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How long will it take for the Palestinians to do a Reality Check?

Date Written    :  May 15, 2005
Date Modified :   May 15, 2005

Nakba Day May 15 - How long will it take for the Palestinians to do a Reality Check?

Today May 15, is observed by the Palestinians as Nakba (Calamity/Catastrophe) Day. Their Calamity/Catastrophe was the founding of a homeland for the Jews in 1948 on the land from where the forefathers of the Jews had been forcibly deported two thousand years ago after the destruction by the Romans, of the Second Temple (on the ruins of which today stands the Dome of the Rock).

Arabs still want to destroy Israel....and if possible also the USA, UK, Russia, China, India and the rest of the non-Muslim world. Can we allow them to start with destroying Israel?
Photo Credits: Aish


Why can't the Palestinians realize that the Jews deserve a homeland for themselves? The answer is because the Palestinians as all other Muslims want the whole world for themselves, where there is no space for non-Muslims ( Dar-ul-harb), and where there are no non-Muslims (Dar-ul-Islam).

It is high time the Palestinians and all other Muslims are brought to their senses. But this is possible only if the rest of us give them a rude shock by speaking to them in the language of blood of death which is the only one they understand. The point is when shall we realize this? Will we wait till we are woken up from our slumber after Osama and his savages subject us to a first bio-terror attack? This going to happen in the next few years as the War on terror progresses. Unless we defang the nuclear weapons seeking Iranian Mullahs fast enough, and bump off Osama and his desperadoes as Israeli did with the Hamas Chief last year. If we dither, the Islamofascist Moonbats will give us a hard time and another bloody nose many times more devastating than 9/11.

This is no Beltway Buzz, but hard reality which comes through periodically in the chatter we monitor. We need to wake up from our slumber now.

Arabs don't just burn the Star of David, but also the Stars and Stripes. Can we allow them to get away with destroying Israel, for their next step would be to destroy the USA, as is evident in their slogan "Death to the Great Satan America". Israel being the Little Satan!

Photo credits: Moriel and Iranmania