslims to change the demography. Recently the Bangldeshi Army and BDR have become aggresive against India. The BDR often resorts to unprovoked firing with the purpose of either stalling work on border fencing or distracting BSF personnel so that illegal immigrants can be pused into Indian Terroritories. Tripura is one of the major entry points of Bangladeshi immigrants. Bangladesh has terrorist camps providing training to most of the North-eastern terror groups like NSCN and NLFT. Also, one interesting point to note is that the Christian terror groups like NSCN and the Muslim terror groups which are promoted by Bangladesh, are teaming up.

Last week, including those from North-Eastern states, Marxist-ruled West Bengal and Congress-ruled Maharashtra, voiced concern over illegal immigration at the chief ministers' conference on internal security. Interestingly seven non-BJP chief ministers also voiced their concern. The chief ministers made three points: first, the inflow of illegal immigrants from Bangladesh is fast reaching an alarming level; second, Bangladeshis in India are a security threat because many of them have links with ISI and jihadi groups; and, third, serious demographic imbalances are emerging all over the country.

Even the Supreme Court of India has repeatedly issued notices to the Government about the problem of illegal immigration from Bangladesh. The court observed that Delhi police had been 'very slow in identifying illegal Bangladeshi settlers' and asked the Union and Delhi governments as well as the police to file affidavits on the steps taken to identify illegal immigrants, withdraw legal documents like ration cards issued to them and cancel land allotments. It is intersting to note that on March 16, the government demanded that the hearing of the petition should be stopped as the matter was being taken up at the diplomatic level. When the soldiers are getting killed on borders government is in diplomatic conversations. This is the height if shamelessness. The case comes up for hearing again on May 18.

Look at the ever-rising Muslim population in Assam, W Bengal and other North Eastern states, it seems that very soon we will hear a demand for a New Pakistan. The border districts of West Bengal, Bihar and Assam where Bangladeshis have pushed Muslim population growth rate to more than 20 per cent, Hindus are fast becoming a minority. This had happened earlier when the Muslim invaders had converted most of Hindus during Babar, Aurangazeb, Gaznis and Ghauris time; till the British rule. During the Independence movement the Muslims demanded a separated Islamic state, which they got. Today we have the same position where we do not have a British rule, but our own Government is so lethargic that it does not want to tackle this issue, on the contrary it is directly or indirectly encouraging the Illegal immigration. The Government is sanctioning ration cards for these Bangladeshi Muslims, making them bona fide voters, so that they form the next Government and the next, throwing the Hindu population and its nation into darkness.

If not the Government, the people of India need to arise and awake. If the court can take notice, why not the citizens !!! It is democracy afterall. We need to force the Government and ask them to take action against Bangladesh, cut all diplomatic ties, seal the border and shoot at site all Bangladeshis who try the cross the border. An ultimatum needs to be given to the Government; by the citizens of India that if Government does not take any action, they will tackle the situation themselves and start throwing out every single Bangladeshi and Pakistani out of India, may it be in the respective countries or in the Indian Ocean.

Also read: Bangladesh Rifles emerging as B-Team of Islamic Terrorism.

Feb 23 2004: Hindus of Hindusthan!! Get prepared for being BURNT ALIVE!!!
External Affairs Ministers of the India and Pakistan agreed to allow travel across the LoC without passports and visas by the Srinagar-Muzaffarabad bus service scheduled to start from April 7, just few weeks from now.

Also going ahead with the Pakistan cricket tour, New Delhi has already announced that nearly 10,000 visas would be issued to Pakis. Those coming to see the Cricket Tests will be given seven-day visas and three-day visas will be issued for the one-dayers. Get ready to be invaded by thousands of Pakis now. The Indian High Commission is setting up special visa offices in Lahore and Karachi to facilitate quick processing of visa applications of spectators willing to travel across the border for a cricket tour.

On one hand Pakistan is sponsoring terrorism inside India and on the other hand India is trying to have peace with Pakistan by opening the borders and playing cricket. The Government seems to be under illusion that the sporting ties with Pakistan will make a good atmosphere between India and Pakistan. But that is not the case.

