Peace with Islamic Militants?

100 persons have been killed in overnight extremist violence in J&K.

In a escalation of extremist violence in Jammu & Kashmir, at least 100 persons were shot dead in six separate incidents in one night in different parts of the state.

The carnage began at 7 PM on Tuesday when terrorists attacked a camp at Pahalgam of pilgrims headed for the Amarnath shrine. Thirty persons were killed in the incident, including two policemen and two extremists.

After that the killings were done at Qazigund (Anantnag), Sindhu Achabal (Anantnag), Kupwara, Konda Pogal Paristan and Doda.

Earlier, on Tuesday, the militants had even attacked the registration office for the Amarnath pilgrimage in the heart of Jammu city. Though there were nearly 300 pilgrims in the office at the time of the attack, none was hurt and one militant was killed in the incident.

One of the militants killed in the shoot-out incident has been identified as Abdul Samad Malik who was a student of Aligarh Muslim University. In many of such Minority-run institutions anti-national activities go on unattended. Recently Studentsí Islamic Movement of India, a frontal organisation of the Jamait-e Islami, had declared a jihad (holy war) against Hindus.

Making a statement in Parliament on the killings, Prime Minister Atal BihariVajpayee said extremist groups opposed to the ceasefire declared by the Hizbul Mujahideen were raising the level of violence in the state in a bid to derail the peace process. But, he said, the Centre would not abort the proposed talks with the Hizb despite the attacks.

In another statement, Union Home Minister L.K. Advani claimed that the attacks were a clear sign that the terrorists had been terrorised by the thought of peace returning to the state after 11 long years.

A team of Union home ministry officials is expected to arrive in Jammu later in the day to assess the situation in the wake of the renewed violence.

For what reason are the officials visiting Jammu? Just to see the dead bodies? How many more Hindus will be killed by Islamic Terrorist in the Hindu majority country. This is ridiculous. Why do we need to have peace with Militants, Jihadis and Terrorists? Hindusthan needs to brutal now.

Had it been Israel, it would have bombed the states which support the terrorism. Hindusthan needs to follow the Israel pattern. If Israel, which is surrounded by so many enemies can survive being aggressive, then why can't Hindusthan?