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December 6 happens to be the day on which Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar took Nirvana. Apart from the work he did for the deprived classes , he is remembered in the History of Hindusthan because of the important role he played in framing the Constitution of Hindusthan. As the Minister for Law, Dr. Ambedkar placed the draft Constitution before the Constituent Assembly on 4th .November 1948. He gave satisfactory answers to many questions about the Constitution. The part of the Constitution wiping out 'untouchability' was approved on 29th November 1948. We should remember the words of Ambedkar in answer to the debate on the Indian Constitution

"India has lost her freedom only owing to treason of her own people. Raja Dahir of Sindh was defeated by Mohammad Bin Khasim. The only reason for this defeat was that the generals of the Sindh army took bribes from Khasim's men and did not fight for the King. It was Raja Jaichand of India who invited Mohammad Ghori to fight against Prithviraj. When Shivaji was fighting for the freedom of the Hindus, other Maratha leaders and Rajputs were fighting for the Mughals. When the Sikhs were fighting against the British, their leader did nothing..... Such things should not happen again; therefore, everyone must resolve to fight to the last drop of his blood, to defend the freedom of India."

- Dr. Ambedkar

December 6 also happens to be the day when the so-called Babri Mosque was demolished. Some say that the Hindus behaved like the Muslims on December 6 1992. But it is wrong to treat the demolition of the so-called Mosque as a mere retribution for more than 3000 temple destructions by Islamic barbarians going back a thousand years. That would place the Islamic barbarians and the Hindus on the same moral plane which we feel as a historic error. What the Hindus were trying to recover was not merely the so-called mosque built over their sacred Temple, but the true history of their land. The demolition was a symbol of the emergence of the Hindusthani Civilization. And it is just a start…. Numerous such Temples still remain to be liberated from the clutch of the Islamic barbarians.

Taking from Dr. Ambedkar's word, Hindusthanis need to "fight to the last drop of the blood"

Date : 06 Dec 2000

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