The only organisation which has opposed the Paki cricket tour is Shiv sena. SS is opposed to any sporting ties with Pakistan, accusing Islamabad of aiding an armed separatist revolt in Kashmir. "I still maintain my old stand that we should not invite Pakistan here and play cricket with them," the Shiv sena supremo Balasaheb Thackeray said further adding that all those who wanted to play against Pakistan were "shameless". Earlier this month, the activists of SS attempted to damage pitches at stadiums in Mohali and Kanpur. That reminds us of the activists who had earlier dug up the pitch at New Delhi's Ferozeshah Kotla stadium before Pakistan's last test tour in 1999.

We, the HinduWorld members and webmaster are not supporters of Shiv Sena, but we support this stand taken by Shiv Sena. When so many Indian soldiers are being killed on the border, while fighting with Pakis and their sponsored Islamic terrorists; where is the need to play cricket with the same Pakistani people which support terrorism in India ?

Opening of borders and giving visas to Pakis means that the Islamic terrorists will enter Hindusthan more easily. Most of them will stay in Hindusthan illegally for few days, then take ration cards, become legal citizens of Hindusthan and then carry out subversive activities and then overtly and covertly support the Islamic Terrorists operating from Hindusthani soil, then become terrorist themselves and then more and more Hindus will get killed in bomb blasts and burning of trains. But if Hindus retaliate, which is a 1% chance; then the media will make a huge hue and cry about it. Then there will be a commission setup for investigation and then the commission will report that the burning of trains was "never" done. They were not terrorists incidents, but just accidents.

So Hindus !!! Now get prepared for being BURNT ALIVE in your own country !!! or else ARISE like Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Rana Pratap, Chandragupta Maurya and Chanakya, Krishnadev Raya, Zhansi ki rani !!!!

U.S. should force Syria to pull out from Lebanon.

The U.S. withdrew its ambassador from Syria to protest the car bomb attack in Beirut that killed Rafik Hariri, a former prime minister of Lebanon, the U.S. State Department said. State Department spokesman Richard Boucher said the U.S. was acting to demonstrate "deep concern and outrage" over the killing of Hariri and linked the withdrawal to Syria's continued deployment of military forces in Lebanon in the face of previous promises to remove them.

The United States has Syria on its list of "state sponsors of terrorism" because it hosts Lebanese and Palestinian organizations that attack US ally Israel. The United States had hinted on Oct 11 2001, that it could take military action against countries like Syria later in its campaign against terrorism if they do not comply with the demands of Washington and its allies.

Syria is still harbouring the international islamic terrorist groups which are operational in Iraq and Israel. Syria needs to be taught a lesson, once and for all. If Syria does not pull out of Lebanon, U.S. needs to force the Syrian Army and security personnels out of Lebanon, before it is too late and then take control of Lebanon security and seal off Lebanon and Iraqi borders, so that the islamic terrorists are sandwiched between the two borders.

U.S. Assistant Secretary of State William Burns met Lebanese Foreign Minister Mahmoud Hammoud on Feb 16, 2005, calling for the implementation of a U.N. resolution passed last October that calls for the immediate withdrawal of the 13,000 Syrian troops that al-Shar'a says are stationed in Lebanon. U.N. like the League of Nations has alraedy failed and the office of United Nuisance should now be closed down. U.N. cannot stop Islamic Terrorism.

U.S. should also get concerned why Syrian Prime Minister Naji al-Otari met the Iranian Vice President Mohammad Reza Aref in Tehran. Because Iran is also locked in a diplomatic confrontation with the United States over its nuclear power program and what President Bush says is its support for terrorism. The Iranian and Syrian officials have now pledged to cooperate in facing any threats, according a Reuters news service report. "We are ready to help Syria on all grounds to confront threats," Aref said. "This meeting, which takes place at this sensitive time, is important, especially because Syria and Iran face several challenges and it is necessary to build a common front," al-Otari said.

Syria has been already supporting Iran-backed Hizbollah to launch terrorist attacks in Israel and now with the latest meeting should be a eye opener for U.S. Enough is enough. U.S. should force Syria to pull out from Lebanon NOW.

Appeasement of Arabs at the cost of Jews

In 2001, Israel was the only UN member to openly oppose Syria's bid to join the powerful Security Council, as they are facing Islamic Terrorism since so long, which is supported by Syria and other Islamic countries. Even India is facing the same. The decisions made in the council are mandatory for all UN members. Several Jewish groups had protested the election of Syria. But it was a surprise that a country like SYRIA which actively supports Islamic Terrorism had been admitted to United Nations Security Council in 2001.

