Hindavi.com is dedicated to Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, extraordinary statesman and general who defied the Mughals and carved out an extensive state, the Hindavi Swarajya - a State of the sons of soil.  As a soldier, warrior and general, Shivaji's army had perfect discipline, rapid movements and  excellent intelligence service. Shivaji gave continous attention to his  defence establishments. He made full use of the Sahyadri range of hills for building forts like Pratapgad, and simultaneously also built sea fortress of Sindhudurg. He is rightly called as the Father of the Indian Navy for the special attention which he gave for the defence of the sea coast. He also fought against intolerance, injustice and racial discrimination.

Shivaji had the right personality required for leadership - fair complexion, medium stature and full with energy. Unlike the present-day leader, he was leader who never hesitated to risk his own life in times of danger. Shivaji's meeting with Afzal Khan, his night attack on Shaista Khan, his visit to Agra and numerous other incidents display his fearlessness.

Shivaji's death was due to natural causes. Had he lived for 20 more years the the history and geography of  Swarajya would have been very different.


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