Syria still continues to provide safe haven, refuge and support to several terrorist groups, some of which maintain terrorist training camps or other facilities on Syrian territory. Syria has base of terrorist groups including Hamas, Hizbollah, the PFLP, and the Palestanian Islamic Jihad in its country and areas of Lebanon under Syrian control.

We being Hindus, are worried because the further appeasement of Muslims will be at the cost of Jews as of now. Eyes may turn on India later. Israel and India are sailing in the same boat.

The king of Nepal, who is also the supreme commander of the 78,000-member Royal Nepalese Army, has declared a state of emergency in the country. King Gyanendra today dismissed the coalition government led by Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba and promised to restore peace and democracy in the country in three years. Armoured military vehicles with mounted machine guns were patrolling the streets of the capital and phone lines in the city had been cut. All flights to and out of Nepal have been suspended. Gyanendra, who has taken control of the Himalayan kingdom for the second time in three years, accused the Deuba government of failing to conduct parliamentary elections and being unable restore peace in the country. "Innocent children were found massacred and the government could not achieve any important and effective results. The crown traditionally is held responsible for the protection of national sovereignty, democracy and people's right to live peacefully," he said. The major terrorist force in Nepal are the Maoists supported and funded by ISI of Pakistan.

Indian Government is saying that they are worried because democracy is in danger, but actually it is A HINDU NATION IN DANGER. The Indian Government should act now and support Nepal King to flush-out the Maoists from Nepal, else it will be too late. ISI with its network already established in Nepal will take the advantage of this situation and further destablise Nepal.

Why is ISI supporting and funding Maoists ?

At the time the constitution of 1990 was written there was pressure to make Nepal an officially secular state like India. However, in the end, the views of the Hindu establishment won the day, and the constitution makes Nepal a Hindu country. In fact the constitution puts "Hindu" into a fundamental clause (4.1) of the constitution as to make the Hindu way of life a basic part of Nepalese life.

The Nepalese Constitution officially protects religious freedom... "Every person shall have the freedom to profess and practise his own religion as handed down to him from ancient times having due regard to traditional practices;" (19.1) But there's a sting in the tail of article 19.1... "...provided that no person shall be entitled to convert another person from one religion to another" (19.1) The effect of this clause is to protect Hinduism, as Hinduism doesn't seek to convert people, therefore the clause operates against missionaries of other faiths who might want to convert members of the Hindu majority.

But because of its strategic location, and because of its economic weakness, Nepal has nowadays become a target of a number of disruptive forces. The ISI is utilising both the easy access provided by the open border between India and Nepal, as well as the close fraternal relations between India and Nepal to sow seeds of discord.

The hijacking of the Indian Airlines flight from Kathmandu to Kandahar was the first major signal of the existence of a terrorist network of which the ISI is the linchpin.

The Maoists are using the ISI network and its facilities to lay down their own web in Nepal. The ISI has set in place a network of agents in Nepal and Bangladesh to disperse counterfeit currency in India and distribute RDX explosive by moving it through individual couriers in small packets. The same tactic is being applied by the Maoist rebels to attack the Royal Nepal Army and the police posts in their country.

The Government of Nepal became aware of such ISI activities on its soil when it caught an ISI officer attached to the Pakistan Embassy in Kathmandu with a large stock of RDX in November 2003. Another employee in the embassy was taken into custody with several thousand rupees in the denomination Rs 500 currency notes while trying to smuggle it into India.

ISI is trying to carve out a corridor from South to North of India.

Apart from large number of Bangladeshi Muslims staying in India, to change the demography; and with a East-West corridor, from Pakistan to Bangladesh, W.Bengal-Jharkhand-Bihar-UP-J&K-Pakistan already available for ISI, it has already been partially successfully to carve out a corridor from South to North of India.

In Feb 2002 the Maoists had killed 128 people in the only Hindu Nation of Nepal. The Maoists have been demanding the abrogation of all treaties and agreements with India which, in their view, are detrimental to Nepal's interests. And since they have a common interest of anti-India views, the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) of Pakistan is helping the Maoists by giving financial and material assistance to Maoists. ISI has trained some of the Mao cadres, by taking advantage of the inadequacies in the Nepal Governments' intelligence and security apparatus. ISI has also motivated the Maoists by projecting the Indian Army as their next enemy after they defeat the Nepalese Army. The ISI wants to make its root stronger in the countries like Bangladesh and Nepal so that they can penetrate neighbouring Indian states of Bihar, W. Bengal and North-East India. Recently it has been revealed that the Maoists also have a strong presence in Indian states of Bihar and Jharkhand, having contacts with the Maoists of Nepal.

ISI is involved in training and arming Maoists for subversive activities in India by collaborating with its Left Wing extremist groups. The main Left Wing group, which has recently come back with a vengeance and with better weaponry, is the People's War Group. Its attack on Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu is indicative of better training, equipment and motivation.

Of various radical leftists, People's War Group and Maoist Communist Centre are most ferociously pursuing the Marx-Lenin and Mao-inspire "protracted people" war in at least seven states of India. The "links" of the two with Pakistan's ISI and Nepal Maoists and reports of their bid to carve out a corridor from some areas of AP, Maharashtra, MP, Bihar and UP up to Nepal had alarmed Indian government. PWG and MCC have also joined Coordination Committee of Maoist Parties and Organisations of South Asia (CCOMPOSA) giving the red movement an international dimension.

The growth of Saudi-Paki funded Madarsas and the nexus with Al-Qaida.

At the same time the exponential growth of madarsas on both sides of the open Indo-Nepal border is causing concern to both countries. The ISI has been encouraging Pakistani young men to marry Nepali girls and settle down close to the border so that, over time, a pro-Pakistani population will be the dominant factor in the region. This has serious implications for the unity and integrity of Nepal as well.

Nepal shares a porous international border of about 1,750 km with India, which has been maintained as an open boundary with people from both sides enjoying free movement. This border has been a bonanza for the ISI's anti-India activities. It is not only the ISI and HuM operatives who are up and about in Nepal but also Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT) and Harkat Ul Jehad-e-Islami (HUJI), all of which are in close contact with various Islamic organisations known for their fundamentalist approach.

As recently as Jan 2005 Maoists of India were planning to create terror havoc on the Republic day in Bihar. It is suspected now that there is a deep link between Al-Queda and the Maoists. Some obvious Maoists activity got some surprising attention when Bihar police busted a sleeping cell in Bihar. However, it is assumed that many such sleeping cells have already infiltrated in the India via Nepal.

National Updates

Recent Posts
Apr 28 2005: The Indian Army along with Border Security Force personnel has killed four more terrorists in the ongoing cordon-and-search operation at Drangiyar forests in the Chokibal area of Kupwara district on April 27. As reported earlier, the troops had killed six terrorists on April 26 and subsequently expanded the operation to a vast area.
Comment: Pakistani President Musharraf and Indian PM Manmohan Singh are talking of peace and maintaing good relations. But on the borders with Pakistan, the situation seems to be exactly opposite. Islamic terrorists continue to infiltrate India. If they get killed, then hundreds of innocent lives get saved; but they don't get killed or captured, then thousands of innocent beings are at risk. This is a worrying sign. Peace process have started and ended several times, but the Islamic Terrorism still continues and will continue till we have Islamic states existing in the world.
Apr 25 2005: Missing Pakis might be Islamic Terrorists and/or ISI agents
Also read: Hindus of Hindusthan!! Get prepared for being BURNT ALIVE!!!
11 Pakis have gone missing in India, even after their visa had expired. The first cricket math was played in Mohali and 2754 Pakis had been given visa at that time. After the match got over, 34 pakis were given notice, out of which only 23 pakis returned back, But rest 11 are still missing in India.
Comments: These missing people might be terrorists or ISI agents. HinduWorld had raised a voice against these cricket matches and alloting visas to Pakis. We repeat what we said. Opening of borders and giving visas to Pakis means that the Islamic terrorists will enter Hindusthan more easily. Most of them will stay in Hindusthan illegally for few days, then take ration cards, become legal citizens of Hindusthan and then carry out subversive activities and then overtly and covertly support the Islamic Terrorists operating from Hindusthani soil, then become terrorist themselves and then more and more Hindus will get killed in bomb blasts and burning of trains. But if Hindus retaliate, which is a 1% chance; then the media will make a huge hue and cry about it. Then there will be a commission setup for investigation and then the commission will report that the burning of trains was "never" done. They were not terrorists incidents, but just accidents.
So Hindus !!! Now get prepared for being BURNT ALIVE in your own country !!! or else ARISE like Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Rana Pratap, Chandragupta Maurya and Chanakya, Zhansi ki rani !!!!
Apr 15 2005: Escalations in North-East India.
Also read: Christian Terrorism in North-East India - The NSCN
On one hand the successive Governments in Delhi are having talks (sic) with the terrorist group NSCN (I-M) and on the other hand NSCN (I-M) is going ahead with its plan to have Christland in North-East India. Thousands of armed Naga terrorists are teaming up with Nagaland state police in an attempt to forcibly annex parts of neighbouring Assam. It has been reported that the Assam Police headquarters has received intelligence reports about terrorists of the National Socialist Council of Nagaland (NSCN) with police uniforms in camps of the Nagaland Armed Police (NAP) along the Assam-Nagaland border. "Our reports indicate a large number of NSCN rebels wielding AK-56 assault rifles present at police camps in the Tuli area in Nagaland's Mokokchung district, bordering Assam," a senior Assam police official told IANS requesting anonymity. "We are worried with latest reports of NSCN militants teaming up with the NAP to forcibly capture our land," he said. During last fifteen days, Assam authorities claim to have repulsed at least two attempts by Naga terrorists to set up houses in Assam's territory.
Given the pattern of hate crimes perpetrated by Christian terrorists and their missionary counterparts in North-East India, there should hardly be any surprise at the outrage and anger of the so-far peace-loving Hindu population. The aggressive, violent and forcible attack on their faith by the Christian forces is the primary reason for the retaliatory reactions. The Indian media, especially the English ones are reluctant to report both sides of the coin. Whenever attacks on Christians are made it becomes a headline, but when the same happens with Hindus the same media quietly ignores it. The National and International media immediately questions about the Human rights violation and start talking of Secularism.
Is Secularism to be followed by only Hindus in India or Jews in Israel, just because they are the majority in respective countries? What sort of Secularism is this, where fanaticism is side-tracked or even ignored?
Mar 08 2005: State Government seems to be under remote control of D-Gang.
Hemant Desai, Praful Bhosle and two other Police Officers have been arrested, for alleged torture leading to death, of a Islamic terrorist Khwaja Yunus. But Police Officers have said that Yunus had ran away in January 2003. CID says that they have enough proofs that the Police have encountered Yunus.
COMMENT: HINDUWORLD GIVES HEMANT DESAI, PRAFUL BHOSLE AND OTHERS; ITS FULL SUPPORT. Earlier Sachin Vaze had been arrested when father of Yunus had alleged that his son had been killed in a police encounter and had demanded an inquiry into this matter. But what if he is alive ? He will carry out more bomb attacks. And more people will get killed. Instead of searching the terrorists, like Yunus and arresting all SIMI and ISI agents, why is the Police and Government unnecessarily harassing their own Police inspectors ? Why are we just trying to complicate the case, just because the accused was a Muslim terrorist?
Praful Bhosle has been given President's medal twice and that was because he is amongst the best Police Inspecter. So why is his own Police harassing him and his colleagues ? It seems that the State government of Maharashtra is now under remote control from either Pakistan or some Arab country where Dawood Ibrahim and his terror gang is residing.
Feb 18 2005: The earth will have to be levelled : ABV
"I don't know what will happen there tomorrow", former Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee is quoted as having said in Lucknow on December 5, 1992, a day before the disputed structure was demolished, according to a CD recently placed before the Liberhan Commission, probing the incident. As per details of the speeches recorded in the compact disc, which have been published in the latest issue of Hindi news magazine Outlook, Vajpayee said, "I do not know what will happen there (Ayodhya) tomorrow.
"I wanted to go to Ayodhya but I have been asked to return to Delhi". Without referring to the disputed structure, Vajpayee also reportedly said in his speech, "Nobody can sit on sharp stones while singing devotional songs. The earth will have to be levelled and made suitable for sitting."
Comment: So what is wrong in what VajpayeeJi said. Why should Hindus be ashamed of the so-called Babri Mosque demolition , which itself was built after smashing a Temple, by Barbaric Babar. While demolishing the so-called Babri Mosque, some say that the Hindus behaved like the Muslims on December 6 1992. But it is wrong to treat the demolition of the so-called Mosque as a mere retribution for more than 3000 temple destructions by Islamic barbarians going back a thousand years. That would place the Islamic barbarians and the Hindus on the same moral plane which we feel as a historic error. What the Hindus were trying to recover was not merely the so-called mosque built over their sacred Temple, but the true history of their land. The Dec 6 demolition was a symbol of the emergence of the Hindusthani Civilization. And it was just a start…. Numerous such places still remain to be liberated.
Feb 17 2004: Hindus of Hindusthan!! Get prepared for being BURNT ALIVE!!! External Affairs Ministers of the India and Pakistan agreed to allow travel across the LoC without passports and visas by the Srinagar-Muzaffarabad bus service scheduled to start from April 7, just seven weeks from now.
This means that the Islamic terrorists will enter Hindusthan more easily; from April 7. Most of them will stay in Hindusthan illegally for few days, then take ration cards, become legal citizens of Hindusthan and then carry out subversive activities and then overtly and covertly support the Islamic Terrorists operating from Hindusthani soil, then become terrorist themselves and then more and more Hindus will get killed in bomb blasts and burning of trains.
But if Hindus retaliate, which is a 1% chance; then the media will make a huge hue and cry about it. Then there will be a commission setup for investigation and then the commission will report that the burning of trains was "never" done. They were not terrorists incidents, but just accidents.
So Hindus !!! Now get prepared for being BURNT ALIVE !!! or else ARISE like Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Rana Pratap, Chandragupta Maurya and Chanakya, Krishnadev Raya, Zhansi ki rani !!!!
Feb 12 2004: Tension prevailed in Taj Mahal town of Agra after communal clashes late Saturday night. Additional security forces have been deployed in all sensitive areas and District Magistrate Nitishwar Kumar has appealed for peace. It was not immediately clear what provoked the clashes.
Feb 11 2004: (PTI News) Should Dalit Christians get reservation? SC to examine
Brushing aside the Centre's stand opposing the court's intervention in matter relating to inclusion of any particular community in the Scheduled Caste List, the Supreme Court on Friday agreed to examine the legality of the sensitive issue raised in a petition demanding reservation for Dalits even after their conversion to Christianity.
"It is a crucial issue and we would examine the legal side of the issue on the basis of the rulings cited by the petitioner and the Attorney General," a bench comprising Chief Justice R C Lahoti and Justice G P Mathur said while adjourning the matter for four weeks.
Opposing the petition filed by People's Union For Civil Liberties on this issue, Attorney General Milon Banerjee was curt and straight. "It is matter of policy and legislation and the courts should keep out of it," he said even while citing his correspondence with the government urging it to consider the issue "sympathetically".
The court kept with it the letters written by the AG to the government even as Banerjee said that the apex court itself had ruled that any amendment to the Presidential order of 1950 regarding inclusion of any particular community with in the scheduled caste or scheduled tribe was within the purview of the legislative action.
The bench said, "It is a very important issue" and wanted to go through the previous rulings of the apex court on this issue. Banerjee said that a request for inclusion of Dalit Christians within the category of scheduled caste had been rejected by the NDA government in 2002.
He said that the apex court had also ruled that the list of entries in the SC and ST categories under the Presidential order was final and the courts could not "add or subtract".
However, appearing for the petitioner, senior advocate Shanti Bhushan contended that the earlier court rulings were given on the basis of scanty material and claimed that the petitioners have gathered "overwhelming" material to support its claim for reservation to Dalit Christians.
Citing a ruling of the apex court given last year where it was said that even if a tribal converted to Christianity, he or she could still avail of the reservation benefits as his/her status as ST remained unchanged, he said the same law laid down by the court should be applicable to Dalits after their conversion to Christianity.
Bhushan said that reservation was available to the Dalits while being a follower of Hinduism, Buddhism and Sikhism and there was no reason why Dalit Christians be not given the similar benefit.
The court on October 25 last year had asked the Attorney General to ascertain the Centre's view on the petition, which challenged the legality of paragraph 3 of the Constitution (Scheduled Castes) orders, 1950 by which SC people professing and converting faith in religions other than Hinduism, Sikhism and Buddhism were deprived of reservation benefits.
Feb 11 2004: In the first major strike in Karnataka, over 100 heavily armed naxalites gunned down six State Reserve Police (KSRP) personnel and a civilian and injured five others after storming their camp at Venkammanahali in Tumkur District bordering Andhra Pradesh.
Feb 10 2004: Central Government of India today held yet another round of talks with major terrorist group NSCN (I-M) to find a political solution to the issue of Nagaland. An NSCN (I-M) delegation led by its General Secretary Th. Muivah had a half-an-hour meeting with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh yesterday. Muivah along with NSCN (I-M) Chairman Isaac Chisi Swu, returned from Nagaland last month after a nearly seven-week stay there.
Swu and Muivah, who came to India for the second time in November end last year, had met the Prime Minister before going to Nagaland. They had come after a gap of three decades in January, 2003 to hold talks with the Vajpayee Government.
The Naga leaders, who met Home Minister Shivraj Patil last week, have been demanding unification of Naga-dominated areas in Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh and Assam, a move opposed by these states. There have been bloody clashes between Naga and Kuki tribes in 1990s and had triggered fresh round of unrest in Manipur three years back.
Comment: Why is Government of India talking to these Christian terrorists who openly are in favour of a "Greater Nagaland". Overflowing with evangelical zeal, Isak Chishi Swu has on records said that Nagalim will send out 10,000 missionaries around the world when it achieves independence. "Our intention is that Nagalim is for Christ. We have proclaimed it. Nagalim is for Christ. God has got his plan for Nagalim," he said. "We were evangelized by the American Baptist missionaries back in 1839, and we don’t have the adequate words to thank the American missionaries."
With the support of Christian Missionaries, terrorist organisations like NSCN are spreading terror in parts of North-East India to convert the whole of North-East states to Christianity at gunpoint. NSCN has already succeeded in Nagaland to convert masses to Christianity and asking "Nagaland for Christ" and still fighting for a greater Nagaland called Nagalim, with the adjoining districts of other Indian states.
Like the Muslims wanted a "Islamic Republic of Pakistan" and they got it on 14 August 1947; the Nagas want a "Christ Land".
Are we again doing the same mistake of appeasing the minorities and losing our land

Feb 09 2004: Strike called against recruitment of Muslims in the Indian state of Assam
The bandh (stike) has been called by BJP and AGP to protest the disproportionate appointment of Muslims in the police force. BJP has demanded the cancellation of the entire recruitment process. Former state BJP president Rajen Gohain alleged that there is a "deep conspiracy" behind the large scale appointment of Muslims, many of them with doubtful antecedents, in the police. "It is one of the phases in the scheme to create an Islamic nation out of the North East," he said. There are 21 Islamic fundamentalist organisations already active in the region to transform this idea into reality. The Pakistani Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) is backing them, the Nagaon MP said.
Comment: Most of the muslims settled in Assam are from Bangladesh. With NSCN alredy demanding for a greater Nagaland, which they call it as "Christland"; we should not get surprised that a new demand for a "Greater Bangladesh" is raised by Muslims.
Feb 05 2004: Muslims held in UP with weapons-grade uranium.
TOI News, BAREILLY: Cops at Izzatnagar police station here could hardly believe their ears when a duo they had detained on the suspicion of being small-time drug peddlers said that the thick-taped plates recovered from them contained radioactive uranium.
The metal plates were recovered from Khurshid and Aslam on December 8. The plates were in a lead-lined sophisticated metal box. The sceptical cops booked the two for possession of opium and, almost as an afterthought, sent the metal to Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) in Mumbai for examination.
Jaws of the police brass fell when the BARC report stated that the 253.6 gram of dense gray metal was 99 per cent uranium by weight. The significance of this was stunning: the technology for making atom bomb is readily available, what’s not is enriched uranium as it can only be processed by state-owned sophisticated facilities.
Naturally, the discovery has now triggered a huge investigation by Central and state investigative agencies to get to the bottom of the mystery. How did the nondescript duo get hold of weapons-grade uranium? And where was it headed?
When asked by TOI , senior police sources didn’t rule out the possibility of the uranium having come from the Narora atomic facility in Bulandshahr district. The CISF senior commandant at Narora Atomic Power Station has written to the Bareilly SSP for information about the recovered matter.
Intriguingly, a list naming substances with specific industrial use was recovered from the two arrested persons.
Unfortunately for investigators, the initial delay meant that the man named by Khurshid and Aslam as the supplier of the metal, a Nagpur-based scrap dealer by the colourful name of Mahboob Bhai Germanwale, had died in the interim period.
Izzatnagar house officer R R Mishra feels that the duo could be tossing up a red herring by naming Germanwale. "In any case, how were we expected to believe that the metal carried by these apparent small-timers could help make a nuclear bomb?"
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